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Uttar Pradesh Traditional Dress For Man & Woman

The mesmerizing variety of traditional clothing found in Uttar Pradesh, a nation rich in past significance and cultural legacy, captures the spirit of the area’s many varied communities. The men’s and women’s traditional attire of Uttar Pradesh is more than just apparel; it is a representation of the state’s rich cultural heritage. Let’s explore the distinctive and intriguing world of traditional clothing in Uttar Pradesh, wherein fashion and tradition coexist.

UP Traditional Dress for Female

  • Saree: Women in Uttar Pradesh cherish a special place in their hearts for the saree, the embodiment of grace and beauty. The Banarasi saree is one of the state’s well-known complex handloom sarees. These sarees radiate luxury and ageless beauty thanks to their beautiful gold and silver zari embroidery. Other well-liked sarees are the Chikankari saree, which has exquisite white embroidery on pastel-coloured materials and the Jamdani saree, which is renowned for its bright designs and motifs.


  • Lehenga Choli: The lehenga choli is a traditional clothing commonly worn during religious rituals and weddings. It is a sign of festivity and celebration. It comprises a lehenga (a flared skirt), a choli (a fitted blouse), plus a dupatta (a scarf). The lehenga choli is frequently embellished with dexterous embroidery, mirror work, and ornamentation, exhibiting the superb skill of Uttar Pradesh’s artisans.
  • Salwar Kameez: For women in Uttar Pradesh, the salwar kameez is a cosy and adaptable traditional outfit. It consists of a tunic-style top (kameez), loose-fitting pants (salwar), plus a dupatta. Designs for salwar kameez in the state frequently incorporate vivid colours, elaborate prints, and needlework that represent the cultural diversity of the area.

UP Traditional Dress for Male:

  • Kurta Pajama: The most iconic traditional outfit for males in Uttar Pradesh is the kurta pajama. It is made up of a long shirt (kurta) and comfortable pajamas. The kurta pajama, which is made of different materials including linen, cotton or silk is worn at formal and informal events. It can be left basic or embellished with exquisite embroidery or other details to lend the outfit a touch of refinement.
  • Dhoti Kurta: The dhoti kurta, an attire with profound Indian ancestry, is a common option for men in Uttar Pradesh, especially during religious events and festivals. The kurta is worn as the upper garment, whilst the dhoti is a garment which resembles a long, rectangular cloth wrapped around the legs and waist. The dhoti kurta outfit is a beautiful example of how culture and simplicity majesty can coexist in harmony.
  • Sherwani: One of the most extravagant and fashionable clothing trends worn by men on wedding days or other special occasions. A carefully made Kurta with ornate motifs and sparkling embellishments makes up a sherwani. With it, a Dupatta that matches the design and hue of the Sherwani’s Kurta and pajama is additionally worn, as well as a Churidar Pajama. These sets are offered in a range of pricing that reflect the various materials, patterns, and most recent fashions.

Bridal Dress of Uttar Pradesh

When the bride and groom don’t dress in the conventional wedding attire, the wedding ceremony will be lacking in both colour and completeness.

Lehenga Choli

The bride often wears a heavily embroidered lehenga choli on her wedding day. The bride wears a dupatta over her head to cover the lehenga choli as a team. The bride’s complete bridal attire is meticulously finished and appears magnificent. The styles of wedding attire have undoubtedly evolved, and the corporate world now offers a wide variety of new designs and colours. These lehengas are made of silk, velvet, crepe, and chiffon among other materials. These choices are widely used nowadays.

Bridegroom Dress of Uttar Pradesh


The groom dons a lavish sherwani with the appropriate pagri, jootis, and pagri or sehra. The sehra is often red in hue and worn over the head.

Adornments and accessories

Jewellery: Exquisite jewellery is frequently worn with traditional clothing in Uttar Pradesh. Women dress themselves with elaborate anklets, necklaces, bangles, and earrings made of precious metals or gems. Men frequently accessorize their conventional appearance with bracelets, chains, and rings.

Headgear: Known for its unusual headwear in Uttar Pradesh. Based on the occasion and culture, men frequently don turbans or pagris, that come in a variety of styles and colours. These headpieces represent pride and respect in addition to lending a regal air.


The men’s and women’s traditional attire of Uttar Pradesh is evidence of the state’s abundant cultural past. Each garment, from the exquisite Banarasi sarees to the regal dhoti kurta, captures the aesthetic diversity, brilliance, and ingrained traditions of the area. The appeal of traditional attire from Uttar Pradesh rests in its capacity to meld fashion and culture weaving an alluring tapestry which has endured through time. Individuals who wear these traditional outfits honour their ancestry while also helping to preserve a lasting legacy.

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