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How to Look Innocent (For Boys)

Acting innocent could be the best plan of action when you want to alter something for the better or if you want to leave a positive impression on someone. Making small changes to your appearance and mannerisms can project an air of reliability and friendliness. For boys, achieving this look can be as simple as focusing on clothing, hairstyle and body language.

Below are some of the tips to look innocent:

How to Look Innocent

1. Put on high-necked shirts

Select garments with a collarbone that is cut straight across. Steer clear of V-neck shirts and scoop-neck tops as they may slide down your body as you bend forward. Make sure that every button on your button-up shirt is fastened up to the first or second button from the top.

2. Wear clean, practical shoes

Boys can dress in well-laced tennis shoes. Get rid of the worn-out footwear because it can provide the wrong impression, and you do not want to appear unkempt.

3. Smile often

One of the best methods to appear more personable and innocent is to smile, but you should ensure your smile comes naturally. Try practicing your grin while seated in front of a mirror. Keep a watch on your eyes; when the skin around them wrinkles when you smile, it will appear more genuine.

When it’s inappropriate, as when someone else is angry or depressed, don’t smile; smiling is suitable while introducing yourself to someone, accepting or offering compliments, and listening to light-hearted or humorous stories.

4. Speak softly

Speaking too loudly might give you an authoritative tone while speaking more softly can give you a shy or charming appearance. If you’re not used to speaking quietly, practice speaking in front of a friend in a public setting. Try to limit who can hear you.

5. Talk without swearing

Speaking without using vulgar language instantly makes you appear less young and older.

6. Offer your help to others.

Being self-centered makes you appear cynical, which is a trait that typically comes with aging and losing your innocence. Consider performing small deeds, such as holding doors for others, allowing someone ahead of you in line, or baking cookies for friends. Even better, consider volunteering at an animal shelter or soup kitchen in your community.

7. Be a superb hearer.

When a buddy confides in you about something challenging, listen to them compassionately. Instead of talking about oneself, which could be self-centered, try asking many questions. Giving advice occasionally does not harm anyone, but don’t act like you know everything.

8. See the good in others.

When friends and family do something that bothers you, could you give them the benefit of the doubt? Try understanding and showing them forgiveness instead of getting upset or harboring resentment. You’ll look more easygoing and charming to others, and you’ll feel lighter.

9. Stay upbeat.

If you talk negatively about everything, you will not appear very pure. Try complimenting someone on their hair or attire or discuss an exciting weekend itinerary with them. You may even discuss the weather. If it is chilly outside, tell someone how much you enjoy sipping hot cocoa and pulling on cozy sweaters. Stay away from engaging in rumours. Please excuse yourself from discussions that seem disparaging or cruel to someone.

10. Be playful

Have pleasure and try to recall your childhood joys. When you encounter a sprinkler while strolling along the sidewalk, quickly run through it! Start your ridiculous, not seductive, dancing as soon as you hear music. Engage in board games and make tongue-outs or cartwheels. There are countless alternatives!


Maintaining moral and ethical standards will make you appear charmingly naive. Do not dress sexily. Do not strike a proactive pose if you do dress sexily. You might find someone innocent and cute if they dress nicely—nothing too fancy, just comfortable clothes—have a pleasant outlook on life, always smile, speak gently, and are generally upbeat.


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