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How Much Meter Cloth Required for Female Kurta?

Women & girls wear kurtas, which are traditional Indian garments that resemble long shirts or tunics. It’s an adaptable outfit that works well for formal and informal settings. It’s crucial to understand how much fabric is needed for the job, whether you want to make a kurta for someone you love or yourself. In this article, let’s know how many meters of fabric are needed for a women’s kurta in this response.

The length of the kurta or kurti, the person’s size, and the style of the garment all affect how much fabric is required to make a kurta for a lady. But a typical kurta needs roughly 2.5 m of fabric.

There is a certain amount of fabric needed for every kind of attire. For example, a Patiala can be made in at least 1.5 meters. Many folks need to learn how much cloth they need to make their outfits.


The amount of fabric required to create different sorts of clothes with fabric widths of 44 and 60 inches is shown in the table below. Every metre that is mentioned is an estimate. Please add 0.5-1 meter for large and plus sizes. The pattern of the garment to be constructed has a major influence on how many fabrics are needed.

Fabric Estimator

Short Kurti    

  • Fabric Width 44 Inches : 2.5 Meters
  • Fabric Width 56 – 60 Inches: 2 Meters

Long Kurti    

  • Fabric Width 44 Inches: 3.5 Meters
  • Fabric Width 56 – 60 Inches: 3 Meters

How to calculate the cloth meter for kurta for a woman?

Depending on the length and size of the kurta, you will want 2-4 meters of cloth.

You must first choose the kurta length to calculate the amount of cloth required. It takes roughly 2.5 meters of cloth to make a normal knee-length kurta and up to 3 meters for a longer ankle-length kurta. The amount of fabric required also depends on the width of the fabric. While certain fabrics are available in a greater width of 60 inches, most have a conventional width of 44 to 45 inches. You could require less fabric when you are employing a wider cloth than if you are using a narrower one.

The length of the kurta will determine how much fabric you’ll need for your design.

The two primary factors that will determine your fabric consumption are as follows.

  • Fabric width: When determining the length of fabric consumption (measured in meters or yards required per garment), the breadth of the fabric is a crucial factor.
  • Size and Fit: The dimensions and style of fit of the kurta are the second criteria.

The amount of fabric required also depends on the style of the kurta. Less fabric is needed for a plain, straight-cut kurta than an A-line or flared style. Similarly, a kurta with long sleeves needs more fabric than one without sleeves.

The size of the individual wearing the kurta is as important as its width, length, and design. More fabric will be needed for a larger person than for a smaller one. To make sure you have adequate fabric, it’s critical to take precise measurements prior to purchasing.

It’s usually a good idea to buy extra fabric when making a kurta. You never know if you might have to admit to a mistake or make changes. Generally speaking, it’s wise to purchase an additional half meter of fabric.


The length, style, width, and size of the garment are some of the elements that determine how much fabric is needed for a girls’ kurta. Typically, a knee-length kurta needs roughly 2.5 meters of fabric.


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