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How To Book Sainik Rest House Online?

Sainik Rest House or Sainik Guest House as it is often mentioned is a rest house provided to offer a decent lodging environment at an affordable rate to the service people and their families like war widows, disabled soldiers, and more. It has been a good initiative and has helped provide the army personnel or the families with the right living and resting accommodation at different places.

There are over 348 Sainik Rest Houses spread across India at different locations stretching from the high hilly areas to the major cities. The houses offer resting and food services with a great deal of professionalism. Mainly the bookings for these Sainik Rest Houses are done via calls or phone contact whereby people can see whether the lodging is available as per their requested date and make the booking thereafter.

However, in recent times, they have also started the online booking feature to expand the services and provide ease of access to users. The online booking as of now can only be done for the Central Sainik Rest House which is located in the CB Block, Ring Road in Naraina. The rest of the Sainik Rest Houses still provide the call or the visit-based booking to users.

We’ll list out the detailed procedure for the same down below. Read along.

How to book Sainik Rest House Online?

Here are the steps that you need to perform to book the Sainik Rest House online:

  • You must either be a service professional, ex-servicemen, or official family member of the service professional or ex-servicemen to avail of the service.
  • You can go on the website of the Sainik Rest House booking and pick the date and the location of your required booking to filter the date parameter.
  • Upon the date and location filtering, you will be provided with the details of the vacant accommodation where you can select the booking requirements for say the number of people availing the services and more.
  • You need to fill out the details like the user’s name, personal details as required by the mandate, and also the proof of your relation to the service industry either your identity card or the relationship document validating yourself to the servicemen.
  • Upon the same, your booking will be provided as per your request and you will need to pay the nominal charges as required by the Sainik Rest House.
  • After the process, your booking will be confirmed and you can get the confirmation message, mail, or print the document as needed.
  • Once the booking is done, you can go to the Sainik Rest House on the day of booking and present your identity card to showcase proof and then fill out the normal procedure form to stay there.
  • That’s it, then simply enjoy one of the best hospitality around and have a proper rest.

Things to note:

  • A user can book a maximum of two rooms at one time.
  • The room accommodation allows for two adults in one room. In the case of children below 12 years, they can accommodate you in the room and stay there with no need for additional room booking.
  • The user needs to arrive at the boarding time or inform beforehand if they need more time to reach the destination to continue the booking.
  • The secretary of the Sainik Rest House has the final discretion on the booking of the accommodation.


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