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How Long Split Ac Gas Last?

Air conditioner care and management is often neglected by many people which tends to affect the performance of it overall. Getting an air conditioner and installing isn’t the only thing that needs to happen. You should also conduct regular monitoring and give proper attention to the various aspects of the air conditioners like gas and more.

Lack of gas levels in the air conditioner can be a major hassle as it affects the cooling and the functioning of it. Knowing when to top the gas in the air conditioner is a must-have knowledge. Thankfully, we here cover that in our article and let you know how long will your split air conditioner gas last.

How long does Air conditioner Gas last?

split ac

The lifespan and longevity of the air conditioner gas solely depend on the way it has been used. An air conditioner with excessive usage will have a lesser life span than the one that isn’t used that much. However, as a norm, the gas in the split air conditioner often lasts 10+ years if the air conditioner and the gas both are from a trusted and reputed brand. You do have to note that there are compressor and coils inside the air conditioner that helps it to function and if it’s damaged then there will be a lot of gas leakage which can reduce the lifespan of the gas.

Apart from the mechanical failures, the brand source of the gas also affects the lifespan as we aforementioned. Let’s check out how branded gas and non-branded gas in the split air conditioner perform and how long of a lifespan they offer.

Lifespan of a branded air conditioner gas in the split air conditioner

  • When it comes to usage and refilling of the gas from a branded or a non-branded source, the difference is much larger. The branded air conditioner gas will easily last over 10-15 years and can even stretch to 2 decades if used properly. The brands already offer a lifespan of more than 10 years of its gases and it’s better to opt for it from a reputed brand.

Lifespan of a non-branded air conditioner gas in the split air conditioner

  • Non-branded air conditioner gas is generally cheaper than branded ones and is often used by people to reduce their initial cost or budget for the air conditioner. The non-branded air conditioner gas provided a lifespan of 5-7 years on efficient usage. However, as it’s said, if the usage is disoriented then the gas may only stretch up to 5 years at max.

Final Words

There are various care and tips that you can ensure to stretch the lifespan of your air conditioner gas in the split AC ranging from efficient usage, regular monitoring, servicing, and proper care. Good care and management of the air conditioner with timely servicing can help provide efficient cooling and also offer a longer lifespan for the gas. Always check whether your air conditioner is working properly and keep a tab on the compressor and the coils as major issues proliferate from the same. On a final note, your air conditioner gas from a branded company will generally give you a good lifetime usage of 10 years.


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