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Crompton Hill Briz (48inch) Ceiling Fan: Features, Pros, and Cons

Crompton Hill Briz 1200 mm (48 inch) High Speed Ceiling Fan

The most essential role for maintaining the cool comfortable air to breathe at the home play by the air conditioner. There is a multitude of types of fans that maintains the air inside the house healthy and cool.

The ceiling fans are the appropriate option due to the best design that circulates the air throughout the home. One of the options is the Crompton fans are simple yet adorable and complement every house.

Crompton Hill Briz is one of the best selling ceiling fans in India. It includes the feature that makes a valuable investment in the fan. The features include in the fans such as high-speed, double ball bearings, lightweight, great airflow, and more.

The fan’s body is made of aluminium, making the product resistance-free and delivering the air over a larger area. So let’s dig deep into the information to know more about the Crompton ceiling fans.

Crompton Hill Briz 1200 mm (48 inch) High Speed Ceiling Fan

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Features of Crompton Hill Briz Ceiling fan

  • Silent Operation

The first and foremost feature of Crompton Hill Briz fan is the silent operation. The motor installed in the fan minimizes the noise responsible for people’s valuable sleep. As a result, it won’t frustrate people while they are sleeping. On top of that, the fan includes a double bearing for the product’s long life.

  • Superior Components

What makes the Crompton Hill Briz fan a great option for homes? Here is the simple answer. The superior elements installed in the fans make it a great choice for the users. For instance, the hundred percent copper motor gives the smooth running of the machine, double ball bearings to ensure life, and dynamically balanced blades for consistent airflow.

  • Rust-free

Have you noticed many blades of the fans are corroded? This is due to the rusting that have damaged the blades. The rusting also cause noise from the fans. But, this fan option is rust-free due to the powder-coated aluminum blades. This feature offers lifelong corrosion resistance. That ensures the long life of the appliance.

  • Warranty

As per the safety standards of customers; thus fan it guarantees a two-year warranty to their customers. This ensures their peace of mind to use the fan without worrying about getting destroyed or damaged. This warranty is provided to the customer when they purchase the fan.

  • Copper Winding

What makes the Crompton Hill Briz fan ensure a longer life? If this is your concern, then the straightforward answer is that the sun’s motor and winding are copper. This feature is great for ensuring the long life of fun. In addition, they can make a valuable investment in the fan to receive top-notch service.

  • High-Speed Fan

The noticeable fact of the fan is high-speed. It works at an incredible speed that delivers the ultimate cooling experience to the users. In addition, the air thrown by the fans is across the entire room, which gives the cooling experience and ventilation to the entire house.


  • The product provides consumers with a high-performance due to powder-coated blades that enhance the aesthetic.
  • The company in use in the fan is amazing such as copper motor, ball bearings, and balance blades.
  • The product provides a silent operation to provide people sound sleep.
  • The blades are done with powder-coated aluminum, making the appliance rust-free.
  • It comes into your warranty, and the parts of elementary to clean.


  • The product’s weight is 3 KG 800g, Which is quite heavy.
  • The assembling of the parts of the fan is slightly harder.
  • The fan creates a little bit of noise.

Final Words 

The above mention or the entire information on the Crompton hill briz fans. It is made of impressive material that is easy to clean. Moreover, the product comes with powder-coated blades to avoid rust-free. Hope the information mentioned earlier will be valuable for you. For more inquiry you can contact crompton customer care.


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