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5 Best Ceiling Fans Under 2500 Rs in India

Ceiling fans are the essential electrical gadgets that are present in every house. When it is hot and humid, we have to rely upon ceiling fans to get fresh and cool air. A ceiling fan works like magic and keeps the room cool within a short time. With time, you can witness immense changes in the ceiling fans. They come with advanced designs and looks. The modern fans are much better and suitable. They have long size blades that help in the easy circulation of air throughout the room. It is a great advantage of using a ceiling fan.

It is found that ceiling fans are the most convenient way to beat the summer and the scorching heat. The modern-day ceiling fans are so well designed that they can enhance the beauty of the room. If you have a new house, a designer ceiling fan is mandatory. Many electrical companies have started manufacturing ceiling fans. It is good to buy the branded and reputed ones. They will provide you with a proper warranty period to replace the same if there is any dispute or issues. Ceiling fans have turned out to be an urgent need of the people. It seems that life becomes hell without a good ceiling fan.

It is found that everyone cannot afford air conditioners during the summer months. In such a case, fans are the only options. Out of this, ceiling fans are the best ones. They are much better and comfortable in comparison with the table fans. A ceiling fan is easy to operate and handle. Anyone can install it without any prior training or instructions. Surely the demand for ceiling fans will never decrease. As technology is expanding, new models and features of ceiling fans will come into existence. They will make the whole process easier and smoother. It is wrong if people take ceiling fans as a luxury. It is a necessary item for sustaining.

Best Ceiling Fans Under 2500

You must never compromise with the quality of the fans. Try to purchase the best ones from the market. You can also select the ceiling fans that use the latest technologies. The fans that are manufactured with the application of modern technologies are always the best ones. You can also get some ceiling fans that are controlled and operated with the help of a remote. They are always comfortable and pleasing.

Best Selling Ceiling Fans Below 2500 INR

In this part, you will learn about the best ceiling fans in India that are priced below Rs 2500. Through this discussion, you can get useful information about the respective products. It will help to buy the right product.

1. Havells Festiva ceiling fan

Havells Festiva Ceiling Fan

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In the present time, we always look for a beautiful fan with a better performance. In this case, Havells can be the best option. It comes with a pearl finish that can enhance the beauty of the room. The pearl color adds beauty and freshness to the room. This fan will give you a better cooling experience. It will give quick delivery of fresh air within the room. It has a double ball bearing, so the fan does not make any harsh sounds while running. It is a stylish and fantastic fan that the present generation people love. The fan has three long blades that help in complimentary air circulation within the room. The metallic paint finish of the fan is always perfect for your home décor. The best part of the fan is that even after prolonged use, the dust will never stick on the fan. It will maintain its glossy and catchy look. In modern time, people look for products that can serve dual purposes. It should have a unique look and provide you the best service.


  • Three blades allow uniform air flow within the room.
  • Comes with dust-resistant features.
  • Durable and good.
  • With a metallic finish, you can get a classy touch.
  • Best for modern interiors.


  • It would have been better if there was less power consumption.

2. Luminous Audie ceiling fan

Luaminous Audie ceiling fan

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Most of us may have the first choice of this fan. It is a big brand that has unique features. If you are searching for a available fan within a specific budget, it will be the right choice. The aerodynamically designed blades will help in better flow of air within the room. The fan’s motor is oversized so that it can absorb the heat when the fan is running. It is also easy to clean the fan when it becomes dirty. This is because it has a metallic finish and does not allow the dust to get attached. It is essential to look upon or check the motor of the fan before buying it.

The key feature of the fan is its attractive look and assured quality. Because of the high-quality material you can get the advantage of enjoying the fresh and cool air. The fan blades are so wider that it helps in free-flow of the air all along with the room. The copper wiring of the motor is something good about the fan. You must always try to purchase ceiling fans that have copper wiring. However, modern ceiling fans have this type of wirings. It can bring back the vintage style of the fan with a fusion look. This is something fantastic.


  • Helps in smooth and fresh air flow within the room.
  • A high-speed motor gives a long-term service.
  • Less- power consumption of electricity.


  • The installation system must have been made easier for the users.

3. Orient electric Gratia ceiling fan

Orient electric Gratia ceiling fan

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The Latin meaning of Gratia means grace. Thus you can know that it is a beautiful ceiling fan that comes with grace. The design of the fan is so attractive that it will draw the attention of the buyers. It has a trendy canopy. If you have a limited budget, it will be acceptable to go with this product. It is a cost-effective fan that gives you a refreshing feeling. The broader blades also help in the good flow of air. This allows the room to get instantly relaxed.

The fan also has a metallic finish and lacquer coating. The installation process of the fan is so easy that anyone can do it. It is available in various metallic colors. You can choose a suitable and matching one for your room. The materials of the fan increase the longevity of the fan. You can use it and enjoy the cool and fresh air of the fan. The fan comes with two years warranty. The company has been long producing ceiling fans and indulged in this work. The main aim of the company is to deliver quality products to the customers. It is their main aim as a manufacturer.


  • Wider blades help in the free flow of air within the room.
  • High-grade copper coating adds longevity to the fan.
  • The installation process is easy and smooth.
  • Two years warranty from the purchasing date.


  • It would have been better if the fan had dust-free features.

4. Usha Striker Platinum ceiling fan

Usha Striker Platinum ceiling fan

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Usha is one of the oldest ones in the electrical industry. The company has long been engaged in producing high-quality fans for its customers. It never compromises with the quality in any situation. You can now say goodbye to the dust by using this fan. It also comes with hydrophobic features, which make it much unique and suitable. The fan is also oil-resistant. You can maintain the overall hygiene of your house by using this fan. With the use of Lacquer metallic paint, dust does not get stick on the fan. So, you can freely use it. Another essential feature of the fan is that it has a V2 grade ball bearing. This is given to minimize friction. It will also help in the reduction of noise. The fan has steel lamination that increases the life of the fan. The company is always famous for its high-quality ingredients. It is also found that the fan is available within the budget. The design of the fan is made by keeping in mind the present taste of the people.

People even a few years back preferred to use Usha fans, although the market has been flourished with other company fans. But these fans have not lost their importance. People of all ages and groups will love it.


  • Available with dust-resistant coating.
  • Easy to clean and maintain.
  • Electric steel lamination provides extended life to the users.
  • Runs well even in low voltage.


  • It would have been better if it was a LED fan. It would have helped modern people.

5. Crompton Decora Premium ceiling fan

Crompton Decora Premium ceiling fan

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It is a 75 years old industry that is engaged with the task of producing high-quality fans. It is an independent company that works efficiently. It has gained good fame and reputation by selling good-quality fans for the consumers. The fan provides good speed to the users. It also comes with copper wiring. This also extends the life-time of the fan. It is also found that the fan comes within your limited budget.

The product is famous among the people. The blade of the fan is broad and helps in the free flow of the sir. On the other hand, double ball bearing gives extra support to the users. It will help in the smooth running of the fan. The fan is available with three blades. The ornamental design of the fan makes it much more attractive and better. The 48-inch fan delivers high-quality air within the room. The installation process is much better and easier. Anyone can install it within a short period.


  • Fan blades are made of high-quality materials.
  • Double bearing provides extra support to the fan.
  • Easy installation process.
  • Available with gold ring canopies.


  • It would have been better if the fan had a regulator attached to it.

Ceiling Fan Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to Buy the Right Ceiling Fan in India?

There are endless fans of different brands available in India under different colours, styles and designs. Buying ceiling fans is all about choosing the right colour and style. Apart from this, there are several factors you should keep in mind to get better air circulation during the scorching summer months. Whenever looking for a ceiling fan, you should go through the widths and styles for the specific room area, check the brands on Amazon to choose the best option as per your requirement. In simple words, you can consider the warranty, lighting style, the motor, fan blade size & pitch, requirement of the room, installation and multiple speed options.

2. What is the difference between a four-blade ceiling fan and a five-blade ceiling fan?

The biggest difference between a four-blade ceiling fan and a five-blade ceiling fan is in their looks and aesthetic appearance. Another difference between them is that four-blade fans supply better airflow than five-blade models. The reason behind this is that the four blades emit more air in the presence of a lighter motor, which affects the wind speed.

3. Why does a ceiling fan cool a room?

The lightweight and powerful motor affect the air quality of the fan. Moreover, it doesn’t lower the room temperature but instead makes the room feel chilled. So, before choosing the fan, you can make sure the fan can cool space by creating a chilling effect.

4. Are regular ceiling fans energy savers?

The Indian market is loaded with a plethora of high-speed ceiling fans which are an energy-efficient option to save a huge electricity bill of up to a year/one fan. If there is no AC, then with the right ceiling fan, you can feel the effect of cooling throughout the room.

5. What are the best Ceiling fans in India?

Some of the best ceiling fans are as follow:

  • Havells Festiva Ceiling Fan
  • Orient Electric Apex-FX 1200mm Ceiling Fan
  • Luminous New York Manhattan 1200 mm Ceiling Fan 
  • Usha Bloom Daffodil Goodbye Dust Ceiling Fan 1250mmn
  • Atomberg Renesa 1200 mm BLDC Motor with Remote 3 Blade Ceiling Fan, etc.

6. Which one is better – a Ceiling Fan or a Floor Fan?

A floor fan is easier to install and easy to move from one place to another. On the other hand, the ceiling fan has fix design that offers better cooling & airflow as compared to the floor fan. Even, these fans are equipped with high-tech technology. Due to advanced features and better cooling, ceiling fans are a perfect option.

Bottom Lines:

Thus, here is some of the best quality ceiling fans available in the market. You must never compromise with the branded ones. Most ceiling fan manufacturing companies claim to give the best service, but sometimes they fail to do so. In such a case, you must try to use the branded ones. When you are passing through tough summer months the ceiling fan that can give you ultimate relief. It will provide you with relief from the hot flashes that are mostly experienced during hot and humid months. So, a ceiling fan is a must for every house