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The Best USHA Ceiling Fans In India 2023 – Top Models Analysis

Whether it is a hot summer or a cool winter, you will be able to find one ceiling fan running in every Indian house. Ceiling fans are so common in India that even when an air conditioner is on in the room, you will still find a ceiling fan running. The climate is too hot that it can be tough for people to manage without a ceiling fan. The ceiling fan will help in rotating the cool air faster inside the room and also it will help in retaining the same temperature for a long time. 

When there are so many benefits, everybody wants to buy a ceiling fan and when you start looking for it, you will get confused. That is because of the number of ceiling fan brands available in India. You can find many different brands both online and at stores near you. If you are trying to figure out one good brand, then you need to go for Usha. It is one of the best and most popular brands in India. There are so many benefits of buying an Indian brand. 

But there is still a problem with choosing the right ceiling fan for your home use and that is which model in Usha ceiling fans is the best choice. If you are confused and not sure which one to pick, then this article is for you. Here we have come up with the five best Usha ceiling fans in the Indian market. You can go through their complete details and then pick one good product that meets your requirements.

So, let us get started:

Usha Ceiling Fans Top Models List

Here are the five best selling Usha ceiling fans in India:

1. Usha Bloom Daffodil Goodbye Dust Ceiling Fan

Usha Bloom Daffodil Goodbye Dust Ceiling Fan

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When looking for the best ceiling fans in India, then you should check out the Usha Bloom Daffodil Goodbye Dust Ceiling Fan. You will be very happy with the quality of the ceiling fan and its air delivery power. The best part about this ceiling fan is its dual-color design and you can choose from four different designs. You have sparkle white, sparkle gold and brown, sparkle gray and black, and sparkle red and black. Pick one perfect dual-color ceiling fan for your house and you will be very happy with its performance and design. 

This is one good model that comes with so many different features. One main feature that everyone looks for is anti-dust and this is the model you should go for. The latest technology that is used in this ceiling fan makes it resistant to dust, moisture, and oil as well. Along with that, it is a stain and scratch-resistant ceiling fan, making it a perfect choice for your home and office use. Your cleaning task will be reduced to half. It comes with 380 RPM and that is quite good. It is a high-speed fan and perfect for hot summers. 

You get a 100 percent copper motor and so that ceiling fan is highly durable. It is a reversible ceiling fan and that makes it perfect for both winter and summer. You will be able to operate it at four different speeds. The design of the blades is also very unique so that you will have good air delivery. 


  • They are available in four different colors and dual-tone. 
  • The design of the blades is unique for superior airflow. 
  • It is an anti-dust ceiling fan. 
  • You will get a two-year warranty on the ceiling fans. 


  • These ceiling fans make a lot of noise. 

2. Usha Racer 1200MM Ultra High-Speed Ceiling Fan

Usha Racer 1200MM Ultra High-Speed Ceiling Fan

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Usha Racer 1200MM Ultra High-Speed Ceiling Fan is another good product from Usha ceiling fans. If you are looking for one good high-speed ceiling fan from Usha, then this model can be a great choice. It operates at a speed of 400 RPM, which is quite good compared to the previous model we saw. You can pick from three different colors in this model – Rich Brown, Rich white, and rich ivory. It is an indoor ceiling fan and is not good for outdoor use. 

The ceiling fans have a nice glossy look due to the glossy powder coating on the fan. The fan also has high-quality electric steel lamination so that it will last for a very long duration. The design of the ceiling fan is so unique that it will work well even in low voltage. So, even if you are having the problem of power fluctuations, you will still be able to enjoy the cool breeze of the air. 

The design of the blades is different and that design ensures good airflow in the air. It is a down rod mounting style ceiling fan. It has a very simple design but it is one of the most attractive models as well. The ceiling fan comes with a two-year warranty. The motor of the ceiling fan is made using copper and that makes it a highly durable product. The air delivery is 210 CMM. 


  • The ceiling fan is available in three different colors. 
  • It has an RPM of 400. 
  • The air delivery is at the rate of 210 CMM. 
  • It comes with unique blades for better airflow. 
  • The copper motor of the ceiling fan makes it a highly durable product. 


  • The material used is not good. It gets rusted too quickly. 

3. Usha Bloom Magnolia 1250mm Goodbye Dust Ceiling Fan

Usha Bloom Magnolia 1250mm Goodbye Dust Ceiling Fan

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Just look at this wonderful Usha Bloom Magnolia 1250mm Goodbye Dust Ceiling Fan. With this ceiling fan, you will not even need any extra piece of decor for your bedroom or living room. It comes in a unique and stylish design with some engraving on the blades. The ceiling fan is available in three different colors like Sparkle White, Sparkle gold and brown, and Sparkle Blue and Grey. The best part is they are dual-color ceiling fans and hence they add more beautiful wherever they are mounted. 

The ceiling fan is both water-resistant and dust-resistant. PPG Asian paint’s Novel Silane Paint technology is used in the painting of these ceiling water. When they are resistant to water, you will have fewer rusting issues and dust resistance makes your cleaning process simple. You need not have to struggle a lot for its cleaning. You can wipe off the blades with a dry cloth once a month to just maintain their good look. 

Along with that, they are resistant to oil and moisture as well. The superior technology used in the painting of these ceiling fans makes them resistant to scratches and stains. You will be able to use this ceiling fan in low voltage and hence no issues with voltage fluctuations. The blades are designed uniquely to make sure that there is good airflow. The RPM of the ceiling fan is 380 RPM and the air delivery is 232. 


  • You will be able to pick from three different colors. 
  • They are dual-tone ceiling fans. 
  • The unique shape of the blades allows good airflow. 
  • They come with 380 RPM. 
  • The ceiling fans are water-resistant and dust-resistant as well. 
  • Unique painting technology is used for ceiling fans. 


  • The after-sale customer support from Usha is not up to the mark in some places. 

Why choose Usha ceiling fans?

Like we have already discussed, there are several different brands available in India for ceiling fans. But out of so many brands, most people opt for Usha. Many people have a question why is Usha so popular in India. If you are also having the same question in your mind, then here are some good reasons why you should also opt for this brand Usha. 

Different types of fans

Here we are discussing mainly the ceiling fans only, but Usha is one of those best brands that manufactures many other kinds of fans as well. You will be able to find pedestal fans, ceiling fans, Wall fans, Table fans, Exhaust fans for your kitchen, and Special fans as well. Apart from that they also manufacture outdoor fans that you will be able to use in the balcony or back yards. They can be very useful during hot summers to spend some time with family and friends. Now that gives you one of the best reasons why you should pick them. 

Different models

From Usha, you will be able to see many different models of ceiling fans. You will be able to find a model of your choice from so many different designs. The models are designed to meet the needs of every individual. You will have models with three blades, four blades, five blades, or more as well. 

Affordable price range

One of the most important factors that you will consider while buying any product is the price. You will always want to pick options that fall in the range of your budget. If you are looking for something on a low budget, then look for Usha ceiling fans. They have ceiling fans in all budget range and hence it is considered one of the best brands that you need to pick. So, with Usha fans, you need not have to worry about the budget at all. 

Durable products

When you are paying a fair price for a product, the first thing that we expect to get in return is durability. Yes, it is the same with the ceiling fans as well. It is not a product that you will buy more often and hence you need to make sure that you are picking a durable product. With Usha, you will get the satisfaction that you are picking a highly durable product that will last for a very long duration. This is another good reason why many people opt for Usha ceiling fans over the other brands in India. 


When you buy an electric or electronic product, you should always look for a warranty. Most of the ceiling fans come with at least one year warranty. Usha ceiling fans also offer you a warranty depending on the model that you are picking. So, any kind of problem with the ceiling fan during the warranty period will be taken care of by the Usha brand for free of cost. This will save you a few bucks as you get the servicing done for free. 

Amazing colors

With Usha, you will be able to find some of the best and amazing ceiling fans in some amazing colors. We always want to keep our home or office attractive and colorful. It is possible with the Usha ceiling fans. You can find them in the dark and also light colors. You can now make your choice as per the requirements or something that matches with the interior or wall colors. 

Beautiful designs

The design of the ceiling fan is a very important factor to consider and with Usha, you have so many different designs to choose from. You will find some of the best and beautiful designs from Usha. There are small fans and also big fans. That means small blades or long blades. Some people like small blades and some people like long blades and Usha gives you an option to choose from both designs. 

Additional features

Ceiling fans from the Usha brand have many useful features. Some ceiling fans come with lights, extra designs like domes, and other features. You will also be able to operate your ceiling fans with the remote control. So, if you want your house and the rooms in it to look attractive then go for ceiling fans from Usha with some additional features. They are one of the best brands. 

Bottom Line

So, that was about Usha ceiling fans and the five best ceiling fans from Usha. Along with that, we have also given you some information about why Usha ceiling fans are a great choice. This information will help you know more about their fans. We have provided both pros and cons about all five ceiling fans listed above. A small comparison of their features will help you understand which is the right product for your home. It is now time to get home the best Usha ceiling fan this year.