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5 Best Tower Fans in India 2023 [For Home, Shop, Office Use]

Tower fans are nicely designed and look great while flaunting the bladeless slim design. The design and the workings of the fans are most suitable for the Indian climatic conditions. The tower fans are the best alternatives for the ceiling fans in India as well as for the air coolers. Tower fans have superior design and it offers excellent performance when compared to the pedestal fans in India.

Tower fans are the most stylish fans having advanced features such as night lamp and air purifier which are unique and very useful options. Tower fans are available in a variety of shapes sizes and colors. The advantage of having a tower fan is that they are efficient and offer higher energy than air conditioners.

Tower fans are made in form of a compact unit and take limited space in your homes or offices. So they are highly popular in India and are preferred in most residential and commercial places. Also, tower fans have no blades and that makes the fans most safe to be used at homes.

It also helps in reducing the dust particles and the airborne allergens from the air which is a part of dusty surroundings.

Tower Fans in India

During the hot summer, when most places in India have mercury keeps rising then the only way to cool down is to have a tower fan which is very different in features & services. It distributes air with force at an angle of 90 degrees and keeps oscillating with the help of a strong stationary base. Tower fans need a limited space and they can run by consuming limited electricity. The thermostat technology used helps in checking the room temperature before starting functioning. And it helps to maintain the desired temperature inside the room.

Best Quality Tower Fans Online in India

Let us discuss the popular household product tower fan which is available in the market under various brands. Find out more about the tower fan offered by various companies along with its pros and cons. Every brand offers products in wide variety along with various features and pocket-friendly prices. According to your needs &  budget, you can choose the best cooling tower fans in India online.

1. iBELL DELUXE Tower Fan


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iBELL, has become a household brand today in India. The company is considered one of the leaders in manufacturing and selling fans. The company is the most successful and can hand more than 300 various products.

The white-colored DELUXE tower fan is versatile and offers 100% satisfaction to the users. This is one of the best cooling tower fan in India with superior design and stylish look. It can easily fit in any decorated background. The fan with a shiny counter looks the most ideal piece to be at home.

The high-powered motor and the attached bowers offer a higher force of air that can be distributed around the room. It can even cover an area of 25 feet around. The swing function makes sure that the air gets delivered at 90 degrees almost all around.

The tower fans have a sturdy body that is made of high-quality plastic and remains durable for a long time. The fan can be placed in one place and it is lightweight to carry and portable to move around the places. Even children can hold it in their hands and carry it from one room to another. It consumes less power but offers power-packed performance.

The iBELL DELUXE Tower Fan with modular design, stylish look, and rust-free body delivers 2250m3/hr of high air. It has 25 feet of powerful throw and low power consumption.


  • Stylish looks and versatile performance
  • Low consumption and high performance
  • The fan is lightweight & easily portable.


  • It makes some noise.

2. Impex TWISTER PLUS Tower Fan

Impex TWISTER PLUS Tower Fan

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Impex is one of the most successful brands that offer products of superior quality and value-added performance. The Impex TWISTER PLUS tower fan is the most modern and provides excellent services in terms of keeping the surroundings cool for a longer time.

Your home decoration will not complete unless you have the elegant-looking tower fan which is available in black & white colors. The stylish look of the tower fan always gets the attention and it cannot be ignored. It can be placed at a corner in the room and you will find the entire room starts getting cool within a short time.

The fan offers complete safety, unlike the other fans where precautions have to be taken to avoid mishaps. The fan without the blades and having a safety guard always offers complete security to the children around.

The ultra-quiet technology makes the fan work faster offering cool air without making any noise. The sturdy plastic cover ensures safety and durability without any issue. The important feature of two-way air deflection keeps the balance while cooling the surroundings.

The portable Impex tower fan with the swing option helps you to set the angle and the direction. The uniform oscillations offer an amazing cooling experience and the low consumption helps in keeping your electricity bill under control.


  • The elegant look makes the fan attractive.
  • The ultra-quiet technology is used.
  • Keep the power consumption under control.


  • The base should be stronger.

3. iBELL Prime Tower Fan

iBELL Prime Tower Fan

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iBELL Prime tower fan consumes less power even during the scorching summer but keeps the surroundings cool even without making a hole in the pocket. The modular framework and the classic look of the fan make it highly popular among people.

The rust-free body and 4-way airflow technique offer complete satisfaction to the customers. The tower fan with a height of approximately 69 cm and a length of 26 cm looks more like a cooler. It can throw air with force for about 25 feet around the area.

The black-colored fan works well with uniform oscillations and allows the surroundings to cool for a longer time. The fan with remote control works well and allows operating it even without going near it. The timer is also useful in setting the time using the sleeper function.

The powerful plastic coating makes the fan long use without any issue. Most of the parts of the fan are made of durable plastic. The fan is lightweight and can be assembled without any help. The company offers a 1-year warranty on the product.

The iBELL portable tower fan can be easily placed and moved. Even children or old people can also carry the fan in one hand. The fan offers complete safety and it runs without any blade.


  • The 4-way flow technique is highly useful.
  • The remote is easy to use and very helpful.
  • It offers complete safety and portability.
  • Assembling is easier without referring to the manual.


  • The fan moves because of a feeble base.

4. Bajaj Snowvent Tower Fan

Bajaj Snowvent Tower Fan

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Bajaj Electricals is a famous company that offers a variety of consumer products over the years. The company has been serving people in the fields of electrical, electronic, household appliances, and many other areas.

The Bajaj tower fan is unique product offering an indigenous design and aesthetic look. The ergonomic control panel allows you to select the speed and swing control options. It helps you to easily operate the fan without any difficulty.

This is the best tower fan for home because it is easy to carry as it is light in weight and portable. It is a fan that easily fits at homes, offices, shops, and many other places. The fan offers the best performance and always works efficiently. The fans also attract the kids with a specially designed logo of Disney that the children will always enjoy.

The fan consumes limited power and operates for a longer time offering excellent results. The various speed and swing options help you to place the fan in the required direction.

The fan is one of the best home appliances that make your neighbors envy while you keep the area around your home cool.

The fan has become the word of mouth for many consumers. Even though there are many branded fans available in the market, Bajaj tower fans have become part of the residential area and also of commercial places.


  • It is highly popular in household appliances.
  • It works efficiently for a long duration.
  • Disney logo attracts kids.
  • The worldwide company offers excellent services.


  • Make sound at a higher speed.

5. BMS Lifestyle Tower Fan

BMS Lifestyle Tower Fan

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The BMS Lifestyle portable tower fan offers superior services in terms of offering a cooling effect during the hot summer. The fan is designed in a smaller-sized unit. It offers high-flow air with uniform oscillations at a 90-degree angle.

The tower fan can take limited space around the house and keeps the surroundings clean and cool. It has an air purifier and a timer that works well. The nice design and the sturdy base keep the fan at a place without any movement.

The fan is made of powerful plastic material which lasts longer and keeps the fan in good condition. The excellent quality motor offers non-stop performance and keeps the fan working for a longer duration. The base has castor wheels and a cord winder that allows the fan to move from one corner to any other.

The remote control is available. It is compact and it allows you to operate the fan from a distance without going near. The framework of the fan also has built-in filters used against insects, mosquitoes and also to keep the air clean. the filters work round the clock effectively.

The fan that flaunts its nicely shaped body can be placed in the kitchen, drawing room, bedroom or study; it looks perfect and brings changes in the surroundings. The company offers a warranty of 1-year over the product after the purchase and registration.


  • It has a compact design and a perfect look.
  • The use of remote control helps in managing the fan.
  • It has in-built filters to clean the air in the surroundings.


  • Air needs to come with force.

Important Factors To Consider Before Buying a Tower Fan

There are factors that you have to consider before you buy a tower fan. Some of the important points are given below that will help you in finding the most suitable fan as per your requirements. Each of the factors is given below in detail.

1. Size

The tower fan should be selected according to the size of the room. Also, you have to decide where to place the tower fan. It depends on the place and area; you have to consider the height of the fan. The fans are available in standard sizes which are bigger and in smaller sizes. Normally the tower fans come with a size option and the area it covers around it. It gives a clear idea to the users to choose appropriate fan as per the need. Tower fans having bigger sizes cover a larger area and vice versa.

2. Energy

The tower fans have a very important feature and that makes it different from many other fans. The tower fan doesn’t have blades but the fan oscillates at different speeds. It has the latest technology that controls the speed of oscillations. The different types of fans and the fans having different sizes can oscillate with different speed limits and that keeps the environment cool around your home. The oscillations can be adjusted according to the surroundings and the area required to get affected. The stylish tower fan with a technique of oscillations has become part of a modern household.

3. Controls

The tower fan with a modish look offers advanced technology that helps in controlling the fan with the help of remote control. The fan can be controlled easily from a distance easily. You can turn on or turn off the fan or even increase or decrease the speed using the remote control without even going near the device. You can make use of the feature timer which is very effective. By setting the timer, you can choose the option sleep and your fan will be switched off after the specified time automatically. The advanced features make the tower fan popular among the masses.

4. Material

The modern-looking tower fans are made of shiny plastic material. The plastic material used is stronger and durable. The entire design of the tower fan looks perfect and remains clean and shiny for a long time. It can be easily cleaned or wiped out with a damp cloth. If the plastic material used is of poor quality then it won’t last long. The entire structure of the fan is neatly designed and fixed inside the solid plastic framework that offers complete protection to the fan. The advantage of the plastic material is that it makes the tower fan lightweight and easy to carry from one place to other.

5. Portability

The tower fans are designed to place in one place in the room. The fan is mostly placed on the floor and it remains fixed due to the strong base. The plastic covering makes the fan lighter in weight and it can be easily shifted from one place to other without any difficulty. The portability is the main factor that allows a young boy or an old person can carry the fan easily in their hands. Make sure that the base of the fan is stronger but not heavy and it doesn’t affect the weight o fan.

6. Safety

When compared to the pedestal fans, the tower fans are considered as the safer fans to be used in houses and many other places. The advanced technology used in designing the tower fans has made the fans without any blade. Most of the fans have sharp blades which are considered to be dangerous if the young kids are at home. But the tower fans run on the technique of oscillations that can be controlled depending on the need. The fan is covered with safety grates that offer complete protection and make it completely safe. The grates can be removable to keep the fan clean from the inside.

7. Brands

The market has globally expanded and when you decided to buy any household item or any consumer product, you will get a wide range of branded companies offering varieties of products. Every brand has a global reach and it offers many different products at many different prices and qualities. The users have to be smart and find the required product from a company at a reasonable price along with many benefits, such as discounts, concessions, coupons, or some other items free. You have to make some market survey and find out more about the popular brands and the offers they make.

8. Prices

The cost of the product plays an important role in a successful deal. When there are many different brands available and there is neck-to-neck competition between the various companies, consumer products along marketing tricks, then it is interesting to find the required product of high quality at a lower price. The high-quality products are costly but the business deal also involves special offers, discounts, and various other schemes that are beneficial for the consumers. The variety in the branded products always helps the consumers in making the choice and getting the products at a reasonable price.

9. Reviews

Product reviews have become part of the buying strategy today. When there are so many e-shopping sites that support online shopping of various products. E-shopping has become a lifestyle today and most people prefer it. Instead of going out in the market, and walking from one shop to other, to find the product has become a tedious task now.

Most of the branded companies have websites showing a wide variety of items in every category and the items can be displayed in images of all different sizes. Also, you can check the items according to your suitability and budget. Most of the customers write reviews about the products and services they liked and also about various experiences and issues they face while making online purchases. These reviews will help you in understanding the products, quality, and services offered by the companies. Keep reading the reviews of the products on the website and also do share your experiences.

10. Warranty

Every product that you purchase in the market provides you some offers. Getting a warranty on the product is the most common factor today. Most of the items available in the online market and also the branded consumer products always have a warranty. The warranty offered on the product depends on the price, quality, and the company policy of the branded company.

Mostly the warranty is offered on the product against the manufacturing defect. The warranty can be offered from 3 months to 2 years depending on the terms and conditions specified. Make sure that you get the warranty on the product after your purchase and get registered.

Consider the above-given factors before you make your mind. Most of the factors are useful in knowing the products well. Every factor mentioned above is helpful for you to understand various aspects before you make the deal. Also, you can consult other people, friends, and experts before you decide on buying the product. Tower fans have become popular because of many of their advantages over the most commonly used ceiling fan, pedestal fan, and table fan. So you have to choose the tower fan wisely.

Advantages of Tower fans:

When compared to the pedestal fans, the tower fans offer better features and advanced techniques.

  • The tower fans have in-built air filters and air purifiers that not only keep the air cool but make it clean also.
  • The tower fans are available in elegant, eye-catching designs that are most-modern and can become a part of any decorations.
  • Also the tower fans are noiseless, when compared to ceiling fans, table fans or the pedestal fans.
  • The tower fans offer complete safety, because the fans do not have the long sharp blades like the other ordinary fans.
  • The tower fans are covered with safety grates and offers complete safety to the people at home, including the children. It provides complete protection.

Tower Fans Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is a tower fan?

A: A tower fan is a type of electric fan that has a tall, narrow design, and typically oscillates back and forth to circulate air throughout a room. They are often used as a more space-saving alternative to traditional pedestal or box fans.

Q: How does a tower fan work?

A: Tower fans work by using an electric motor to power a series of blades or a propeller inside the unit. As the blades rotate, they draw in air from the surrounding environment and push it out through vents or grilles in the fan housing. Many tower fans also oscillate back and forth to help circulate air throughout a room.

Q: Can tower fans cool a room?

A: While tower fans can help circulate air and create a more comfortable environment, they are not designed to actually cool a room like an air conditioner would. Instead, they are more effective at providing a gentle breeze and helping to distribute air conditioning more evenly throughout a space.

Q: How do I clean my tower fan?

A: To clean a tower fan, first make sure it is unplugged from the electrical outlet. Then, remove any dust or debris from the exterior of the unit using a soft cloth or brush. Next, use a vacuum cleaner or compressed air to remove dust and dirt from the interior of the fan. Finally, wipe down the fan blades with a damp cloth or mild cleaning solution, and allow the fan to dry completely before using it again.

Q: Are tower fans noisy?

A: While some tower fans may produce more noise than others, they are generally considered to be quieter than other types of fans like box fans or pedestal fans. This is because they often use a brushless motor and have larger blades that rotate more slowly, which can help reduce noise levels.

Q: How much do tower fans cost in India?

A: The cost of a tower fan can vary depending on the brand, model, and features it offers. Entry-level models can be purchased for as little as Rs.2500 to Rs.3,500, while more advanced models with additional features like remote controls, timers, and air purifiers can cost upwards of Rs.8000 or more.

Q: Can tower fans be used outdoors?

A: While tower fans are designed for indoor use, some models may be able to be used in covered outdoor areas like screened porches or patios. However, it is important to check the manufacturer’s specifications to ensure that the fan is rated for outdoor use, and to keep it protected from direct exposure to moisture or rain.

Q: How long do tower fans last?

A: The lifespan of a tower fan can vary depending on factors like the quality of its construction, how often it is used, and how well it is maintained. However, most tower fans are designed to last for several years with regular use and proper maintenance.


The tower fans have become popular among many types of fans, only because of their extraordinary looks, use of limited space, and also the safety factors. The tower fans have a compact structure which is safe from all sides. The capability of the tower fans is higher and mainly depends on type, size and ability to throw the air in the surroundings.

Tower fans are in demand today. The stylish, colorful fans are highly preferred to be used in homes, offices, shops and many other places. Because of its advanced technology and the latest techniques the tower fans have become part of the households. The stronger base makes them stand erect without unbalancing.

The young people prefer it because of its stylish looks and ability to change the atmosphere around. For the older people the fans are lightweight and can be easily shifted by holding it in hands.   But while selecting the most suitable tower fan, you have spent some time, by considering the various factors given above.  These factors will definitely help you in finding the most useful tower fan for you and your family.