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The Best Table Fans in India 2023 [Stylish & High Speed Table Fan]

Table fans are the most essential electrical  items that are present in almost all homes in India. However, you should never compromise with the best ones. Rather you must prefer to go with the branded ones. Sometimes, ceiling fans fail to circulate the air properly. In such a case the room becomes a hot chamber. It is better if you use a table fan to eliminate the heat from the room and make it cool. Table fans assist in the free blowing of air in the room and focus on the person. The air of the table fan is much cooler and refreshing. It can give you an instant cooling sensation within the body.

Table fan is considered as personalized equipment that can be easily adjusted by the user. The best part of a table fan is that it will never give put you under the burden of high electricity bills. This is the main thing or advantage of using a table fan. It is also portable and can be lifted to any place. Most of the modern table fans in India come with unique designs and light-weighted. These types of table fans are compatible with the inverters. This is why if there is a power cut the table fan will work with the inverters. It is another advantage of using the fan.

Best Selling Table Fans Online In India

The ceilings fans may heat the room if the outer temperature is high but table fans do not heat the room. It keeps the room cool and refreshed. In the present time, the designer and high speed table fans in India are much preferred by the people. Apart from keeping the room cool, it can enhance the look of your room to a great extent. It is a popular electronic tool among people that is present in almost all houses. There are many brands in India offering table fans, but which is the best table fan in India? Let us help you!

Here you will come across some of the best selling table fans that are available in India.

1. Usha Mist Air ICY 400mm Table Fan (Red)

Usha Mist Air ICY 400mm Table Fan

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It is a beautifully designed table fan that comes with a stylish look from the brand Usha, the best table fan company in India. The blade design is unique and innovative. These blades are efficient and provide high air delivery. It spreads in every corner of the room by making it cool. The fan also delivers low noise while running. It is another benefit of using the fan. The copper motor provides high efficiency to the fan. You will get an Auto reset table thermal overload protector that protects the fan from overheating and keep the motors fine for a long time.

 The grills are placed so close to each other that your fingers will be protected from getting injured. It is much required for a house where there is a kid. The fan is available in a wide range of colors like red, blue, and purple. However, red is the most preferred table fan color. The air of the fan is almost like cool ice. You will get an amazing sensation after putting on the fan. The fan requires less maintenance. You will also get a good warranty period after buying the fan. In case of any disputes, the company will exchange them.

You will get three-speed settings of the fan. It can be adjusted as per your suitability. The body of the fan is strong and good. It is a rust-free product. The jerk-free oscillation quality of the fan makes it unique in many ways. This stunning designer fan helps to add extra beauty to your room. It is an impressive fan.


  • Blades are designers.
  • Available with easy speed adjustment
  • Free from any jerks.
  • High-quality air delivery


  • The warranty period must have been extended.

2. Bajaj Midea 400mm Table Fan (White)

Bajaj Midea Table Fan 

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Bajaj fan is a renowned one that is known for its high-quality speeds. It has gained a good reputation through its awesome service. It is efficiently used in every house, office, and working places. The acrylic blades of the fan move smoothly and help in the even circulation of air. This keeps the room cool and good for a long time. The strong motor of the fan helps in better performance of the fan. The fan does not make any harsh sound. So, you can stay free while using the fan.

The full copper motor of the fan gives long life to the fan. The presence of an overload thermal protector will enable in smooth functioning of the fan and protects the motor of the fan from any sort of damages. The fan comes with good speed. It is estimated that the speed of the fan is 1300 RPM. This model of the fan is one of the innovative outputs of the company.

The design of the fan is compact and it can be placed in any corner of the room. This electronic device will help in lowering the electric bills. The body of the fan is sturdy. It is a rust-free device. If you wish, you can adorn your house with this table fan. It will help in enhancing the beauty of the room. The fan has three-speed controls that can be adjusted as per the user. All the speeds are well-adjusted. You can easily try this electronic device for your room.


  • Sharp blades that help in free air circulation.
  • Easy speed control facility.
  • Comes with Two years warranty


  • The grips of the fan should have been made better.

3. Luminous Buddy 230mm Cabin Fan

Luminous Multipurpose Buddy 230mm Cabin Fan

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You must know very well that Luminous is a well-known company in the electronic world. It comes with some innovative devices that are helpful for users. However, the cabin fan that is being introduced by the company is a reputed one. It is a trustworthy brand that has manufactured the cabin fan by keeping in mind the present requirement of the people. Due to its compact look, it can be placed in any corner of the room. The moment you will run the fan it will push back the hot air from the room and make it cool.

This will also keep the room cool as long as it will work. It is best used in a small room or in a place where there is a lack of ventilation. Many people also prefer to use it in the kitchen. It will bring out the grease and hot flames from the kitchen. It works much better in these specific areas. The fan is light-weighted and can be lifted from one place to another.

If you wish you can place them in bathrooms. The fan can eliminate the strong odor of the bathroom and make it fresh. You can get various colors of the fan. However, aqua blue is the most demanding one. It gives a soothing feeling to the eyes. It is another best part of using the cable fan. The portable nature of the fan allows the user to move it from one place to another in a much easier manner.


  • High-speed fan
  • Blades are sharp and faster.
  • Comes with a unique design


  • The metal body should have been much stronger.

4. Havells Cresent 250mm Personal Fan (Blue)

Havells Cresent 250mm Personal Fan

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Havells is one of the best companies in the electronic industry. It has produced a wide variety of electronic devices. The main part of the company is that it focuses to deliver a quality product to its customers. It always tries to do its best. With this intention, they have won the trust and faith of the customers. There are many things special about the fan. It is a jerk-free product which means that the fan will not jerk at the time of moving. The revolving grill helps in the wider spread of the air throughout the room. The stylish design and unique colors of the fan have turned out to be a favorite one for every people.

The fan has three-speed control systems. They are high, medium, and low. You can adjust the same as per your convenience. However, if you want, you can also set the timer as per your wish. The fan has a stable base and this allows the user to fix the fan to any place in a hassle-free manner. Your cooling device can now be placed in any corner of the room or on the table.

 Another best thing about the fan is that the speed of the fan is 1350 RPM. The more you will use the fan the more you will know about its features. It is also available in a wide variety of colors and you can choose it as per your choice. The blue color of the fan is much loved by the buyers.


  • Easy installation process
  • Do not jerk at the time of moving.
  • Blades are sharp and good.


  • The speed controlling process should have been made easier.

 How To Choose The Best Table Fans in India

You need to follow some specific rules and regulations while buying the product. You must remember that while buying a product you are investing money. Let it not be wasted. This is why you need to look into specific matters. In the following lines, we will go through the tips for choosing the best table fan.

→ 1. Features and systems

You need to check and go through the specifications of the table fan before buying it. It is the primary thing that needs to be kept in the mind. Each fan will have a different set of specifications. It needs to be checked. If you face any confusion you may enquire about it. It is of utmost importance to check and go through all the features. Different table fans will have different operating systems. No two will match with each other in any way.

→ 2. Fan size

The size of the fan is another thing that must be checked. You can buy a fan as per the size of the room. It is always advised to measure the fan while planning to buy the same. Many table fans are around 12, 14, or 16 inches. It is found that if you buy a large fan and lower the speed it will help in better cooling of the room. It should be kept in the mind. You must also place the fan in a suitable position so that air circulates easily in all the corners of the room. If you want you can also mount the fan in any one corner of the fan. The modern table fans have mounting systems. It helps the user to easily mount the fan on the wall. This is much better because the airflow will be much better now.

→ 3. Fan material

Always give special preference to the fan quality. It is one of the important qualities and points that need to be checked. Table fans made of plastic materials may not give you a long-term service. This is why you should go with the metallic ones. You may have heard that fans with metals like bronze may get rust. This is why it is suggested to go with the better ones. In modern times fans are made with chrome material. It will never get rust even after being used for a long time. This is the specialty of the fan.

→ 4. Sounds

Most of the table is known for making harsh and rough sounds. It is thus advised to check this feature before buying. Modern-day fans do not make so much of harsh sound. However, you must always trust to use the best-quality fans so that you can get the best features. They will remain in the same position even after several uses. The noise of the fan depends mainly on the composition or the ingredients of the fan. This should be considered as much as possible. No one in the present time will ever try to buy a fan that makes harsh sounds. It is often an irritating one. But the new table fans are much advanced and they have scientific systems. These will lower the sound and will assist in the smooth functioning of the fan.

→ 5. Oscillation

It is another matter that must never be overlooked. It is only possible when you choose the fan that comes with oscillating grills. It will enable the fan to circulate the air within the room in a comfortable manner. Some fans oscillate 90 degrees. If you have any issues you can check or enquire about it.

→ 6. Powerful motor

The overall functioning of the fan mainly depends upon the motor. It is the motor that helps in the smooth functioning of the fan. You must always check the motor quality of the fan before buying it. If the fan has a high-quality motor it will make less sound and there will be a chance of experiencing fewer electricity bills.

→  7. Controlling the speed

You must always check the speed controlling matter of the fan. Most of the fans come with three types of speed-setting systems. It is high, medium, and low. You must know the exact manner to adjust it as per the use and demand. This is why it is always preferred to buy the tool whose speed can be easily adjusted by the users. Each fan will have a different way of speed control. You must always select the easier ones. This will enable you to handle the device easily and as a beginner, you will never face any tough issues.

→ 8. Installation process

The installation process must be easier and smooth for the buyers. It is fine if the tool can be easily installed by putting a plug and switching on the fan. On the other hand, if the fan needs to be mounted on the wall, you must opt for the easiest ones. Most modern-day fans have a simple operating system. Apart from all this, the maintenance process must be better and easier. Go with the products that have less maintenance cost.

→ 9. Safety measures

Many times, it is heard that table fans cause several accidents. Sometimes they are so severe that people had to be admitted to the hospitals. This is why you should always give special preference to the safety measures. You must check the grips of the fan. They should be closely placed to each other so that the fingers do not get stuck. You may have come across several cases, where the kid had to lose his fingers in the table fan. Considering all these points you must buy a fan that has well and close grips. This will never allow the buyers to face any issues. You need to consider the safety issues while making any sort of investment. It is crucial.

→ 10. Cost

Cost or budget is always a concern for many of us. Never buy the product after visiting one shop or site. You need to search and go to several places. Only buy from the place that will offer you with the fewer prices. It is found that many shops and online sites charge exceptional costs for the fan. This is not good as it creates an unnecessary burden on the buyers. People may get confused in many of the cases and cannot take the right decision. You can get fans of various prices. Some are exceptionally high prices while others are of low prices. It will mainly depend upon your budget. But the main point is that you must invest in the best table fan brand in India. It will give you a better service. Some people prefer to invest minimum money and after few days they start to face several issues.

→ 11. Reviews

It is always advised to go through the reviews before buying the device. You can visit several sites that are linked with this task. However, you must go to the genuine ones. Some of the fake sites are available and they can mislead you. It is okay if you visit and go through the customer reviews. It will give you the exact scenario of the product. You can go through their experiences and try to select the best ones from them. It can be the best thing or step before buying a table fan.

→ 12. Warranty period

Above all, you must be cautious while buying the table fan. Never forget to check the warranty period of the product. If you find a product without a warranty period, it is better not to buy it. In case of any issues, you can change or exchange the product. It is only possible when it is found within the warranty period. It is fine if you buy a product that has a warranty period between six months to two years. Many people face several issues after buying the product. So, the option of a warranty period is mandatory and must be provided by the company.

Common Table Fan Problems and Solutions 

After a period of time, electric fans will begin to show signs of breakdown, including faulty parts that prevent the fan from operating. So what’s the problem with the fan that won’t turn on?

We’ve compiled a list of most common problems people face while using table fans, so that they can identify and fix them.

→ 1. When pushing the power button, the fan does not start:

A non-functioning power supply, a heavily loaded motor, or a control valve may be to blame for this issue. Firstly, check the power source, fuse, as well as control valve to see if they are properly open or closed before trying to fix the problem. The voltage can be checked to see whether it is appropriate. Once the root cause has been identified, it is possible to repair the problem on-site or have it repaired by a professional.

→ 2. Broken speed button

Bottled buttons or switches can be damaged and cannot be pushed or rotated due to some error. The metal part of electronic relay wears out or becomes rusted and dirty over time due to excessive friction during use.

Use WD40 spray into key grooves and click buttons to remove copper rust and dirt, the solution must be pushed into the grooves until the problem is resolved. It is only possible to replace the new button if the metal of the relay has been worn down.

→ 3. Navigation function breaks down

It is easy to break or slip navigation function if used for a long period of time and with excessive force. Check the lubes on the gears and afterwards buy a new plastic case for this situation. Utility kits can be replaced if necessary. A genuine purchase should be made through the store.

→ 4. Fans creating loud noise

It’s possible that the fan’s noise is caused by the friction between both the rotating shaft or the machine’s brass. Remove the motor, lubricate the bearings, and then reinstall the motor.

→ 5. Overheating fan

Using a fan at full power for a long period of time, or if the fan motor is dry, causing friction when it turns too large, can lead to this problem..

Note that fans should never be used at full power for a long period of time in order to reduce the fan’s temperature. Remove the motor as well as lubricate the engine with lubricating oil.

Table Fans Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does The Height of a Table Fan Matters When Buying?

In general, many table fans come with adjustable height for maximum convenience. However, you can keep the table fan at a good height to get perfect airflow. So, you can get the best airflow from the table fan if you keep it at the right height.

2. What Features Should I Consider When Buying a Table Fan?

You will have to consider several features when buying a table fan to get the right product for your use. The above buying guide can help you choose the best table fan for your use. But some important features to consider when looking for the best table fan include extension cord length, quality of the material, air delivery speed, and the electricity consumption of the model.

3. What Tips Can I Follow When Buying a Table Fan?

The main thing that you need to consider when buying a table fan is what you prefer. You will need to decide how much airflow you need. Also, make sure that you consider your room size where you want to use the fan for a better experience. This will help you select the best table fan for your use.

4. What Is the Right Place to Keep a Table Fan in My Home?

You should consider placing the table fan near a window in your home. This will help you get optimum airflow and feel relaxed. But if your window doesn’t have proper air circulation, you won’t get any benefit by placing the table fan near the window.You should always place the table fan at a place where proper air circulation is present to ensure appropriate performance.

5. Do I Need to Oil My Table Fan?

It depends on the model of the table fan you use. A table fan with two ball bearings doesn’t need oiling. You can consider oiling the fan if it has a tiny hole near the motor. Three to four drops of oil will be enough to oil the fan.

6. Can A Table Fan Be Used as An Exhaust Fan?

Exhaust fans are powerful and come with a rugged body. If you have a powerful table fan and think that it can do the task of an exhaust fan, you can use it for the same.

7. Is It Safe to Use a Table Fan for Long Hours?

Yes, if the table fan is designed to use for a long time, then you can use it for long hours with no hassle. But if the fan overheats, you should switch it off immediately.


Table fans are now considered to be an essential item for both personal and commercial use. It can lower your electricity bills and give you relief from excessive hot and humid climatic conditions. You will have several options to buy the product. The table fans are highly portable, they are light in weight. One can carry it easily from one room to another. They can be installed easily and comparatively easy to use than others.

These fans are the ultimate choice for all the buyers as they are energy-efficient at the same time. It promises to cool and helps in saving energy. Choose these eco-friendly options and enjoy their stellar performance for a long.

Most of the table fans are now sold on many online platforms. Whatever be the mode of buying you need to follow specific rules and conditions. It will help to make you a better buy. Check all the above-mentioned points and then invest in buying a table fan. So what are you waiting for? Make the best purchase of your table fan today.


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