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The Best BLDC Ceiling Fans in India 2023 [Low Electricity Consumption Fans]

Electrical appliances play an imperative role either in every home, shop or office. Similarly, a ceiling fan is responsible for cooling the home and offering great relief from the summer’s heat. There are many ways to feel better in summers, but the most efficient and reliable method is using a ceiling fan. Among all of them, going with the use of a BLDC ceiling fan seems like the most optimal option.

The primary purpose of BLDC ceiling fans is to extract warm air from the skin’s surface and let you feel a cooling effect. Therefore, it is a valuable product for providing leisure to people without even causing a change in the temperature. Moreover, manufacturers come up with a new design to ensure that you get effective cooling even the fan blades are rotating at a slower speed. BLDC fans are smart, power-efficient, highly reliable and the best one in terms of durability.

The old-styled ceiling fans with normal motors are not as reliable as this one and you can expect a range of benefits using these types. According to a survey, BLDC ceiling fans are 65% efficient than regular ceiling fans which can help you understand that why most offices and organizations are equipping BLDC fans.

In the Indian market, there are a limited number of brands that are offering BLDC ceiling fans and the limited variety can make you feel which one to choose. No doubt most brands have similar claims, but which one to trust? To help you out, we dig deep and made a list of the best BLDC ceiling fans in India along with a list of vital factors to consider.

Without wasting any more time, let’s pour some light on the best BLDC ceiling fans along with the reason to buy.

Why Choose BLDC Motor Fan in India?

bldc ceiling fans in India

A fan is an essential home appliance used for getting cool and fresh air during hot summers. There are varieties of fans available in different colours, technology, brand and design. They are usually running for 15 hours in 365 days in every home.

Thus, the right fan enhances the aesthetic appearance as complementary touch with your home space. But when it comes to buying a fan for regular home use, most customers prefer ceiling fans as they may think they are energy savers. There comes a time where even the ceiling fan consumes more electricity.

Many of the people also spend a lot in paying electricity bill of the AC. Although there has been a demand for a ceiling fan for a long time and even today people believe in it.But have you ever thought about which technology or motor is used in it? Typically, ceiling fans of the different brands are equipped with induction motors that consume 70 to 80 watts of power.

But today, there are various types of fans in the market based on new technology. These fans work on the BLDC motor. BLDC stands for brushless direct current motor meant for low power consumption. This motor is designed for providing noise-free air through its noise reduction function. Instead of electromagnets, fans with BLDC motors have permanent motors.

The BLDC fan is one of the best options in terms of durability, power saver and price range. Fans equipped with BLDC motors have significant advantages like less noise generation, longer lifetime and less electricity consumption. Another best thing about using this fan is that it provides a long backup on solar and inverters when the light goes off. This special type of motor fan consumes around 30 watts where induction-based fans consume around 75 to 80 watts.

Benefits of Having BLDC Motor Fan

Today, the fan industry is full of new technology where BLDC motor fans are in high demand. Talk about BEE 5 star rated fans; they are best for regular usages as they have a copper coating and are modified with new features but still do not match the capability of BLDC fans. The negative point of using BEE start star rated fans is that it delivers low air around 210 to 225 m3/min.

On the other hand, fans with a 5-star rating consume about 40 to 56 watts of power. But when it comes to BLDC fans, they mostly use 30 to 35 watts of electricity. That mean, a single time investment in BLDC fans can fit into your budget also save a lot of money. No doubt, the BLDC motor is designed in such a manner to provide good airflow. The newly designed fans with BLDC motor will never disappoint you during their usage as the airflow of the fan is around 220/230m3/min.

Additionally, they are made up of good quality material which ensures a longer lifetime, low noise and enhances consistency. For a great airflow experience, you will get the right BLDC fan after checking the list of different fans. A significant benefit of these fans is that they are typically available for both modern and traditional home decors.

Best Selling BLDC Ceiling Fans Online in India

Here is the list of best quality bldc ceiling fans in India:

1. Atomberg Renessa 1200 mm BLDC Motor 

Atomberg Renessa 1200 mm BLDC Motor 

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Atomberg is one of the most popular brandsin the entire fan industry. This brand uses smart technology in their fans which makes your life better and easier. Renessa from Atomberg is a smart pick that perfectly fits your need and preference. As BLDC motor is the all-rounder in terms of efficient working and durability.

The Renessa is designed on a belief to provide high airflow during heat conditions. It doesn’t end there. There are significant benefits of having a Renessa fan by Atomberg including a noise-free environment, less consumption of electricity and being highly durable.

Unlike regular ceiling fans, the fan from Atomberg consumes less electricity. Thanks to Renessa’s Super-Efficient BLDC Motor, it helps in running the fan at its highest speed and takes only 28-32 watts of electricity. This feature is a lifesaver for you to save up to Rs. 1500 to 1600 per year on expensive electricity bills.

Apart from mentioned features, it has one more key feature that its running capacity on the inverter whenever power is off. It comes with a smart remote which has a sleep, timer and boost mode. Overall, you can consider this fan for your home space.


  • Renessa fan from Atomberg is a great combination of functionality and elegancy.
  • The rust-free feature of the fan saves your time on spending its cleaning.
  • It comes with an LED indicator that creates a soothing environment while sleeping.
  • You won’t comprisewith speedy airflow as it is equipped with a BLDC motor.


  • The LED lights may be disturbing sometimes according to few users.

2. Crompton Energion BLDC Ceiling Fan

Crompton Energion BLDC Ceiling Fan

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The competency of BLDC ceiling fans is far better than ordinary fans as they are well-built with advanced technology. The next best idea choice is the Energion BLDC ceiling fan offered by Crompton. It is one of the reputed brands in India that fulfil the fan needs of every type of person. Energion HS fan is equipped with ActivBLDC motor which has low electricity consumption thus ensuring energy efficiency.

You can save money on high electricity bills by using this fan. You need to spend less as it is a budget-friendly product. It ensures top-notch quality and monthly returns at the same time. Crompton Energion is the best example of efficiency. The consumption capacity of this fan is not more than 35 watts. Furthermore, it delivers a superior performance so that all credit goes to its ActivBLDC motor.

By the usage of Energion fan, you need to feel relaxing and enjoy your hot summers days. The advanced features including the Intelligent Memory function make sure you do not remember you’re last fan speed. That mean, if you want the same speed, it automatically works on it when switched on. Thanks to the multi-pairing option, you can connect more than one fan of the same brand with one single remote. Isn’t it the best example of advanced technology? Of course yes.


  • Investing in Energion fan is great value for money as it is a wallet-friendly product.
  • This fan comes with a well-functioned remote which can help you to operate your fan anytime anywhere.
  • In the term of superior performance, Energion HS is an excellent choice.
  • Ratings 4 out of 5 are given to this product by many users.


  • As per user review, this fan can create noise when its speed is increased.
  • The brown colours in this model do not suit all types of home décor.

3. Havells Efficiency Ceiling Fan

Havells Efficiency Ceiling Fan

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Havells is counted among the top-notch brands in the fan industry. The company offer different types, size and colours of the fan. Havells presenting Efficiencia Neo 1200 mm presently with various advanced features. This fan will allow you to experience faster airflow when hassling with sweat and heat. When it comes to improving the aesthetic appearance of the room, Havells Efficienia Ceiling fan is a good choice.

This fan is the best buy for the savings on electricity consumption and efficient performance. The elegant white colour of the fan is a cherry on the cake, thus it is suitable for all kinds of home interiors. The fan is still impressive due to its advanced features. You can adjust your fan speed by using the remote that comes with the product.


  • Efficiencia by Havella offer superior air delivery with 350 revolutions per minute.
  • You can install it in your dining room, bedroom or hall. The airflow would be fast and cool.
  • The best fan that consumes less electricity at this price point.


  • The blades and remote of the fan requires improvement according to users.
  • White colour can quickly become dirty due to dust nearby.

How to Choose the Right BLDC Ceiling Fan in India?

How To Choosse BLDC Ceiling Fan

Either you are willing to buy a new BLDC ceiling fan or learning about their key factors, going through the vital component is necessary. You can find that there are a ton of brands available in the market offering these types of fans. However, the intense variety and a range of quality factors can leave you vague. To eradicate this problem, we made a list of all the vital factors that you must take into consideration before the purchase of a BLDC ceiling fan –

⇒ 1. Reputed Manufacturer

Before the selection of a BLDC Ceiling fan, it would be an optimal choice to learn about the top brands available in the market. Going with a well-known manufacturer not only eases up the work but also ensures that you getting the best-in-class product. You can expect reliable after-sale services, long-term warranty, on-site repair, and much more by going with well-known brands.

2. Size of the room

The size of the area in which you want to infuse the ceiling fan is essential to consider. Whether you want to infuse a fan in the living room or bedroom? And most importantly, what is the size of the room? Since if you are inserting a ceiling fan with low capacity for a spacious room, it may lead you to sweat all the time.

3. Interior of the place

The colour and style of buying feeling fans are significant. If you are getting your hands on a BLDC ceiling fan for a well-decorated and complete interior place, it is imperative to consider your interior decorator. If the colour you buy looks cheap and gives a bad patch on the face, it will be better to go for the other products.

4. Rotation Speed

RPM is the unit used while calculating the speed of a ceiling fan. RPM stands for Rotation per minute and it can provide you with a little knowledge about motor power. It is a myth that rotation speed is responsible for air delivery, but it is the fan’s blade design. A fan with excellently designed blades rotating at genuine RPM can provide amazing air delivery. So, don’t get fooled by seeing high RPM numbers.

5. Style

People want to upgrade their equipment from time to time. For example, are you still using a keypad phone? Of course, you are not, and then it’s vital to get your hands on a BLDC ceiling fan that can be operated with the help of smartphones. Such fans are energy-efficient and save energy and provide people with the convenience to operate them with style. So, these things are pretty helpful for people.

6. Budget

Budget is one of the vital points to consider. It needs to be kept in mind at the time of selecting your BLDC fans. One of the critical points about BLDC fans is that it is intelligent, stylish, and energy-efficient but also very cost-effective. Therefore, one can quickly get their hands on such fans, which consist of unique features.

7. Warranty

Warranty is a crucial point to keep in mind when purchasing a product known as BLDC fans. People are provided with three years warranty on such fans. In addition, the products required for manufacturing these fans are pretty durable and energy-efficient. That helps people to use it for a longer time.

8. Air delivery

There are distinct options before selecting a BLDC ceiling fan. Distinct models have their level of capacity to deliver air. It’s crucial to consider the point of air delivery through a fan in the room. As much as higher air delivery is, the flow of air is more in the room. So, try to select a ceiling fan that offers higher air delivery.

9. Maintenance

Most of the everyday ceiling fans consist of issues after a certain period. And from time to time, you have to send capacitors and fix the issues from your electrician. Along with it, the fan’s speed also decreases the time responsible for causing the noise. But, if you are selecting a BLDC ceiling fan, it is responsible for providing you with the best services. There is no such problem as it is responsible for eliminating all the problems mentioned above.

10. BEE star

Before getting your hands to buy a ceiling fan, it’s fundamental to consider a significant BEE Star feature. It is a feature that shows your electricity consumption rating. If the BEE Star is higher, then the electricity consumption is lower. Both of these things are inversely proportional to each other. But helps you to come to the conclusion which fan is suitable.

11. Smart Blade Design

The blade inserted in the equipment known as the ceiling fan helps remove heating air from the surrounding. It is capable of cooling bodies in two ways: by evaporative cooling and by aiding connective cooling. However, if it is not accountable for providing a cooling effect, it may be responsible for the opposite reaction because its blades spin in the opposite direction.

12. Consume less power

Most people insert an air conditioner at their home. That is responsible for the heavy electricity bill. At the same time, BLDC ceiling fans do not consume much power. That means the pieces of equipment are pocket-friendly, and most people can go for such devices regularly. Looking at its multiple characteristics that are most effective and less powerful fascinate people to buy ceiling fans with unique perspectives.

13. No noise

There are discrete models of ceiling fans. Ordinary fans are more likely to create humming noises. On the other hand, BLDC fans generally do not originate noise. That means it runs silently and can be operated readily by people. Noises generated by other fans are very irritating and cannot resist at any cost. But if you substitute average fans with BLDC fans, they will provide a soothing effect and silent operation.

14. Remote control

The ceiling fans consisting of conventional induction motors do not have the option of remote control. Therefore, if an individual wants to change the speed, they have to go for using regulators. In contrast, most BLDC fans are used as efficiently operating fans with the help of remote-control features. Therefore, you can avoid using regulators at the time of using BLDC fans.

15. Motor design

After considering regular and BLDC fans, there is a vast difference in designing motors. The typical fan consists of a conventional induction motor. They are electromagnetic coils responsible for many heating losses, which provide untoward consequences for power efficiency. On the other hand, BLDC fans use a permanent magnet brushless direct current motor that consumes minimal power and has no heating losses.

BLDC Ceiling Fan Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why choose a BLDC ceiling fan over an ordinary fan?

Silent features, aesthetic appearance, an advantage in heating, silent speed make the BLDC ceiling fan one of the most powerful pieces of equipment as compared to the normal fan. It adds comfort to your daily life and runs smoothly.

Moreover, it reduces the power consumption by up to 65% and provides the full speed as per your requirement. Compared to a normal fan, it lasts three times longer hence more durable than most. These fans are known for giving better output performance. That’s why BLDC ceiling fans are getting popular these days among buyers.

  1. What is the accurate wattage of the BLDC ceiling fan?

The old non-star rated BLDC ceiling fan is nearby 75 Watts while the super-efficient BLDC ceiling fan is around 28 Watts. If you also replace the super-efficient fan with your old fan, then there will be a lot of savings in the consumption of electricity, saving up to 63%. Some of the BEE star five rate ceiling fans offered by different brands also consume around 50 Watts of power.

  1. Why BLDC ceiling fan’s motor is energy efficient?

The ceiling fan with the BLDC motor is compact, easy to control and efficient as compared with the induction motor. This particular type of motor has the opposite speed capabilities whereas it is nonlinear for an induction motor. Depending on the size of the fan, the power of a BLDC motor for a given output power may vary. A ceiling fan with a BLDC motor can save up to Rs 1000 to 1500 per year/per fan as their life is also expected to be much higher than an ordinary fan.

  1. What are the best BLDC Ceiling Fans in India?

By the way, there are many brands whose ceiling fans are the best, some of which are given below:

  • Crompton BLDC Ceiling Fan
  • Crompton Energion E-Save Ceiling Fan
  • Orient 120mm Ceiling Fan
  • Atomberg Energy Saving Ceiling Fan
  • Havells Efficiencia Neo Ceiling Fan
  • Luminous Ceiling Fan
  • Crompton Opal White Ceiling Fan with Remote
  • Atomberg Ozeo Ceiling Fan
  1. What is the cost of BLDC ceiling fans in India?

Depending on the brand and number of features, the price of a BLDC ceiling fan can vary. Usually, the price of a ceiling fan starts from Rs 3000 which ranges from Rs 4000 to 5000. These fans are neither more expensive nor more economical.


Needless to mention, a good BLDC ceiling fan can offer a ton of benefits that you can’t expect from a regular ceiling fan. All the mentioned BLDC ceiling fans in the list are well-known for their excellent build quality, great value to the money and popularity factor. You can easily figure out the right ceiling fan by understanding that where you want to install the BLDC ceiling fan and what’s your exact need is. We hope that you have an excellent time during the purchase of your next ceiling fan.