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The Best Orient Pedestal Fans in India 2023 [Top Models Analysis]

Pedestal fans have become a necessity for Indian households as a single ceiling fan cannot help tolerate high temperatures in these summers. The lightweight, classy design makes these fans portable as well as appealing for modern decors.

Apart from being an effective cooling solution, it can also help in saving a lot of bucks that have been spent on hefty electricity bills for a long. Unlike a ceiling fan that requires wall mounting, a pedestal fan can be placed anywhere where the user requires it.

India houses an array of brands for manufacturing & supplying electrical appliances. Orient is one of the leading Indian multinational electrical manufacturers that manufacture lighting, home appliances, fans, and switchgear. A Delhi based brand is renowned for being offered plenty of pedestal fan that is perfect blends of innovation and advanced technology. Since designed for use in hotels, homes and restaurants, pedestal fans are extremely ideal to be used anywhere regularly.

 These fans have become a convenient and eco-friendly option due to their multiple speed settings and power-saving features. The updated and modernized version of the Orient Pedestal fans features aerodynamic technology that delivers cool, fresh air to every setting.

The Orient brand assures you a lot to offer to stay on top of your cooling experience this summer.

Best Selling Orient Pedestal Fans in India

Orient Pedestal fans are highly reliable and easy to choose from. Below are three of the best-selling models that you can prefer during your purchase time. Let’s have a look –

1. Orient Electric Stand-82 400mm Pedestal Fan

Orient Electric Stand-82 400mm Pedestal Fan

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A pedestal fan that offers versatility, great durability and eye-catchy design is surely the primary focus during the purchase time. With the Orient Electric Stand-82 400mm Pedestal Fan, you can expect the same functionality. This is a beautiful looking pedestal fan with all the functionality inside.

You are getting a 400mm blade that rotates at 1300 RPM to provide an excellent flow of air inside the room. You are getting three different speed control modes that ensure credible usability, telescoping height arrangement to set the desired height and ease of use with a steady stand.

This fan doesn’t move even if it is working at higher speeds and you can expect ease of use with the same. This fan provides oscillation mode up to 90˚ that ensures the clean flow of air in a wide direction. Overall, it is an excellent fan that you can choose.

Pros –

  • Aerodynamically designed blades to ensure excellent airflow even at lower RPM.
  • Control with three switch options to get a desired flow of air.
  • Oscillation in a pedestal fan is a much-needed feature to offer excellent usability.
  • Highly versatile design with a lightweight frame to carry this fan anywhere in the house.

Cons –

  • No cons found.

2. Orient Electric WindPro Stand Pedestal Fan

Orient Electric WindPro Stand Pedestal Fan

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Once again, a 400mm blade sized pedestal fan is making it into the list with its amazing functionality of excellent airflow from Orient. With the purchase of an Orient Electric WindPro Stand pedestal fan, you are getting four key benefits – a highly efficient motor, excellent airflow, lightweight design, and a premium colour scheme.

The fan motor is based on concentric winding technology which reduces noise and heat while working at high speed. You can expect a smooth operation from the motor with negligible noise from the smartly design aerodynamical fan blades. Overall, this fan also offers the best in class usability.

The third key functionality of this fan is 95cmm air delivery with the smart blades and a low power motor. Yes, the motor is low powered than other products but it can offer higher performance. The credit goes to the well-designed five fan blades. The manufacturer is also backing this product with a long-term warranty to ensure a safe purchase.

Pros –

  • 95cmm air delivery at low power consumption will save money on electricity bills.
  • The telescoping arrangement helps with height adjustment with ease and ensures the best use.
  • Versatile usability with excellent portability, height adjustment and beautiful looking design.
  • The manufacturer is offering 2 years of warranty from the date of purchase.

Cons –

  • This fan works on a low power motor, but it can go up to 85 watts for peak performance. So, you won’t be able to know when the fan is consuming higher electricity.

3. Orient Electric Stand-37 Trendz Pedestal Fan

Orient Electric Stand

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The next product on our list is the Orient Electric Stand-37 Trendz pedestal fan. This fan has three wide blades for intense air delivery to ensure a comfy use. You are getting 9˚ oscillation with this fan, which might seem low but when you are using it, this fan can blow air in a wide direction.

The fan blades are aerodynamically designed and they are made of lightweight material to keep flowing air adequately. You can expect this fan to work perfectly in all case scenarios like in functions, living room, bedroom and so on. Even, you can find that the Orient Electric Stand-37 Trendz pedestal fan is preferred by many hotels.

There is a telescoping height arrangement that provides versatility as per your sitting zone and this fan will offer excellent airflow even at a lower rotation speed. You can choose between three different speed settings and expect it to offer the highest performance. Overall, everything seems positive about this product and most reviews are also in favour.

Pros –

  • The fan blades are aerodynamically designed to make less noise while offering better airflow.
  • The telescoping arrangement ensures a versatile use for a wide range of use case scenarios.
  • Lightweight fan with excellent portability for ease of use and easier storage functionality.
  • 9˚ oscillation is good enough to flow air in a wide direction while keeping the centre zone full of adequate air delivery.
  • Orient is offering two years of warranty on the motor so that you get the best durability possible.

Cons –

  • Slightly expensive if you consider the other option in a similar price range.

Why Choose Orient Pedestal Fan?

Orient, being a credible electric fan manufacturer in India, is spoiling its customers with all the impressive features for an affordable price. No doubt that a new design, excellent colour scheme and reliable functionality are everything a customer looks after. With the Orient pedestal fan, customers can save money and get the best-in-class usability. Here are five major reasons to choose Orient Pedestal Fans –

  • Classy Design

A brand might have enough money to enhance the exposure and gain credibility with customers, but they can’t fake anything related to the design section. Among all the credible brands, Orient is offering new and classy designs to attract customers. There are better colour scheme, matte finish with corrosion resistant coating and easy to clean design. All these things combined offer the best appearance and functionality. 

  • Impressive Functionality with Low Noise

Functionality is a core part of buying a product. Most people might not know this thing that brands try to impress the customer with looks to hide the flaw in the functionality of their product. But, Orient is choosing a clean approach of mentioning all the functionality numbers and keeping the transparency with customers. You can find that Orient fans are perfect in terms of functionality.

  • Excellent Reliability With Prolong Durability

The durability of an electric product is limited. It can be up to 5 years or as max as 10 years with excellent maintenance. Orient Pedestal fans nail this category with their excellent reliability factor. You are getting prolonged durability due to all the copper motor and corrosion resistant frame. You are less likely to face an electrical issue, and even if you find any problem, the after-sale services can save you from such a situation with the warranty.

  • Long Term Warranty

Two years of warranty might not seem like a long term, but if you consider the price and quality of a product, you can find it good enough to ensure a safe purchase. Most other brands that claim to be better than Orient try to save their cost by offering no warranty or a short period warranty. You won’t have to worry about these issues with two years of warranty that you can extend at the same time.

  • Credibility and Other’s Feedback

The credibility of Orient Pedestal Fans is top-notch in the Indian market and you can check reviews at the same time. Most people find that Orient fans are perfect for home use, and they haven’t found any flaws with the functionality, durability or design factor.

Bottom Line

Orient is a popular electronic brand in India, and this brand is credible among customers for a wide number of reasons. When it comes to the purchase of a reliable table fan, pedestal fan or a ceiling fan, you can go with Orient without a doubt. We have mentioned all the key features while keeping the transparency with you. If you choose to buy any mentioned product from our list, we are going to elate. Make sure to comment with us on your views regarding the curated list.


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