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The Best Industrial Exhaust Fans In India

Employee safety and well-being are of utmost importance in industrial settings. Several considerations must be taken into account to achieve this goal, including the preservation of air quality in confined areas that are frequently exposed to high temperatures, humidity, exhaust fumes, and airborne chemicals. Fans and blowers are essential in these situations because they remove stale air and bring in fresh clean air.

This is why various sellers offer a broad selection of industrial fans as well as blowers with a variety of options for flow direction, speed, & volume capacity to meet the requirements of a wide range of clients and applications.

In addition to centrifugal and axial fans, the products are used in a wide range of industries and applications, from biotechnology to education to food and beverage to manufacturing.

The warm and humid air is replaced with fresh air by exhaust fans. Fresh air enters through a vent or even a door after being sucked out of a small area by exhaust fans.

Types of Industrial Exhaust Fans

Blowers and fans improve airflow and air quality in industrial ventilation systems. Even though their functions are very much alike, they operate according to slightly different rules.

To move air, fans use rotating blades that create low-pressure generalized circulation. When it comes to propelling air at high speeds, blowers rely on wheels.

They are available in two types

→ Centrifugal fans

Using blades that rotate at high speeds, centrifugal fans increase airflow velocity and pressure. At a 90-degree angle, the air leaving the fan travels. Aside from their higher pressure capacity, they are often used in harsh and corrosive environments because of their high level of chemicals, dirt, humidity, as well as other contaminants.

Centrifugal fans could be designed with forward-curved and backward-curved blades. Smaller air volumes can be moved by forward-curved blades with less sound, while larger air volumes can be moved by backward-curved blades with greater efficiency.

→ Axial fans

However, unlike centrifugal fans, the intake & discharge of axial fans are done in a straight line. They are perfect for shifting large amounts of low-pressure, clean air into and out of space frequently.

Exhaust & ventilation systems for storage facilities, paint booths, heaters, and sewage pump stations are common examples of these systems’ applications.

Best Selling Industrial Exhaust Fans in India

Here is the list of best 5 industrial exhaust fans in India, with their detailed review, pros and cons

1. USHA Aeroclean 300MM

USHA Aeroclean Exhuast Fan

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These exhaust fan blades are coated with lacquer, which reduces the amount of dust they collect and makes cleaning them a cinch.

The blades of these exhaust fans are coated with a special lacquer that makes cleaning them a breeze because no oily pollutants stick to the surface of the blade.

Instead of using chemicals and vigorous scrubbing to clean ordinary exhaust fans, Usha Aeroclean Exhaust Fans only require a damp cloth.

By not being as easily scratched or stained by cleaning solutions, these fans can be kept cleaner longer because of their resistance to oil, dust, and moisture.

The powerful suction is provided by the blades’ aerodynamic design. The blades scatter the odors and remove excess moisture from the room with ease.

The blades of these exhaust fans are impervious to oil and dust buildup. They’ll make it simple to keep your kitchen clean and hygienic.

Seamless and effective performance is ensured by a 100 percent copper motor that provides long-term freshness.


  • 100% copper motor
  • Stain and scratch-resistant
  • Dust resistant blades
  • Easy to maintain and clean


  • Poor suction power

2. Havells Ventil Air 300 MM

HavellsVentil air DB 300mm Exhaust Fan

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Havells is a well-known and respected brand in India that has been serving its customers for a long time. Their products are always of the highest quality, and they have never disappointed their customers. Their products are made with the most up-to-date technology.

In the Indian market, the Havells Ventilair Exhaust Fan is an awesome choice. With its incredible features, it is capable of performing at a high level.

In today’s urban world, fresh air is by far the most important thing you can do for your health. Ventilation is critical if you want to stay healthy and have clean air to breathe at all times.

 As a result of this powerful exhaust fan, you can relax knowing that odor and other harmful factors in the air are effectively removed.

This exhaust fan’s blades are aerodynamically shaped, allowing it to remove stale air with greater efficiency. With its sturdy design, this fan requires little upkeep after installation. To keep the exhaust fan rust-free, the fan’s body and blades are coated in powder-coating.

Your home will smell great, be healthier, and you’ll sleep better at night with this exhaust fan installed.

This exhaust fan’s blade and body are made of metal. This improves the fan’s durability and extends its lifespan by several years. It’s also powder-coated, which protects the exhaust fan from rust.

Metal spokes make up the fan’s bird guard. The bird guard restricts birds from trying to fly into the fan, causing a mess as well as jamming the exhaust fan’s blades.

Rotational friction is greatly reduced thanks to the exhaust fan’s motor having two ball bearings. As a result, the fan’s blades rotate more smoothly, resulting in less air buffeting.


  • Sturdy metal construction
  • Double ball bearings
  • Has a bird guard
  • High-speed rate
  • Aerodynamically design
  • Great air-flow rate


  • Poor design

3. Bajaj Bahar 300mm

Bajaj bahar 225mm exhaust fan

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This fan has a sturdy metal body that extends its life expectancy. Applying the powder coat finish protects it from corrosion and gives it a finished look.

Air is shifted by exhaust fans, and this one does an excellent job of it thanks to its delivery rate of around 600 CMH.

An airflow rate of 1400 RPM is possible with this fan, thanks to its large 225 mm sweep.

High-end performance, as well as the speed, can be yours for just 42W thanks to Bahar’s 42W power consumption. With its rust-proof metal body, the Bajaj exhaust fan not only lasts for a long period but also provides an uninterrupted performance.

It is simple to attach these fans to a glass surface. These are also designed to be light to accomplish this goal.


  • Easy to mount
  • Rustproof body
  • Low energy consumption
  • High speed
  • High air delivery
  • Strong metal body


  • Makes noise while running

4. Anchor by Panasonic 300 mm Exhaust Fan

Anchor by Panasonic Exhaust Fan

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Keeping your home more comfortable all year round while saving money on cooling costs may be just what you’re looking for. If this is the case, then you’ve come to the right place! To keep the living area cooler and much more comfortable all year round, the Anchor by Panasonic is built with the best materials, craftsmanship, and engineering in the industry.

Attic, garage, shed, as well as more spaces in your house can all benefit from this cooling and ventilation system.

This fan is used for exhaust as well as supply ventilation that needs high-pressure airflow with a low level of noise. The ventilation fans are ideal for air ventilation systems in bathrooms and kitchens, as well as for ventilation in the bedroom, living room, garage, office, tool room, and more.

Using an exhaust fan ensures that mold; bad odours, contaminants, and other pollutants are kept out of the room. Using Anchor fans to eliminate foul odors is a snap.


  • It is a durable fan that spins at 1300 RPM
  • Exhaust fans use X-flow technology to produce more airflow.
  • The exhaust fan’s motor features two ball bearings, allowing it to operate at a lower noise level than other exhaust fans.
  • A bird guard is included with the product to keep the fan safe when it is running.
  • Corrosion resistance is built into the Anchor by a Panasonic air exhaust fan. Seven tan-processed powders coat the fan.


  • Bit heavy in weight

5. Crompton Greaves 450mm Exhaust Fan

Crompton Greaves 450mm Exhaust Fan

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Crompton is a venerable company with a long history of innovative products. Crompton Greaves 450 mm exhaust fan is one of their offerings. You won’t regret purchasing this product.

 Elegant aesthetics and top-notch functionality go hand in hand. A motor that is rated for water immersion for commercial use, Crompton has developed heavy-duty wall ventilators. Die-cast aluminum rotor hung on two ball bearings in a completely enclosed heavy-duty motor.

Heavy-duty Exhd series industrial exhaust fan for a variety of applications. It is an enclosed, high-efficiency big heavy motor with compression die-cast aluminum on two ball bearings. Aerodynamic contours allow for the most airflow with the least amount of power.

 It has a rubber-mounted rigid frame for quiet operation. It has an epoxy powder protective layer with particularly pretreated components for greater corrosion as well as acid alkali fumes resistance.


  • It prevents the exhaust fan from corroding by averting all corrosive elements.
  • It aids in a powerful airflow, allowing fresh air to enter your room quickly.
  • The customer service provided by this company is excellent.
  • There’s a built-in safety grill on this model.
  • It makes no sound at all.


  • The ventilation fins on the backside are of low-grade quality and do not open all the way when the fan is on.
  • The construction appears to be of poor quality.

How To Choose The Industrial Exhaust Fan?

As soon as you’ve decided whether an axial or centrifugal fan is the perfect suited for your facility, there are several other important considerations to keep in mind. Among the many examples that could be cited are:

1. Belt drive Vs. Direct drive

A direct-drive fan is noisier than one that uses a belt or pulley system. Belt-driven fans, on the other hand, are more efficient and require less maintenance than direct drive models. Belt-driven motors are almost universally used in high-temperature fans operating above 120 degrees Fahrenheit.

2. Fan location

For example, wall, roof, and air duct fans all have unique designs and models that are tailored to their specific locations. Functioning components are the same regardless of the location. You can choose the best location by analyzing the structure of your building and determining how well the air should flow.

3. CFM or cubic feet per minute

When a fan is running at full power, the amount of air moving through the room is measured in cubic feet per minute (CFM). To effectively cool and ventilate a room, the CFM should be increased. According to local building codes, CFM ranges are typically specified.

4. Static pressure

As the name suggests, static pressure refers to the amount of force a fan must exert to move the air in a particular direction against a fixed amount of resistance. No air will move unless the force pushing or pulling it is greater than the force resisting it.

5. Noise level

It is possible to gauge the volume of noise produced by a ceiling fan using both decibels & sones as units. A product’s noise level is determined by its Sone rating. The sound level of a sone is about 40 decibels louder than that of a typical volume. As an example, two sones inside a personal home to between 25- 50 sones in a production plant can be considered appropriate.

6. Air quality

There must be a certain amount of air movement for your exhaust fan to work properly. So figure out the amount of airflow your kitchen and bathroom exhaust fan needs, and then look for a fan that can support that amount of airflow.

7. Cleaning

Buying an industrial exhaust fan that is easy to clean is the best option. Even though many exhaust fans on the market do an excellent job, they are notoriously difficult to maintain. Make sure the exhaust fan you choose can be cleaned easily, as well as efficiently.

8. Warranty

To get a replacement for your exhaust fan if it breaks, you should look for a manufacturer’s warranty of at least 1-2 years on the product.


Industrial exhaust fan is the best option to go for, according to the experts. With a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty, a robust design, a backdraft shutter, bearings, an HP motor, and a reasonable price, the affordable exhaust fan can be an excellent choice. You can get your hands on the best exhaust fan based on the features it has to offer.


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