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Crompton Storm Pedestal Fan Review: Features, Pros and Cons

Crompton Storm 450 mm High Speed Pedestal Fan 1400RPM

Crompton is an Indian manufacturer which was earlier known as Crompton Greaves. The company is headquartered in Mumbai, and it manufacture equipment like fans, LED lights, water heaters, coolers, kitchen appliances and fans. While looking for a good brand pedestal fan, it is worth considering the options available from Crompton. Since the brand is known for its quality, you can be assured about the products. You can also check out the review of Crompton Storm please.

Crompton Storm Pedestal Fan

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Features of Crompton Storm Pedestal Fan Review

  • High Air Delivery – The size of the fan is 450 mm, and it has a good speed as well. You get a high air delivery and an excellent swing in such a case. This helps you get a good amount of air, especially during the hot summer days. This is because of the high peak velocity of the fan.
  • Chrome Plated Design – We always look at the design of the products that we are purchasing. The same is the case with a pedestal fan. You will notice that Crompton Storm comes with a chrome-plated cage design. The chrome plating makes the fan look very attractive, and you can even use it in the living room.
  • Tilt Design – The fan features a tilting design. So, even if you are sleeping on the floor, you can tilt the head of the fan and direct the air towards you with ease. The tilt feature also works with the oscillation function. Along with this, Crompton Storm also has a telescopic design that allows you to adjust the fan’s height.
  • Silent Operation – The fan has a good quality copper motor. The copper motor makes the fan very efficient. In addition, you will also notice that the fan has a heavy build quality which makes it run very smoothly. This, when coupled with aerodynamically designed blades, gives phenomenal results.


  • Pedestal fans require some basic level of assembly. If you are buying Crompton Storm, you can be assured that it is straightforward to install this fan. You won’t face any issues during the installation. It would usually not take more than 10 minutes to complete the assembly.
  • Crompton Storm also has a great design. It looks incredible, and the chrome plating makes it a perfect fan for the living room, bedroom, office, or kitchen. The Crompton also has a fantastic brand value, so you can be assured about the quality and service you will receive from the brand.
  • The fan comes with a speed regulation function that works flawlessly. You can adjust the speed, and even at the top speed, the fan would not make any noise or vibration. This helps you sleep peacefully.
  • The warranty policy is yet another essential aspect of the fan. In the case of Crompton Storm, you get a two-year warranty from the brand. You can claim the warranty by calling customer care. Apart from the breakage and wear & tear, everything else is covered in the warranty.


  • One thing that we would like to mention here is the price. Crompton Storm is slightly expensive. If you don’t mind spending a little extra on amazing quality, this should be the model you should buy.
  • The fan doesn’t come with thermal overload protection. This is a significant drawback as TOP is an important safety feature.

Final Verdict

If you are looking for quality while buying a pedestal fan and if you are not concerned about spending a little extra, then you can certainly go ahead with Crompton Storm. The fan is stable, efficient, and comes from a very reliable brand. The 450 mm design works great on a hot summer day. So, go ahead and check out this option for your home.


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