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ORIENT Electric Table-27 Table Fan Review: Features, Pros, and Cons

ORIENT Electric Table-27 400mm Table Fan

With years of expertise and marketing, Orient surely has the nerves of Indian buyers. The Orient Electric Table 27 series is not just a table fan. The extreme rotation speed of 400mm fan blades at 2000 RPM makes it a considerable option. But, the story just begins here.

This fan comes with aerodynamically designed resin blades that excellently flow air to provide better airflow. There are piano switch style buttons to choose between three different speed options and there is the bonus of oscillation. All of these features might seem less impressive, but when you get the best of all types in one place, then there is no trouble choosing such a product.

Here are all the specific things that make Orient Electric Table 27 table fan a better option over the other products –

ORIENT Electric Table-27 Table Fan

Features of ORIENT Electric Table Fan

  • High Speed

If high-speed is your priority, then the orient electric cable is a convenient option for you. It delivers high-speed air that is incomparable to another table fan. The high-speed fan runs at 2000 rpm, which is quite high. Also, it gives them 90° oscillations for the best schooling experience at the place.

  • Adjustable

This table fan has a tilt mechanism for working perfectly. The adjustable upward and downward mechanisms are great off the fan that users can adjust according to their requirements. Also, it’s straightforward to make adjustments since the button is available on the fan itself.

  • Excellent Blades

The introduction of the blades is superb. It is made aerodynamically designed is. The best feature is to maximize the air delivery. So, if you want to receive the maximum and consistent airflow, the blades of the fan will provide the users with the same.

  • Thermal Overload Protection

Many times India experienced massive power instantly. Due to this situation, the result is motor burns out. But, this table fan has a thermal overload protection system. This system is vital to protect the fan from such a situation getting fused. People can also reset in case of any problem.

  • Extra Protection

Many people consider this option of table fan since it ensures the extra protection of the parts. It is due to the coating of the fan being done with the powder with a polymer ring. This makes the table an excellent option for people to consider for regular use. Its working is great and a durable option.

  • Warranty

The warranty policy of this table fan is of two years. As per the standards, people can claim the warranty that provides them a relevant option to consider this fan. So that if there is any defect in manufacturing or the quality is low, people can go for the exchange in the fan.


  • Controlling the functions of fun is a breeze. It can be drawn through the button start is available on the fan.
  • It includes various components such as motor and neck assembly, blades, warranty card, and user manual.
  • The product can be used for an extended period because the material used for making the fan is poly propynyl ko polymer.
  • It includes the tilt mechanism for easy adjustment in the upward and downward directions of the airflow.
  • The outer area of the fan is coated with a polymer ring that provides additional protection to the fan.


  • The weight of the fan is 4 KG 230 g, which is heavy to handle or fit properly.
  • The quality is slightly less as it is expected.
  • It comes in distinct parts, so sometimes it becomes hard for people to assemble the parts properly.

Bottom Line

An orient table fan is an impressive option that gives great value for money, and assembling the parts is easy. To understand more about the features, consider the post given above. For more details contact orient fan customer care support.


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