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Bajaj Tempesta Tower Fan With Remote Review: Features, Pros and Cons

Bajaj Tempesta Remote Control Tower Fan

Bajaj has been a household brand in India. The electrical appliances from Bajaj are very reliable, and they are also affordable. When looking for branded products, most people prefer Bajaj since they know that the quality is reliable. Over the years, Bajaj has innovated, and it has entered the space for new products.

Tower fans in India are new-generation products that gained a lot of popularity. If you are looking for any such offering, you can try Bajaj Tempesta Tower Fan. To help you, we have documented this review of the Bajaj Tempesta Tower Fan, which will help you make your purchase decision.

Bajaj Tempesta Tower Fan

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Features of Bajaj Tempesta Tower Fan

  • Premium Looks – The first thing that you will notice about Bajaj Tempesta Tower Fan is that it looks incredible. The build quality is premium, and the design is impressive. You can use this tower fan in your living room, and we can tell you that your guests will be amazed by the look and finish of this tower fan. The wooden finish on the sides makes it look very premium.
  • Warranty Policy – Bajaj has been a pioneer in quality, and most of the products last longer than you would expect. In the case of the Bajaj Tempesta Tower Fan, you get a two-year warranty policy. If you ever encounter any issue during these two years, call the brand, and they will help you resolve the issue.
  • Adjustable Speed – The fan also has adjustable speed. While most tower fan comes with three speed settings, Bajaj Tempesta Tower Fan comes with four speed settings. So, you can adjust the speed according to the level of circulation you need. The fan is not only a great looking fan, but it is also a step ahead of its competition.
  • Temperature Display – Bajaj Tempesta Tower Fan also comes with a temperature display. This way, you can be aware of the surrounding temperature. It is a handy feature, and it helps you adjust the temperature of the air conditioner as well.
  • Touch Panel Control & Remote – Another nice feature of the Bajaj Tempesta Tower Fan is that it comes with multiple ways to control it. You get a remote control to control the fan from your seat, or you can use the integrated touch control on the fan. Both ways, it is easy to control. The fan also has an integrated timer that can turn off the fan after a pre-defined time.
  • Washable Filter – Bajaj Tempesta Tower Fan also has an air filter. This results in you getting cleaner air. Moreover, you won’t have to worry about replacing the air filter since you can directly wash it under the running water. You can do all these maintenance tasks yourself.


  • Bajaj Tempesta Tower Fan has a maximum speed of 1600 RPM, translating into 300 CHM Air delivery. In addition, the fan has a 70-degree oscillation for better airflow.
  • The design of this tower fan is very impressive, and you will fall in love with it at first sight.
  • Bajaj is known to be a reliable brand, and hence you can trust the quality.
  • There is no assembly required for this fan. You can unbox it and start using it.
  • The fan offers an evaporative cooling effect. This means that the fan will improve the effectiveness of air conditioning and reduce your energy bills.
  • It offers excellent value for money. There are many tower fans in this price range & Bajaj Tempesta is available at a similar price range but with more features.


  • This fan is Made in China, and this is something that we don’t like.
  • As per some of the users, this fan is slightly noisy.

Final Verdict

Bajaj Tempesta Tower Fan is a great product, and you can certainly try this fan. It looks terrific in your living room, and you won’t have to be embarrassed about the design. It is instead something that you can showcase to your guests. You can check out other details of the product, and it is certainly one of the best premium tower fans available for you.


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