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USHA Colossus Pedestal Fan Review: Features, Pros and Cons

Usha Colossus Rust Free Aluminium Blade 400mm Pedestal Fan

Pedestal fans have become a necessity in every Indian home as they are portable, offer ease of carrying around, have better air circulation, give you more control over the temperature, cut down on electricity bills, and keep the room cool. It balances the temperature of a room even in an extremely hot & humid climate. If you too are looking for a reliable pedestal fan in India, the USHA Colossus Pedestal fan would be an incredible option.

By choosing a USHA colossus pedestal fan, you can enjoy superior cooling with multiple speed settings. It is packed with numerous excellent features, such as three-speed settings, a powerful motor, a durable & sturdy body, etc. The purpose of the USHA Colossus Pedestal Fan is to make you feel cool during the scorching summer days and at night.

Its virtues do not end here; the stunning metallic colours enhance and complement the interior of your room. To more about the USHA Colossus Pedestal fan, read this blog from beginning to end. Here we have enlisted some great features, its pros and cons in depth.

USHA Colossus Pedestal Fan

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Key Features of USHA Colossus Pedestal Fan

  • Multiple Colour Options

Most pedestal fan blades come in a common colour, including white and black. Hence, users do not have the option to choose. But, the Usha Colossus pedestal fan has a colourful blade option, which includes red, blue and gold. These brilliant metallic colours accentuate and enhance the beauty of your room décor.

  • Robust Motor

The performance of a pedestal fan depends on how powerful the motor is. The pedestal fan by USHA has a copper motor that provides a powerful performance. Further, it delivers high air at a speed of 1320 RPM. Not only that, but it also reduces the hefty electricity bills because the motor only intakes 70 W of power.

  • Safety

This pedestal fan has been designed keeping in mind the power cut in India. Power cut or fluctuating power directly affects the performance of the fans. To ensure safety, the fan features a thermal overload protector fuse. The fuse acts as a protective shield and prevents damage to the fan by sudden voltage fluctuations.

  • Three Speed Settings

The Usha Colossus Pedestal fan comes with three-speed settings that allow users to adjust the wind speed as per their needs. The biggest advantage of speed settings is that it caters to the wind needs of each member of the same family.

  • Superior Cooling

Since it is equipped with aluminium blades, this fan provides 30% more air delivery than a regular pedestal fan at a speed of 1320 rpm for effective cooling.

  • Premium Quality Blades

Another notable feature of the USHA Colossus pedestal fan is its high-quality blades which are made of aluminium, making the fan ergonomic and durable. The blades are specially designed for effective cooling in high humidity coastal areas like India. The best part is these blades are free from corrosion and rust, resulting in effortless cleaning.


  • Buyers have a choice to choose favourite colour blades that complement their room décor.
  • The robust motor of the fan provides powerful airflow all day long.
  • Because it features three-speed settings, users can adjust fan speed according to their requirements.
  • The plastic body makes the fan ergonomic and sturdy.
  • It has a wider base to ensure greater stability.
  • Aluminium blades improve performance and ensure longer life of the fan.


  • Noise may increase at speed setting 3 which is annoying.
  • The fan has a long cable which can cause a sudden drop.


All the above-mentioned features and pros are given after checking customer reviews and product information.


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