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iBELL CLASSY P16 Pedestal Fan Review: Features, Pros, and Cons

iBELL CLASSY P16 SB Pedestal Fan 5 Leaf with Remote

To soar the unbearable temperature of summers is challenging without the ideal option of fans. The ceiling fans are standard, but the pedestal fans in the market have unique criteria to use at home.

The pedestal fans ensure the airflow across the entire room and provide people with a cooling experience. This makes it easy for users to get a cool experience and ventilate the home.

The iBELL classy P16 pedestal fan is a perfect option for users that includes a powerful motor to ensure consistent airflow in the space. Furthermore, the features of the fans can be controlled easily by the remote, and it becomes the ideal option for people in the home in the pedestal fan.

The fan superb’s design is done that suits Indian weather conditions properly. To understand more about the iBELL classy P16 pedestal fan, read the post given below.


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Features of iBELL CLASSY P16 Pedestal fan

  • Warranty

As per the standards, the IBELL classy P16 pedestal fan offered a one-year standard warranty that gives peace of mind to users for using the fans adequately. Also, if a person goes for one year of additional free registration, there will be benefits with other factors.

  • Easy Adjustments

There are several features on the classy P16 pedestal fan that are adjustable according to the convenience of people. For example, it includes three-speed controls for easy adjustment in the airflow. The timer and whisper-quiet operation are also there for sound sleeping and the self-lubricating motor.

  • High Quality

The material used for making the fan is plastic, that is ABS. It gives long life to the fans. Moreover, it has a high-quality five-leaf and silent pedestal fan that delivers the amazing year floor. Consistent air delivery gives the best sleep.

  • Remote Control

The fan is ideal to use due to the remote control features. The people need not handle the stuff by compromising their sleep and comfort. Moreover, the remote can handle most of the features of the pedestal fans, such as the operating voltage, power, and more.

  • Helps to Bear in Summer

The summer temperatures are challenging forbearing. The temperature rises rapidly, and it becomes complex for people to be without the perfect fan option. The iBELL fan produces uniform oscillation at all the speeds that become easy for people to soar in the summer temperatures.

  • Powerful Motor

The perspective of iBELL classy P16 pedestal fan is to ventilate is the entire house and make it cool. This motive is completed due to the powerful motor that is the portable option. This feature conveniently moves the portable fan around and delivers consistent airflow. Furthermore, this option is to table for any room to make it cool.


  • The fan includes three options to control the speed. People can select a convenient one for them.
  • The motor is made of great power that is self-lubricating. It results in the whisper-quiet operation of the fan.
  • The functioning of the fans can be controlled by the remote control that becomes elementary for people to use.
  • The leaves of the fans are 5 in number, and all of them are made of high-quality to give them the best hair delivery.
  • The speed of the fan is fascinating. It works on the power 55 W and operates on voltage 230 V.


  • The weight of the fan is 66 kg. That makes the fan quite heavy.
  • The assembling of a fan needs to be done by a person, but it hardly takes five minutes to assemble the entire part.
  • The quality of the blade is slightly less as it is expected.

Final Verdict

The aforementioned is all about iBELL classy P16 pedestal fan. These features make you confident about the pedestal fan whose quality is incredible. So, if you are looking for a reliable option for the pedestal fan, this model is the best to buy that is attractive in features.


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