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The Best Ceiling Fan With Light In India

A ceiling fan with lights is an absolute must-have for any household. We want to update and construct our living spaces with attractive things to keep up with the fast-paced growth of the globe. We spend a lot of money on fancy furniture, televisions, and refrigerators to create our home look nice.

Top Ceiling Fans with the Lights in India are among the latest and functional modern ceiling fan that not only enhance the aesthetics of your home but also provide you with a comfortable living environment as well. You may also look at the top ceiling fans featuring LED lighting, which can help you save money on electricity while also keeping your home cool. Consequently, this is the item that you must purchase for the bedroom or dining area.

Why You Should Have Ceiling Fan With Light?

There are various reasons which state why one should buy a ceiling fan with lights in India. 

  • Best Ceiling fans with lighting in India are available in a variety of designs, models, and brands, and you may choose from a variety of options.
  • If you want something more sophisticated than the standard fan that is widely available, you may consider purchasing the finest ceiling fans with lighting and control. 
  • This product has the significant advantage that when you do not want to turn on the room light or bulb light, which consumes 55 Watts of electricity; you can use a fan to enjoy the light, which saves both electricity and money.
  • You may also choose Leading ceiling fans with lighting kits that, when placed in the center of the room, provide extensive coverage everywhere in the room. 
  • In this unique and modern world, one can also adorn your house with the assistance of fans with Led in India, which are available at affordable prices.
  • You can get ceiling fans that include lights, but you must conserve energy by not using the lights and tube lights when not in use.
  • But if you’re an interior designer, this is the ideal product for the decoration of any home that you can find on the market.
  • Ceiling fans featuring LED lights not only save electricity but also save money.
  • By purchasing ceiling fans integrated with LED lights, you may enhance the aesthetics of your bedroom, dining area, or living room space.
  • This product’s versatility is demonstrated by the fact that it is suitable for both indoor & outdoor use.
  • You can buy selected ceiling fans with bulbs in a range of colors and patterns. 

Best Selling Ceiling Fan with lights Online in India

Here is the list of best ceiling fan with light option in India:

1. Crompton Uranus 48 inch

Crompton Uranus 48 inch

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The Crompton Uranus fan strikes a mix between functionality and elegance. Using an attractive metallic shade and finely made lampshades, the fundamental design is elevated to a new level of sophistication and elegance. The four-blade design of Uranus guarantees that the most amount of air is delivered.

Uranus is another masterpiece that enhances the quality feel of a space while also keeping it cooler in summer.


Product description: Crompton’s luxury underlight fan, featuring ornate lampshades and a gold finish design.

Specifications in terms of technology: 1200 mm sweep, 72 W power usage, 320 RPM rotational speed, 200 CMM air delivery

Design for royal decor: Decorative lampshades & Magnificent Carvings enhance the appearance of the space, creating a royal atmosphere.

Convenience: Includes a simple pull cord for controlling the speed and brightness of the lights.

Quality Elements: 100% copper engine, dual ball joints, dynamically balanced blades, and an anti-rust body are among the features.

The sweep of this Crompton Uranus 48-inch Ceiling Fan is 1200mm, making it the best ceiling fan with lighting kits available. The speed of the device is 350 RPM, which is substantially lower than other products in its class. If you want to relish your cooking while remaining comfortable, this device will help you to achieve that comfort level in your kitchen. This is because it has a minimum air delivery of 210 CMM.

You should consider purchasing this product if you are looking for mini ceiling fans with lamps for the kitchen and bathroom, as well as for any other small spaces. It uses 70 MW of energy and sweeps 1200 square feet with a gorgeous copper hue that enhances the aesthetics of your home.

Intricately carved with a metallic tinge, this piece flawlessly combines the old-world elegance of the past with contemporary patterns. And its, royal lighting will add to the overall elegance of your room.


  • Sweep with a gorgeous copper hue at 1200mm
  • The 210CMM minimum air delivery rate is ideal for tiny spaces.
  • Its speed is 350 revolutions per minute.
  • Use 70 watts of electricity, which helps you save money on electricity.
  • 2 years warranty


  • It is not recommended for huge rooms or areas.

2. Usha Fontana Ceiling Fan with Lights

Usha Fontana Ceiling Fan with Lights

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Usha is a very well-known brand in India, and we have grown up seeing the numerous types of electrical & home appliances made by this company, such as fans, cookers, sewing machines, and so on, since our youth. This company is well-known for its performance and durability, and it has built its name over years via millions of satisfied clients who have benefited from its commitment to excellence.

As part of this modernization, this company is also producing a selection of ceiling fans that include innovative features. You may put your trust in this brand because it manufactures the finest ceiling fans for a house on the market.


  • Stylish electroplated motor with a detachable underlight in high gloss finish.
  • Blades with wide tips for maximum air delivery & air spread
  • Light & speed controls are connected by separate chain connections.
  • The speed regulation is accomplished through the use of a three-speed pull cord.
  • Warranty is valid for one year on the product.

With a beautiful high gloss electroplated motor and replaceable under-lighting, the Usha Fontana Fan can be used for the living room. It is one of the finest ceiling fans with lighting for the bedroom and comes with remote control.

In addition, this fan comes with lights and 5 blades, with the blades being wide tip blades for maximum air delivery & air spread in a small space. So, if you’re looking for the greatest high-speed ceiling fan with lights, you may put your faith in this product without hesitation.

The best aspect of this device is that it has two different chain connections for controlling the lights and the pace. Furthermore, this fan is equipped with a three-speed pull cord mechanism for speed adjustment, which distinguishes it as one of the most sophisticated ceiling fans with lighting in India.

The energy consumption is 70 watts, and the working voltage is 230 volts; as a result of this feature, ceiling fans featuring lights consume less electricity than other ceiling fans. The best beautiful antique brass lighting available in India is also this model.


  • Models with three or four blades are also available.
  • Fan with a high supply rate and low noise level
  • Three-speed pull chord with 1280mm swing in a gorgeous design with brass light


  • There is no inverter motor in this model.

3. Hans Lighting Ceiling Fan with Light 48-inches 

Hans Lighting Ceiling Fan with Light 48-inches 

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Although this brand is not as well-known in the Indian market as the Usha or Crompton brands, it is just as effective. However, this results in the most up-to-date and cutting-edge electrical items with outstanding characteristics. The greatest models and high quality of this brand’s ceiling fans with lighting help it to achieve a good position in a short period.


  • It is a four-blade ceiling fan in the color white.
  • Product of superior quality

For huge rooms, wedding venues, hotels, and other venues, the Hans Lighting Ceiling Fan is the best-rated fan with lights available. This is also available in a variety of various ranges and variants. As a result, you can select the fans with lighting in India that best suits your needs and preferences.

This is a ceiling fan with lamps and remote control for an outdoor setting! This item is best suited for medium- and large-sized rooms, since it has blades that are 48 inches in length and a top acceleration of 320 RPM. It is visually appealing because of the 5-blade shape, and it is also useful for interior designing. Aside from its appearance, the most notable aspect is its noiseless operation, which allows you to sleep peacefully.

You can purchase these top ceiling fans online, which come with three lovely lampshades that contribute to their overall appeal. When turning on or off the lights, the fan is equipped with independent controls for adjusting the brightness and speed of the machine.


  • Even though it is composed of 5-blades, the weight is not excessive.
  • The motor is completely silent, allowing you to sleep peacefully.
  • Design that is both attractive and functional, with excellent lamp shade characteristics
  • Additionally, it performs admirably in huge rooms.


  • It is difficult to find replacement bulbs for older models.

4. Polycab Superia Lite

Polycab Superia Lite

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The motor that is dependable and long-lasting Motor with an antique and stylish finish and removal under light A blade with an aerodynamic design that delivers a lot of air

High-grade glass-packed compounded ABS for toughness and longer life, a high-gloss premium finishing with PU paint, and a state-of-the-art design with three coats of metallic finish make this blade 100 percent rust-free.

Blades with an aerodynamic design for increased air delivery, and the strongest, most robust motor for longevity and durability

Shiny product finish, perfect airflow for quiet operation, the strongest motor design with longer life and low noise Operation with a three-speed pull cord for compliance with speed regulations Separate chain wires are used for controlling the lights and the fan speed.

The heavy-duty motor is completely enclosed and ruggedly constructed, ensuring good performance and delivering maximum output at the lowest possible operating cost.

Polycab Fans’ huge and broad fan blades provide the most air delivery & wide air throw possible, allowing you to cool every area of the room with the least amount of energy.

It makes use of sophisticated design to direct the maximum amount of air delivery downward. The asymmetrical alignment of the blades, combined with the wider blade width, results in improved air delivery as well.

Quality and production inspection has been standardized as a result of the implementation of well-defined controls. A well-trained team of auditors conducts frequent audits of every material from the point of entry to the point of exit, assuring consistent product quality at all times.


  • A 240-volt, 50-hertz power supply is required. Deliveries of air (cubic meters per minute): 210 CMM; speeds: 340
  • Simple to use pull cord controller that enables users to change the fan’s speed; it is available in three different speed settings.
  • The Polycab Superia SP02 is equipped with a modern LED under lighting that can be quickly and easily fitted and detached.
  • The highly specialized coating resists rusting and provides durable protection against corrosion and other environmental factors.
  • A motor that has been specially developed to generate minimal heat even after operating for several hours. The efficiency of the motor is considerably improved as a result of this.


  • It makes a lot of noise

5. Havells Octet ceiling fan

Havells Octet ceiling fan

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This Octet ceiling fan by Havells will add a touch of elegance to your space. This fan’s aesthetically pleasing appearance, combined with its powerful airflow, makes it an excellent choice for modern homes. Its one-of-a-kind visual appeal exudes an unrivaled sense of timelessness, which will undoubtedly garner you positive feedback from your guests.

Relax while using the remote control that comes with this fan to operate it from your reclining position. You can choose between four different speed settings depending on your requirements.


  • Includes a total of eight blades
  • 1320mm is the sweep distance.
  • The finish is made of wood.
  • 280 m3/min of air is delivered.

Havells has taken the aesthetic to a whole different level by designing the fan with a vintage flair to let you escape the everyday humdrum. When the blades are finished in a wooden finish, it has a timeless beauty that complements the decor of the room in which it is situated.

Take pleasure in the pleasant and refreshing breeze provided by this fan, which provides consistent and magnificent airflow. With the help of powerful motor and ergonomically shaped blades, you can ensure that air is circulated throughout your entire space.

This fan is equipped with a canopy that has been specially designed to assist you to disguise the unsightly electrical wires underneath. The canopy makes things simpler for you to install the fan just on ceilings with greater confidence.

This fan, which has eight blades that are each distinctively shaped, helps to circulate the air in all directions, keeping the room feeling fresh. Using aerodynamics, the blades are made to disperse air evenly across the whole length of the space.

As a bonus, this fan will enhance the appearance of your living space while also garnering you praise for your interior design choices. Its state-of-the-art appearance seamlessly merges in with the decoration of your room, giving it a refreshed appearance.


  • Ideal for use in contemporary interiors
  • Canopy in a fashionable design
  • Impressive air delivery
  • It comes with adjustable control.


  • Build & quality is not up to the mark

6. Halonix Hexa Ceiling Fan

Halonix Hexa Ceiling Fan

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It is one of India’s fastest-growing residential and industrial lighting companies, according to Halonix Technologies Pvt. Limited. The achievement of Halonix has been founded on the foundation of its unrivaled ability to develop, test, and implement lighting solutions that are relevant to and fit Indian circumstances and environments.

Considering the power quality & usage patterns in India, they designed our electronic circuits with these considerations in mind. The Halonix brand name has indeed been recognized in the market for more than 25 years, and as a result of our commitment to innovation, quality assurance, and value for money, this brand has become one of the top five lighting brands in India when it comes to energy-efficient lighting.


  • Efficiencies in energy use LED light with six different colors
  • A large amount of air is delivered.
  • Power input is 85W, speed is 350 RPM, and sweep is 1200 mm.
  • Its motor has a copper wire.
  • All-in-one remote control

The high air delivery capability of the Halonix Hexa Ceiling Fan increases your degree of comfort during the scorching summer days. After a long and exhausting day, you can relax and enjoy the cooling of the fan. The 6 LED color lights are exceptionally bright and offer your room a more sophisticated appearance than standard bulbs. It is composed of a high-quality copper wire motor that’s also constructed to boost the efficiency of the fan’s operation.

Additionally, you will receive a 2-year warranty, which means that you can completely rely on the goods.


  • It is constructed dependably.
  • Exceptionally fashionable
  • It can work at a fast pace while consuming very little power.
  • It is equipped with a remote control system.


  • There have been several complaints about improper deliveries.

How to choose a ceiling fan with light?

In India, a fan is a constant presence in almost every home. The weather in India is that ceiling fans are required to provide relief from the heat.

When you think about it, ceiling fans have a straightforward function to perform. They help to circulate the room air, which helps to relieve the heat & humidity that is present.

Ceiling fans are readily available on the market in a plethora of designs. Brands with a strong reputation, such as Usha, Polycab, and Crompton, enjoy a monopoly on the market.

The competition, on the other hand, is fierce. As a result, ceiling fan manufacturers must think outside the box and come up with innovative solutions to maintain their competitive advantage in the marketplace. Ceiling fans with lighting & remote control possibilities are an example of such an idea.

These considerations will be discussed in further detail in the simple buying guide, which will assist you in choosing the premium ceiling fan with lighting for your home.

It is not necessary to conduct an extensive study before purchasing a ceiling fan. Typically, you choose a brand and then purchase it through a merchant or distributor.

However, before deciding to purchase a fan with lighting, it is important to consider the following factors that every individual should consider.

⇒ 1. Budget

Ceiling fans are often available in a range of Rupees 1500 to Rs 3500 in price, depending on the model. Ceiling fans with lights, on the other hand, can be prohibitively expensive.

Some of the best ceiling fans with lighting are available for between Rs 4800 and Rs 8500, depending on the model. This is because, in comparison to regular ceiling fans, these fans come with extra features such as led bulbs, remote controlling units, and a stronger motor.

⇒ 2. Location

The location in which you intend to install the fan becomes increasingly important. Ceiling fans are typically installed indoors in areas such as lounge rooms, bedrooms, dining rooms, and other such areas.

Outdoor installation of these fans, such as in gardens or on outdoor patios, is also conceivable and is recommended. In such cases, a fan with such a Wet Certification that is capable of withstanding rain and other natural factors should be selected.

If you intend to install the fan in a patio that will not be directly exposed to the environment of nature, make certain that the fan has a Damp Rating.

⇒ 3. Size is vital

Ceiling fans are available in a variety of blade spans following 24 inches- 60 inches in length. The length of the blades is determined by the size of the space.

The length of the pole is also important, as it is determined by the elevation of the ceiling above it. You should be able to make sense of things after looking at this graphic.

⇒ 4. Lighting options

When it comes to ceiling fans with lights, there are a variety of solutions available. They are made of LEDs, fluorescent tubes, or halogen bulbs. The most effective solution is LED.

These lights, on the other hand, feature a distinctive holder configuration. Such lights are not widely available at most general merchandisers’ establishments. It is important to visit a department shop that specializes in such specialized bulbs.

⇒ 5. Motor for efficiency & airflow

The amount of air that flows through the ceiling fans is determined by the motor that is installed in them. When compared to enclosed spaces such as garages, outdoor areas do not necessitate extensive airflow distribution.

Because the rooms have windows, there is plenty of natural light and air movement. Brushless DC motors (BLDC) ceiling fan are currently available on the market. These motors are extremely energy efficient.

The greater the efficiency, the greater the amount of energy saved. DC motor fans have the potential to be up to 70% more efficient than ordinary models. Compared to standard fans, energy star-rated ceiling fans are 20 percent more efficient.

⇒ 6. Exterior finish

The fans should be in the same color family as the other furnishings in the space. As a result, it is preferable to use ceiling fans with a high-quality premium finish.

The nicest finishes are those made of brass. Aluminum blades and bodies are also advantageous because they are resistant to corrosion. Nowadays, we have dust-free finishes. Fan blades with this design do not enable dust to accumulate on them.

⇒ 7. Fan controls

It’s common in India for ceiling fans to be controlled by wall-mounted regulators. These are particularly well suited for families with children, particularly in multipurpose areas. Ceiling fans with lighting are equipped with a variety of additional control options.

⇒ 8. Remote Control 

The use of a remote control unit allows modifying the fan speeds and the brightness of the light arrangement much more convenient. It is also handy in areas with high ceilings; even as pull cord capability may be out of grasp for some people in these situations.

⇒ 9. Pull Cord

These fans are typically equipped with a pull cord attachment that includes several settings for altering the fan’s speed and light intensity. Such fans are particularly well suited for use in guest rooms & areas with low ceilings.


A ceiling fan promotes greater airflow, which results in greater cooling. Modern fans are also outfitted with cutting-edge technological features. If you want to cool down your home more effectively, ceiling fans are indeed a great option.

There are numerous varieties of fans available on the market, but there are a few considerations when choosing a fan for the bedroom that should be taken into consideration. Bedrooms are often lower in size when compared to entrance halls.

 Because bedrooms are primarily used for relaxing & sleeping, you’ll want a fan that can deliver adequate cooling with the least amount of effort on your part. A ceiling fan is therefore preferable to any other type of fan for use in a bedroom, according to the expert’s opinion.