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ACTIVA High Speed 600mm Deco Ceiling Fan Analysis: Features, Pros and Cons

A ceiling fan is one of the most effective devices by which you can keep the space of your house cool in the scorching heat while also keeping it warm enough in winter. Unlike air conditioners available in the market, ceiling fans are the most effective and budget-friendly solutions that can ensure that you get the best ventilation at all times and help you maintain optimum temperature.

But finding the best ceiling fan in India is difficult as there are a ton of different brands available with a ton of options, sizes, looks, colours and dimensions. One such brand that is known to offer one of the highly effective ceiling fans is Activa.

Most small ceiling fans in India usually have qualities like effective usability, simplicity, elegance, and best cost. The same qualities are easy to find in ACTIVA High Speed 600mm Deco ceiling fan. It is quite an eye-option with great design and features that can make you think a try. To know more about ACTIVA High Speed 600mm Deco ceiling fan, carefully read its features, pros & cons, review:

ACTIVA HIGH Speed Deco Ceiling Fan

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ACTIVA High Speed 600mm Deco Ceiling Fan Features:

  • Lightweight

The Activa 600mm Deco Ceiling Fan isn’t bulky and disgusting, making the fan lightweight and portable. Due to this feature, it fits easily in small apartments or office areas. On the other hand, regular fans occupy enough space which can be difficult if space is limited. However, this fan is very suitable for every home use.

  • Design and Style

Just like regular ceiling fans, small ceiling fans are offered in varieties of colours and designs. If you are much concerned about design and style, Activa 600mm Deco fan can be an ideal option for cooling and complimentary purpose. This fan is popular for its attractive mini design which looks stunning when mounted in any area. The brown colour with an attractive finish makes the fan ideal to complement the interior of any room.

  • Better air circulation

Another feature of the fan is its aerodynamically designed balanced blades and powerful motor that allows air circulation at different angles. The head is height-adjustable and operates at a maximum speed of 850 rpm, making the blades highly effective to provide a rapid flow of air throughout the room. The fan comes with superlative cooling abilities and its air quality is superior.

  • Powerful Performance

The aluminium motor in the fan enables the fan to run at high speed by consuming less power. No matter how small it is, it ensures rapid air delivery and cools the room quickly.

  • Easy to Clean

Well-built construction and small size make cleaning the fan hassle-free. Since it has smaller blades with a finish, you can also wipe it down with a damp cloth. The material is also free from corrosion and rust, enhancing the durability of the fan.

Pros of ACTIVA High Speed 600mm Deco Ceiling Fan:

  • The fan is easy to clean with a damp cloth due to the shiny paint finish on the blades.
  • The colour is common, that’s why it suits most colour locations and interiors.
  • It has a powerful motor that helps save electricity while working effectively. Also, it has a rotation speed of 850 RPM.
  • It comes with five numbers of speeds.
  • In the box, you’ll get a canopy set, blades set, motor, down rod, and shackle for easy installation.

Cons of ACTIVA High Speed 600mm Deco Ceiling Fan:

  • Electricity Consumption is a bit high but unnoticeable.
  • Features like remote control operation and LED aren’t available.


It is a brown looking ceiling fan that has a unique finish and compact size, making the fan lightweight, and ensuring smooth performance.


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