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The Best Usha Table Fans in India 2023 [Top Models Analysis]

A fan has become a basic necessity, and is a useful item to beat the scorching heat in summer, and relying only on ceiling fans is not a good idea. However, they are slightly better for those who cannot afford AC or are not able to pay the hefty electricity bills.

But, continuous use of ceiling fans can affect performance, so a table fan comes in handy, as they provide uniform speed at the desired speed, and consume less power at the same time. There are many brands available that make table fans within your budget.

One such brand is Usha, whose table fans are portable, compact and lightweight compared to others. These fans are usually equipped with advanced technology so that you can experience better and cooler air wherever and whenever you want.

Apart from being well operated, Usha table fans can be matched to your interiors as they are aesthetically appealing. Usha is one such brand offering a wide array of options to choose from which can be pocket-friendly, long-lasting and sturdy.

But, looking at the plentiful option may be difficult for you to decide what is best? Before finding a feature-rich table fan, you need to understand your basic needs, where you want to put it and what your maximum use is. To make your selection less daunting, we have come up top three best seller table fans by Usha in this article.

Best Selling Usha Table Fans in India

1. Usha Mist Air ICY 400mm Table Fan

Usha Mist Air Table Fan

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On this list, the first we have is Usha Mist Air ICY 400mm, which will let you experience cool breezy comfort. However, this table fan is equipped with aerodynamically balanced blades, which are capable of providing amazing comfort, high air distribution and superior performance.

We always look for a fan that doesn’t create annoying noises, and this fan ensures the fastest air delivery without any noise. Because those blades are durable and strong they are made from premium-quality polypropylene. These can also be cleaned with just a swipe off and are extremely easy to maintain without any additional maintenance cost.

With a range of beautiful colour options including, red, blue, and purple the elegant Usha Mist Air ICY perfectly suits every modern interior.  Another notable thing about this fan is that come up with an Auto Resettable Thermal Overload Protector, which is designed ideally to protect the motor in case of any voltage fluctuation and prevent the fan from overheating.

Sometimes, the situation can spiral out of control during a power overload, but don’t worry, the circuit breaks temporarily to keep the fan safe. When it comes to buying a stylish piece for modern homes, the design and the look of this fan are also very appealing. Simply put, this fan adds a unique style to your home decor.

Some other features of the fan-like finger proof safety grille will surprise you. This prevents your finger from getting stuck between the blades and covers the blade. Since it is equipped with a pure copper motor, the fan ensures power-packed performance and consumes minimal power even at high speeds. So, what are you waiting for? Go and get one for your home Use.


  • There are three colour options available to choose from.
  • It comes with three-speed settings.
  • It ensures better air delivery because of its aerodynamical blades.


  • Since it is a bit heavy, the fan can be a problem if you don’t want to keep it in one place.

2. Usha Duos Mist Air 400mm Table Fan

Usha Mist Air ICY 400mm Table Fan

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Usha Duos Mist Air 400mm Table Fan is another excellent option for people looking for affordable options. With 1280 rpm speed and 60 m3/min air delivery, you can operate it at their fastest speed. Being equipped with aerodynamically balanced blades, you will experience amazing comfort, superior performance and high air delivery by choosing this fan.

Another notable feature is its easy tilt and oscillation controls, making the fan stand out from the rest. With a pull or push knob on the motor and with a soft touch tilting mechanism, you can adjust the angle of the fan according to your airflow needs.

What you will love the most is its amazing design which will not only provide a great cooling experience but will also complement your modern décor. The motor fitted in it is made of 100% copper, which will not only last longer but will also ensure smooth and safe performance while consuming only 55 Watts at high speeds. By bringing this fan, you can save money spent on the bill of AC or ceiling fan.

Like the previous models mentioned in this list, this Usha fan also comes with a fuse, which prevents overheating and protects the motor from a short circuit. Furthermore, it also ensures noise-free operation and high-speed air delivery since its blades are made of PP material. Without worry, you can clean it with just one swipe, making the cleaning task hassle-free.


  • Like the previous model, Usha Duos Mist is also available in three exciting colour options: Red, Purple and Blue.
  • Easy oscillation control and tilting make the fan different from others mentioned on this list.


  • It may cause problems during assembling.

3. USHA Striker Hi-Speed 400mm Table Fan

USHA Striker

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Some people prefer evergreen colours like black and white instead of colourful blades. And, the Usha Stryker High Speed ​​400mm White Color Table Fan is a perfect fit for such people. The best part is, that this fan has been thoughtfully designed to give you a cool feeling, which makes the fan ideal for Indian weather conditions. Like the previous two models mentioned in this list, you can rest assured that your fan will not be damaged due to voltage fluctuations.

This high-speed fan has a powerful motor that ensures high-air distribution, maintains the room temperature, and prevents the room from overheating. Not only that, this table fan is lightweight, durable and strong, thus allowing you to move it from place to place according to your airflow needs.

Providing the fastest and coolest airflow is because of its blades which are ergonomic and durable too. In addition, they are coated with powder guards that make the blade shiny and easy to clean. The plastic frame stays away from rust and corrosion and therefore does not require much maintenance and care. Since it comes with three-speed settings, you can adjust the speed as per your needs whenever you want.


  • It is one of the elegant and stylish table fans on this list.
  • The sturdy frame extends the durability of a fan.
  • It ensures smooth and better airflow operation.


  • A bit costly.

Why Choose Usha Table Fans?

Summer has begun, and most of you are experiencing boiling temperatures. To make you feel cool and adjust the room temperature, the Usha brand has come up with a range of Table Fans. The brand brings you the perfect mix of innovation and elegance. Amidst the other brands, Usha brings with the appliance, which is made to suit every modern household.

Simply put, owning a table fan offered by Usha is an effective and convenient solution. These small-sized, portable fans are great for saving a lot of bucks that can be paid on electricity bills.

The options offered by Usha vary widely with aesthetic features and stylish designs. Once you explore the delicate designs and go through the many options, it’s hard to take your eyes off them quickly. Numerous benefits are choosing a table fan from a leading brand, like Usha. Some incredible and notable advantages are as follows:

  • Usha table fans ensure that you can experience a breeze of air. The direction of airflow can be adjustable by a single touch. You can either let it focus just on you or let the fan cool the entire room.
  • The bills of electricity don’t put a burden on your pocket, as Usha’s table fan is designed to consume minimal electricity when compared to a ceiling fan.
  • Like AC, the fan air does not become dry and cold after some time.
  • In terms of portability, a table fan gives you comfort, and hence, you can enjoy the cool breeze no matter where you sit.
  • The best part about these fans is that they are highly compatible with inverters, so you don’t have to worry about getting sweaty during a power cut.
  • Since table fans are equipped with powerful motors, these fans can cool you better, while the ceiling fan heats the room temperature.
  • Last and foremost, table fans from Usha are budget-friendly, and hence every buyer can choose the one according to their budget.
  • Modern table fans from Usha are even more durable and strong due to being anti-corrosion.

Final Words:

When it comes to buying a table fan for office or home use, you will find a wide variety of options under different prices, designs, sizes with three or four blades and materials by different brands. If you are still confused about how to choose the best table fan, then go through and see the top three options above.


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