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Top 10 Best Ceiling Fan Brands in India

It is always said that you should buy good branded products. The branded products are a lot more reliable than the locally made ones. The customer experience is the key to a reliable purchase; you tend to get better customer service when you buy from a reliable fan company. The same is true for the ceiling fans as well. You will come across the big brands in this space, and you will also come across the unbranded products or the ceiling fan from the not so known brands. There can be a massive difference in the quality, power efficiency and speed of the fans from the brands.

Each of the brand manufacturing ceiling fans has a lot of variety available with them. This way, you get a lot of options in terms of design, features and colours of the ceiling fan. We also receive a lot of queries from our readers checking about which is the best ceiling fan manufacturer in India. We don’t want to give an unfair advantage to anyone brand so, to help you in a better way, we have called out the top 10 best ceiling fan brands in India. These brands manufacture modern ceiling fans, and you will love their offerings.

So, without wasting any time, let us check out the top fan manufacturers available in India for you. You can go to their product catalogue, and you will indeed find something that you will love to have in your bedroom or the living room. So, here is the list.

Best Selling Ceiling Fan Brands in India

Top 10 Best Ceiling Fan Brands in India

Below are the top 10 most ceiling fan brands in India. You can go through the list now.

1. Havells

We all feel proud when we are buying the products made in India. If you also take pride in buying Made in India, then you should consider Havells ceiling fans. The brand has been in business since 1958, and the company produces a large variety of electrical appliances. The brand offers basic as well as designer fans. There is also a fan offered by Havells that has an air purifier integrated into it. The options available in colours is extensive, and it is mostly the maximum number that we have seen until now. Apart from this, you will find the fans with the integrated light kits. Lastly, you will find fans with 3, 4, 5 and 8 blades in terms of configurations. You should review the products from Havells at least once, and we are sure that you will be baffled by the number of offerings on the list.

2. Crompton

One of our favourite brands for ceiling fans in India is Crompton. The brand was earlier known as Crompton Greaves, but the Crompton was separated from Greaves after a split. The ceiling fans from Crompton are pretty impressive, and they are worth every rupee that you spend on them. While buying ceiling fans from Crompton, you will come across silent fans, under-light fans, designer fans, anti-dust fans, air 360 fans and energy efficient fans. There is also another series from Crompton termed Duratech Fans, and these ceiling fans come with a five-year warranty. The extensive product extension sets Crompton apart from the other brands. The ceiling fans manufactured by this brand are very innovative, and they give you the confidence of quality & durability. When looking for ceiling fans, you should also consider the available options from Crompton.

3. Luminous

The next brand on our list is Luminous, and this brand started with home electrical appliances. The first product launched by this brand was the inverter, and soon the brand began manufacturing switches and fans. The brand has a presence in 36 countries, and the brand is driven by innovation. At present, there are 132 offerings available from the brand. You can go ahead and consider the ceiling fans from Luminous. This includes the ceiling fans in decorative, designer, energy efficient, economy, high performance and premium under-light. The brand also has a signature collection that ranges from some of the most elegant designs you will come across. In general, the products from Luminous are affordable, and they also have excellent customer service. Check out the offerings to know more about them.


Usha is yet another popular name in India when it comes to electrical appliances. The list of best ceiling fan brands will be incomplete without Usha in it. The brand sells fans, cooking appliances, irons, water dispensers, sewing machines, coolers, room heaters, and water pumps. The brand categorizes the ceiling fans as per the usage. The most elite category available in the lifestyle fans, and if you look at the design of these brands, you will fall in love with a single glance. Then, you will come across the Bloom Series Fans from Usha, and there are also anti-dust fans. Just like other brands, Usha has energy efficient fans as well. What we found unique about Usha is that there is a dedicated category for Kids Fan, which has animated figures like Chota Bheem, Barbie or Doremon on them.

5. Orient Electric

With their brand ambassador as MS Dhoni, Orient is at number 5 on our list. Orient Electric has a global presence, and they operate in 35 countries right now. The brand manufactures electrical appliances like air coolers, water heaters, room heaters, irons, juicer mixers, mixer grinders, wet grinders, electrical choppers, induction cooktops and other such home appliances. Apart from this, the brand also manufactures lighting solutions and ceiling fans. At present, there are close to 64 models in the brand’s portfolio. These fans are retailed under aero series, energy savers, high speed, kids, premium and under lighting fans. You will also find heavy duty workhorse fans from the brand, which are designed for commercial spaces. You can check them out, and we assure you that you will love what is on offer from Orient Electric.

6. Bajaj

Moving on, the brand that you can consider is Bajaj. The brand manufactures ceiling fans along with kitchen appliances, home comfort appliances and other electrical appliances. The brand is scattered across India, and you might be surprised to know that Morphy Richards is also one of the subsidiaries of Bajaj. With its inception in 1938, the brand has come a long way to deliver quality products. Talking about ceiling fans, the brand sells performance fans with a special product categorization for anti-dust fans. The anti-dust fans are such a relief since they reduce the cleaning effort drastically. There are designer fans available from Bajaj, and there are also kids fans available. You can browse through the options available from Bajaj, and you are going to love it.

7. Atomberg

We understand that some of us don’t wish to spend a lot on ceiling fans. It is a legit thought process since we all have a budget, and how much we spend on the ceiling fans would depend on it. If the budget restricts your purchases, then we would recommend checking out the fans from Atomberg Company. This is Indian brand came in market 2012, and it has a large variety of ceiling fans available. They are very affordable, and the warranty from the brand backs them. Apart from this, the brand offers one year warranty on the fans. Atomberg also provides excellent customer service in the market. On the downside, the offerings from Atomberg are available on online and offline shop.

8. V-Guard

V-Guard was incepted in 1977, and it was driven by the passion for building a robust brand providing electrical goods to Indians. The brand started in Southern India, and soon, it gained recognition across India. While V-Guard made a small start with voltage stabilizers, the brand soon started manufacturing other appliances too. Talking about the ceiling fans, the brand offers decorative, under light, standard, electroplated, energy-saving, and other premium fans that can change your rooms’ look and feel. The offerings from V-Guard are affordable, and yet they offer one of the best quality in the industry. Some of you might not have heard about the brand, but we can assure you that it is one of India’s most reliable and budget-friendly brands.

9. Ottomate

Today, people have started investing in smart fans, and they avoid buying models that offer limited features. If you are looking for similar products, then you should check out the Ottomate smart fans. This is one of the revolutionary brands that incepted as a specialized brand for Smart Fans. The first series from the brand is Lumen, and the ceiling fans under this series have an integrated LED light and multiple lighting modes. The next type of option is the Technology ceiling fans which can be controlled using the remote control and have as many as 14-speed settings, including a turbo and breeze mode. The next offering from the brand is a premium offering that comes with changeable blades to adjust the ambience of the room. Lastly, the brand also manufactures standard fans for the budget-conscious audience.

10. Candes

The last option on our list is Candes, and this is relatively a new brand on the list. It was incepted in 2010 as a home and kitchen electrical appliance brand, and the brand started its journey from the ceiling fans. The second product manufactured by the brand was the geyser. In 2015, the brand expanded the products to stabilizers, immersion rods, stoves, heaters, LEDs, grinders and other smart gadgets. The brand received a good response because of which it kept on expanding its footprint in India. The ceilings fans offered by Candes are presently limited, but they are certainly worth looking at. You will come across decorative high speed fans, anti-dust fans, small fans, smart fans, and many other options from the brand. They are also affordable, and you should check out the listings from Candes.

Final Verdict

These are some of the most reliable brands available in the market. You can go to their product catalogue on Amazon or their websites. This way, you will be able to explore the entire product line, and you will be able to find something for your home. You can be assured about the quality of the ceiling fans offered by these brands. You will only get what the brand promises, and hence if the brand says that they use 100% copper winding, you will be able to trust them.

Also, the minimum warranty offered by these brands is one year. However, you will also come across some brands that offer a five-year warranty on the ceiling fan. You can consider those products as well for complete peace of mind. Lastly, pay consideration to the power rating and look at the number of stars that the fan has. The five stars rated fans are highly efficient, and they will make a lot of difference when it comes to bringing down the power bills. If you still have any questions about the brands that we talked about, you can leave a comment, and we will try to help you as soon as possible.