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Orient Electric Apex FX 1200mm Ceiling Fan: Features, Pros and Cons

A ceiling fan has been an essential home appliance for decades, as it cools you down quickly and circulates fresh air throughout the day. People living in India know better that it is not possible to endure the hot days and nights without a good ceiling fan. Be it your living room, bedroom or dining area, a ceiling fan supplies air in good motion and make you free from sweat & irritation. They can be easy to mount, operate, and turned on & off with just a single press of a button.

Instead of investing in the installation of expensive air conditioners or inverters, it is good to opt for ceiling fans as they are extremely budget-friendly and user-friendly. Plus, they are completely practical in all climates. In general, ceiling fans are booming for families who can’t afford an AC. Nowadays, ceiling fans with various models and features are offered by many reputed brands. One of the bestsellers from these brands is Orient which has a high demand for Apex FX 1200mm due to its durability and affordability. To know whether this fan model is perfect for your home and office or not, go through this article with its features, pros and cons.

Orient Electric Apex-FX 1200mm Ceiling Fan

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Specifications of Orient Electric Apex FX 120mm:

  • With the highest 370 RPM, you can operate this ceiling fan at five different speed levels.
  • The motor blows air at a speed of 200 MPM.
  • The motor installed in it is highly efficient and reliable since it is a copper, aluminium motor.
  • In the package, you’ll get a canopy set, down rods, motor and a manual.
  • At 78 watts, it consumes less electricity.

Salient Features of Orient Electric Apex FX 1200mm:

  • This ceiling fan has been equipped with a powerful copper motor.
  • It provides superior performance.
  • The fan features wide and sturdy blades that provide higher air circulation.
  • The blade size of the fan is 48 inches.
  • The fan is constructed from premium quality and completely tested materials.
  • Orient Electric fan is also well-matched with an inverter.
  • Optimal airflow is delivered by this model.
  • As its bottom material is made using aluminium, and the top cover material is made using CRCA which makes it sturdy & robust enough.

A Fan with Efficient Copper Motor

The fan is useless if a less efficient motor has been installed. The biggest virtue in Orient Electric Apex FX is having a powerful motor. This will ensure quality performance and longer life of the fan. Stable and smooth performance can be made possible through its motor as it ensures maximum air distribution in every nook and corner of the room. After installing a ceiling fan, everyone wants a great experience of uniform airflow. That smooth & fresh airflow will ensure by this fan.

A fan with Sturdy Construction

Like Air Conditioner and cooler, a fan is a one-time investment. Before buying a fan, we expect that it should be good in appearance as well as strong. The aluminium frame makes this fan sturdy, durable, and long-lasting. A fan with a simple design and good quality material makes it one of the popular options.

Colour Options

Orient is a foremost brand that meets the requirements of every customer. Whenever you choose any fan from Orient, you will find many colour options in it. Like others, Apex EX comes in two different colours: White and Brown. These colour options are evergreen when it comes to buying a fan.

Help save Money on Electricity Bills

There are many benefits of having a fan, mainly in saving electricity bills. If you’re looking for an energy-efficient fan, this would be an ideal choice as it comes with 78 watts. So, you can save your precious money on spending to pay heavy electricity bills.

Noiseless Operation

A noise-free airflow by the fan will allow you have slept in a relaxing & soothing environment. Its powerful motor has a double ball bearing design which will ensure smooth operation. This efficiency is achieved without creating unwanted noise.

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Pros of Orient Electric Apex FX 1200mm:

  • These ceiling fans, when buying in pairs, charge less than they cost separately.
  • The ceiling fan features large blades that can deliver air spread across every nook & corner of the room.
  • The fans come in two different colour options: white colour design and brown colour design.
  • These fans consume less electricity.
  • For an Indian household, it is a perfect fan as its voltage range is 220-240V.
  • The fan has ribbed blades with unique angles, ensuring to deliver more airflow over a large area.
  • Positive ratings and genuine reviews for this model
  • The fan is very cost-effective.

Cons of Orient Electric Apex FX 120mm:

It doesn’t match your modern interior as available in two simple colours.


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