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Havells Swing 400mm Wall Fan: Features, Pros and Cons

Sometimes you don’t have the provision to install a ceiling fan. This can be because of multiple reasons. In such a case, you have an option to use a pedestal fan. Using a pedestal fan will reduce the floor area. So what is a good solution? Well, you can check out the wall mounted fans. The wall mounted fans are great for air circulation. If you are looking for the best wall mounted fan in the market, you can opt for something from Havells. We have compiled a review of Havells Swing 400 mm Wall Fan on this page. Check out the detailed review below.

Features of Havells Swing 400mm Wall Fan

Havells Swing 400mm Wall Fan

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  • Rib Guards – The fan has 120 spoke rib guards that make it very safe. Even when cleaning the fan, there will be minimal risk of your finger getting near the blades. So, with the help of this rib guard, the fan is safe if you have growing children. The fan is even safe if you have birds or cats as a pet.
  • Aerodynamic Design – The blades are designed aerodynamically, and hence they are very stable. You are going to like the fan’s design & performance very much. The airflow is optimal, and the blades perform well at maximum speed. The wear & tear of the blades is negligible even after years of use.
  • Pull Cord Controls – To control the fans, the brand has integrated pull cord controls. So, even when you install the fan at a height, it will be easy for you to control the fan. You won’t have to worry about needing a ladder to change the speed or turn on the fan’s oscillation function.
  • Thermal Overload Protection – To protect the fan from overload & fluctuation, Havells have integrated a thermal overload protection feature in this fan. This feature will save the motor from getting burned out. There are very few wall fans in the market that comes with TOP.
  • Copper Wire Motor – The motor has 100% copper winding, making it energy efficient. This also increases the motor’s speed significantly and hence offers optimal airflow. The copper winding is also a more durable option for motors, and hence you can expect the motor to be more resilient to voltage changes and heat.
  • Warranty – Havells offers a two-year warranty on the brand. In case of any issues, you can reach out to the brand, and they will repair your fan free of cost. This is the best part about the Havells. Moreover, their customer service network is extensive, and hence it is easy to reach out to them.


  • The copper motor is very efficient. This, combined with high quality ball bearings, ensure that the motor is not noisy. At maximum speed, the motor would not generate over 63.2 dB noise.
  • The quality of the fan is impressive. You will not find any other fan as durable as Havells.
  • The fan has integrated safety features like thermal overload protection, and the 120 spoke guard. There are actually few products that have these safety features integrated into them.
  • Havells has terrific goodwill in the market. This is mainly because of the high quality products and their ability to offer proactive customer support.


  • The dust doesn’t stick to the fan blades, but you will still need to clean the fan once in 6 months. We feel that the fan is difficult to clean because of the 120 spokes guard.
  • You will need help with installing the fan since you can’t mount it yourself on the wall. You would need an electrician with a drill to mount the fan.

Final Verdict

If you are a person who wants the best quality, then you must opt for Havells. You might find this fan slightly expensive, but you need to pay a premium for the quality. The fan also has safety features which is another reason to buy this wall fan from Havells. After going through the detailed review, you would have understood its value, so go ahead and check out the deals you are getting on Havells.


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