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Exhaust Fan Vs Kitchen Chimney – Which is Better Option For Kitchen?

Traditionally, kitchens have had exhaust fans to remove the smoke and odour out of them. With technological innovation, brands launched new products, and soon people saw a kitchen chimney powered by powerful exhausts. People started replacing their traditional exhaust fans with kitchen chimneys because of the newness and other factors too. Many people still get an exhaust fan and a kitchen chimney in their kitchen, but what if you want to go with just one option? We are sure that you would be finding it challenging to decide what you should get for your kitchen.

In such a case, we will help you establish a comparison between the exhaust fan and the kitchen chimney. This will help you make the right choice. You can go ahead and check out the points below to find out the most appropriate solution for your home.

Exhaust Fan Vs Kitchen Chimney

Differentiating Points Between Exhaust Fan & Kitchen Chimney

Below are some of the differentiating factors between the two products available. Go through these points, and you will be able to make a decision based on these points.

1. Area Covered

When buying an exhaust or a chimney, the first consideration would be the area that it covers. Well, the fact is that the exhaust fan covers a lot more area than the kitchen chimney, and it also has a higher CFM capacity, but the kitchen chimney is placed directly over the cooktop, so it absorbs everything more efficiently. In such a case, the kitchen chimney turns out to be better because the impurities do not spread in the whole kitchen, and they are extracted directly.

2. Smoke in Kitchen

Some dishes generates more smoke than other dishes. For example, a sizzler or an Indian bread would give out more smoke. In such a case, you need something powerful that can absorb the smoke. If you install an exhaust fan, the odour and the smoke removal capabilities would be lower than the kitchen chimney. The kitchen chimney would be very effective in pumping out the smoke and odour. The kitchen chimney works better than the exhaust fan in terms of pulling out the smoke & odour.

3. Grease on Walls

In the long term, the walls of the kitchen get dirty. They tend to attract grease from the food, and the walls start turning black because of the soot. If you have an exhaust fan, this will be a common occurrence, and you will have to spend time cleaning the kitchen walls. With the kitchen chimney, you will get rid of the grease and soot on the wall. The chimney will absorb everything. You will only have to clean the chimney filter, and the grease will be out of the system.

4. Lifespan

When we buy an appliance, we want it to last for a long. If you are under the impression that the kitchen chimneys are not going to last long, then you are wrong. The kitchen chimneys are going to last for as long as a standard exhaust. The kitchen chimney has powerful exhausts, which are coupled with a filter. So, the exhausts in the kitchen chimney tend to work better for a long time. In such a case, if the lifespan of the appliance is your concern, then both the appliances would prove to be equally good.

5. Air Filtration

The next point that we would like to talk about is air filtration. Since the kitchen chimney has mesh type filters, they offer better filtration. Exhaust fans do not offer any filtration, so you breathe in all the gases and the smoke when you are in the house. If you have kids at home, you should get a kitchen chimney because of its air filtration capabilities. Also, air filtration enables you to maintain the interiors of the house.

6. Safety Consideration

When we buy any appliance, we always check for the safety factor. The kitchen chimney proves to be a safety option in many aspects. First of all, the kitchen chimney is placed right above the cooktop, so it is easy to clean it compared to the exhaust fans. The exhaust fans are placed high above, and it becomes difficult to clean them. Another point that makes the kitchen chimney safer is that it can remove all the CO2 and CO effectively whereas, this process is slow with the exhaust fan.

7. Installation Procedure

The next thing that you would want to know is about the installation procedure. At this point, the exhaust fan scores better than the kitchen chimney. The exhaust fans are a lot easier to install when compared to the duct kitchen chimney. You need to install the duct before you mount the chimney on the kitchen chimney. Moreover, you need to ensure that you are mounting it right above the stove.

8. Maintenance

Maintenance for kitchen chimneys is an effortless technique when compared with exhaust fans. For cleaning the exhaust fans, you would need a ladder, and you need to climb high to reach the exhaust fan. The kitchen chimney is usually accessible without a ladder or with the help of a step ladder. You can remove the filter and clean it. Apart from this, some models of kitchen chimneys come with an auto-clean feature that makes it easier to maintain the appliance.

9. Cost Consideration

The last point that some of the customers may have in their mind is the cost of the appliance. The exhaust fans are certainly a lot cheaper than the kitchen chimney. The kitchen chimney is priced at almost 4 to 10 times the cost of the exhaust fan. You can still find a kitchen chimney in a lower range, and we are sure that you will be ready to spend a little extra to protect your family members from the smoke and soot.

Final Decision

You have been through the points listed above, and you would have realized that the kitchen chimneys offer you a better value than the exhaust fans. Moreover, you should opt for the ducted chimneys as they can even drive out the harmful gases from home. Another advantage of adding a chimney to your kitchen is that there are lights mounted on the chimney that you can turn on while cooking. Those lights are directly focused on the cooktop. Apart from this, some ductless chimneys are available that can be used in places where space is restricted. So, the kitchen chimney is usually a better option when compared with the exhaust fans.


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