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How to Assemble an Egg Swing Chair?

Swing chairs are beautiful, and they are usually a perfect match for your balcony. They make your patio look great, and you can spend your evenings relaxing on the swing chair. There are many such options available in the Indian market but remember that these swing chairs come unassembled. You need to assemble them yourself, and it is not rocket science.

You can refer to the points below to understand how to assemble a swing chair. This will help you correctly assemble the swing chair just in case you don’t have the user manual.

Steps to Assemble an Swing Chair

How to Assemble an Egg Swing Chair

1. Assemble the Base

You should start by assembling the base. This is the easiest task. The legs should be numbered, and you should be able to install them with little effort. Ensure that you have screwed all the nuts and bolts. They should be secured since the base is the most important part of the swing chair. The overall stability depends on the base, and it takes all the load.

2. Assemble the Loop

You will have a semi-loop with the swing chair, which must be attached to the base. Usually, this will be available in two parts. You need to attach them in the correct order and ensure that they are screwed properly. This loop connects to the base, and it transfers the load of the chair to the ground.

3. Hang the Chair

The next step is very simple, and in this step, you need to hang the chair on the loop. Usually, it would be an assembly of spring and a chair that would hold the chair to the main structure. Do not worry; it would be a sturdy setup, and the metal has high tensile strength. Once the chair has been hanged, you can also add cushions and other decorative material.

4. Testing Time

Now, it is the testing time. You can sit on the swing chair and enjoy your drink. You will get more confident while sitting on the swing chair after the first attempt. We can assure you that the chair is very sturdy and you will not feel insecure.

Here is the video demo of assembling a egg swing chair with stand:

This was all about the assembly of the swing chair. We are sure that the steps listed above will help you save the cost of professional services. We have listed a generalized procedure for you, and the process may vary slightly depending on the chair. We are sure that you will be able to understand those slight deviations. So, go ahead and unbox your swing chair and start assembling it.


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