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Ceiling Fan Remote Not Working? Here’s The Fix

Most of the modern fans are equipped with a remote control that can help you turn on the fan, or that can help you alter the speed of the fan. Like any other electrical appliance, this can also have an issue, and in some cases, the remote may not work. So, how do you resolve that issue? Here is a quick troubleshooting guide for you if the remote of your ceiling fan is not working. Check out the points below.

Reasons Why Your Ceiling Fan Remote Is Not Working

Ceiling Fan Not Working

1. Range

The easiest thing to check is if your remote is in the range of the receiver. You can try and move closer to the fan or the receiver box. After moving closer, try using the remote control and check if it is working or not. This should ideally solve the problem if you are trying to operate the fan from an extended range. If you notice that the range has reduced, you can move on to the next point and fix the problem.

2. Battery

The next general problem is the battery. You can try and replace the battery to check if you are able to operate the ceiling fan now. This is the most common fix, and it should work for you. A weak battery is also responsible for reduced range, so if you feel that the range of the remote has reduced, then replacing the battery would solve that too.

3. Frequency

There is a frequency set for the remote and the receiver box. You need to check if the remote and the receiver are operating on the same frequency. You should be able to find the instructions in the user manual. The remote frequency may have changed if it fell, and resetting the frequency will solve the issue for you.

4. Replacing Remote Control

If none of these things works for you, try with a different remote. If you are using multiple remote control ceiling fans in the home, try a second remote. Alternatively, you can request a replacement from the service support. They can check & replace the remote for you.

We hope that the points listed above would have helped you in rectifying the issue. If you are still unable to fix the remote, you might have to reach out to the service support of the manufacturing. If your fan is in warranty, you will not be charged for the repairs, or the technician will give you an estimated cost of the repair. In general, the remote setup is quite sturdy, and it doesn’t fail easily. So, you should be good after troubleshooting the remote.


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