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How To Join VHP (Vishva Hindu Parishad)

Vishva Hindu Parishad or VHP for short is an organization in India that takes part in various social, cultural, and religious activities in the country. They are all about preserving the true meaning of the Hindu culture and also, they believe in giving back to the community when it’s needed the most. So, by that, if you are already feeling intrigued and want to join the VHP organization then you have clicked on the right post. That’s because today we are here to give you a lowdown on how to join the VHP (Vishva Hindu Parishad) organization in India. So yeah, let’s get to it then. Shall we?

Why Join VHP In The First Place?

First off, the VHP isn’t just another organization, it’s on a mission. If you’re passionate about giving back to society in meaningful ways and you resonate with Hindu values, you might be a great fit. So what’s this mission we’re talking about? VHP is all about serving society, and not just in a ‘let’s all hold hands and sing’ kind of way. They’re deeply committed to actual projects that make lives better. From educational initiatives to healthcare, they’re in the trenches doing the work. If giving back is your thing, you’re looking in the right direction here. Along with that VHP is also into making religion thrive and educating people. If that is what you are interested in, then joining Vishva Hindu Parishad would be a great decision for you.


Memberships In VHP

So yeah, VHP has a bunch of different membership options, and there’s something for everyone. Now, you might think it’s just for Hindus, but hold on a sec! VHP’s philosophy is pretty inclusive. They believe that not only Hindus but also Sikhs, Jains, and Buddhists are all part of the larger Hindu fraternity. So, if you vibe with any of these communities, guess what? You’re in! So, before you jump in, you’ll wanna know that each membership type comes with its own set of rules and qualifications. Don’t sweat it, though. There’s likely a spot that fits you like a glove.

Documents You Need By Your Side

Alright, let’s get you geared up for registration, shall we? Whether you’re going the digital route or kicking it old-school with paper forms, you’ve got some homework to do first. And by homework, we mean gathering all those crucial papers and deets that’ll prove you are who you say you are. So, what’s on the checklist? For starters, you’re gonna need some identification proof like a driver’s license, passport, or maybe even a student ID if that’s what is needed. And depending on what kind of membership you’re diving into, you might need to submit some extra paperwork. That could be anything like utility bills to prove your address or anything like that.

How To Join VHP Vishva Hindu Parishad?

1. The Online Method

  • Okay, start by firing up your browser like Chrome, Safari, Firefox, or whatever floats your boat. Now, punch in the VHP website URL. Make sure it’s the official one, though. You don’t wanna end up somewhere sketchy.
  • Once you’re on that homepage, your next mission is to find the “Register” or “Membership” button. Normally, you’ll find this magic button somewhere at the top or bottom of the page, or maybe even screaming at you from the center. Click on it!
  • A form will pop up asking for all sorts of details like your name, your city, and things like that. Take a minute to fill in these blanks. Double-check everything because you don’t want any mistakes here.
  • Alright, now all you gotta do now is click that ‘Submit’ button, and boom, you’re in! You’ve just completed your online registration for VHP.

2. The Offline Method

  • First things first, find out where the closest VHP office is in your area and nearby. Fire up Google Maps, ask a friend, or just go traditional with some Yellow Pages (yes, they still exist). Whatever floats your boat. Once you’ve got the coordinates, make your way there. Feel the excitement? You should!
  • When you get there, you’ll be handed this thing called a membership form. No, it’s not a trap. It’s just a sheet where you fill up some basic info about yourself. Name, contact details, and things like that. Once you’re done doodling your life onto that form, hand it back to the good folks at the office.

That’s it! You’re now one step closer to becoming part of the VHP family, no internet is required. It’s as simple as showing up and sharing a bit about yourself. And hey, while you’re at it, why not make some small talk and get to know some of the people you’ll be associating with? Well, that could be the start of something awesome.


There you have it. Now it is your turn to follow the steps mentioned in today’s post and see if you can successfully submit that VHP application form or not. If you are still having trouble, then you can contact the people behind this organization by visiting their official website.


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