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How to Hang Swing Chair – Hanging Chair Installation Tips

The swing chairs have become part of the household today. The swing chairs have become popular among the young and old. Human beings love swinging by nature and the swing chairs bring a positive change in the atmosphere.

The chairs are useful not only to make you feel relaxed or help you in studying for long hours but it offers a grand look to your decorated home also. But to place the swing chair at the appropriate place in your home and to hang it properly and safely is an important task. The swinging chair can be used indoor or outdoor depending on the space available. Once you decide the place where the swing chair has to be placed, then you have to install it using the available material and the tool kit.

hang swing chair

To fix the swing chair in a proper place, you need to do the following:

Swing chair

  • The swing chair is needed along with the necessary components such as two-link chain connectors, S-hook, or the locking system.

Tool kit

  • The necessary kit along with various tools used for fixing the nails & screws into the ceiling. The nails and screws should be bigger to hold a weight of 100 kg.

Electric drill machine

  • It is required to drill the required portion of the ceiling to hang the swing chair.

Chain or rope 

  • If the swing chairs come without a chain, then make use of galvanized heavy-duty chain as per the required measurement.
  • If you choose to use rope, then the rope should be thick in diameter and can hold 100 kg of weight. The natural-fiber rope is stronger to use indoors & outdoors.
  • The other type of ropes such as polypropylene, polyester, or braided nylon ropes is also useful.
  • Find the exact length of the chain or rope to be used while making the swing chair hang properly.
  • The spot at which you want to fix the swing chair should provide a space of three feet behind the swing chair and at least 14 inches away from the side walls.

Hanging Chair Installation Tips

  • Locate ceiling joist

In order to hang the hanging chair to the ceiling, find the ceiling joist. Make use of stud finder to locate the joist. Mark the entire length of the joist and find the midpoint. It will help you to get the exact location of the hanging chair to be hanged. Make sure that the joist is strong enough to hold the chair without any problem.

  • Drill a hole

Use the drill machine to have a pilot hole at the center point of the joist.

The small but 3-inches deep hole will be sufficient to fix the eye screw.

  • Fix the eye screw

Use the eye screw and fix it into the joist, making sure the joist doesn’t split. Use the screwdriver and twist it till the eye screw gets fixed tightly.

  • Use S-hook

Make use of the S-hook and attach it to the eye screw. Use a locking carabiner to lock the eye screw. Attach the one end of the chain or rope to the S-hook.

  • Attach the chair

The other end of the chain or rope is attached to the hook of the swing chair. Make sure that the chair is hung in perfect balance above the floor as measured.

Check this demo video

Bottom Line

The hanging chair should be installed properly in a spacious area of the home. You should decide the most apt place for the chair at your home. The chair shouldn’t be placed in the middle of the passage or a path. You should have enough space around the chair to sit, swing, and enjoy.


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