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How to Clean an Office Chair Properly? – Step By Step Guide

An office chair is used regularly whether you work from home or in a workspace.Generally, one common habit that may find in people is eating habits while sitting on a chair. Thus, the food crumbs, juice and drinks stain makes your chair dirty and unhygienic. Just like other household appliances, an office chair needs proper care and cleaning as well. An office chair is slightly expensive, thus it is a single time investment. Knowing an adequate method of cleaning should be very important to hold the functionality and durability of the chair. Let us discuss:

Clean an Office Chair

1. How to deal with Blemishes and Remains?

Start picking up solid remains which can collect easily. You can use a paper towel or tissue to collect as much as possible. Then, remove it in the dustbin. A chair made from upholstery fabric doesn’t require harsh rubbing. It may be stuck inside the fabric so it is important to separate solids effectively.

2. How to deal with liquid stains?

Take a little amount of cold water adds some soapy liquid to it. Dip a sponge in the solution, then use hands gently in a circular motion to reduce the stains. You can also wet the cloth immediately when the stains happen.

3. How to use alcohol for removing stubborn stains?

Take a few drops of alcohol and Damp down a soft cotton ball in it. Before applying completely, make sure the fabric doesn’t affect by alcohol use. Never use rubbing alcohol on acrylic fabric upholstery.

4. How to vacuum up dust and dirt?

Start with fabric cleaning which is attached to the chair. Make sure the chair is vacuum secure or not. The strong suction can damage leather upholstery. To avoid such damage, you can check the cleaning instructions.

Important Notes:

  • Before start cleaning, you should check the cleaning instructions carefully given by manufacturers on the chair. There are majorly two types of cleaning alternate including Solvent-based solutions and Water-based solutions.
  • If you have W-coded chairs, then you should use a water-based solution.
  • Not to rub the stain otherwise you may damage the fabric of the chair.

Check This Video Demo For Cleaning

Methods to clean an office chair

There are different ways to clean an office chair by using different cleaning ingredients like a vacuum cleaner, soapy water, wiping, etc. here we discuss all:

  • Mix a solution of water and liquid soap

Take 1 cup of water and a few drops of soap to clean the fabric like leather and vinyl. Use only biodegradable and natural soap or detergent. Don’t rub or scratch on the leather fabric.

  • Use a dry cloth to wipe off

Leave water and soap then allow the chair to air dry. Keep the chair in a dry area, this will allow the chair to dry faster.

  • Remove the chair wheels and clean well

Lay down the chair completely. Use a screwdriver to remove the chair wheels easily. Then, take a regular knife or well-shaped knife to scrape off huge remains and solids.

  • Wipe Down Chair legs, arms with a damp clean cloth

After cleaning, wipe the entire parts of the chairs with a damp clean cloth and let them leave for air dry.


Meanwhile you have been working on this DIY project, being careful with all the method is essential. Make sure that before using any specific cleaning solvent, check the instructions and ingredients of the detergent. For S-coded chairs, always use dry cleaning solvent. By this method, you can have an excellent work done.


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