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How Does a Pedestal Fan Work? Mechanism behind it

A pedestal fan is the type of substitute fan used to alter a ceiling fan. Some people like to have their room theme well-designed and no hanging fans on the ceiling. In those situations, the use of a pedestal fan comes in handy and it provides an excellent solution to the heat during summers.

The working of a modern pedestal fan is quite similar to a table fan, except it is large in size and height. Let’s take a deep look into the working and mechanism behind it.

Pedestal Fan

Pedestal Fan Working

As you turn on a pedestal fan, you are connecting the power cord into the power outlet and using the knob to adjust the speed. After turning the fan on, you adjust the speed at a slow setting. Now, the fan is getting less voltage and lower voltage will run the fan at slower speeds. The RPM or rotation per minute of blades will be lesser.

When you choose a medium or higher speed setting, the only thing which changes is rotation speed. Voltage increase by a significant amount and the motor inside the pedestal fan rotates the fan at higher RPM. When the RPM is increasing, the airflow will also increase.

However, the question regarding regulating the voltage seems like a big mess. Well, it isn’t. There is a circuit board placed inside the pedestal fan which has a mini transformer and AC to DC converter.

The Mechanism

To understand the mechanism, let’s understand the working in a little deep so that you can understand the basics.

  • Pedestal fans have motors and those motors are made of copper coils and magnets.
  • As current passes through the coils, they create an electromagnetic field and it is opposite to the existing magnets.
  • The repletion of the magnets create momentum and the fan start rotating. Electric energy converts into kinetic energy.
  • Thus, when you increase the voltage, the magnetic repletion is higher and the blades move at a faster speed.
  • Everything in today’s time is highly dependent on these small motors. From electric cars to fans, these motors are converting the power into a different form of energy.

If you want to get complete in-depth of the topic, it would be an excellent choice to read about motors and their working. Moreover, there are several types of motors. So, the mechanism might vary a little from the mentioned mechanism.


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