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Open Face Helmet Vs Full Face Helmet: Which Is Better?

Before buying a helmet one thing must pin your mind which one will provide you a safe journey while driving a motorcycle. This article will destroy your all confusion and you will choose the best one among the different models of helmets.

Riding preferences are different from rider to the rider as they are unique. To meet their satisfaction level and to provide a maximum level of comfort helmets are available in multiple shapes and styles. Among them, the most demanded helmet models are Open Face Helmets and Full Face Helmets.

Open Face Helmet Vs Full Face Helmet

Open Face Helmet Vs Full Face Helmet


Open Face Helmet

Full Face Helmet

Coverage Covers the top, sides, and back of the head, leaving the face open Covers the entire head, including the face, chin, and jaw
Face Protection Provides no protection for the face, chin, or jaw Provides full-face protection, including a visor or shield
Impact Protection Offers limited impact protection compared to full face helmets Offers superior impact protection for the entire head
Wind and Noise Less effective at blocking wind and can be noisier at high speeds Provides better wind and noise protection
Ventilation Typically offers better ventilation with more airflow May have less airflow, but some models come with effective ventilation systems
Weight Generally lighter in weight Heavier due to added components
Visibility Offers a wider field of vision with no face shield May have a narrower field of vision but comes with a face shield for eye protection
Weather Resistance Less effective in adverse weather conditions, such as rain or cold Offers better protection in various weather conditions
Style Often preferred for a classic or cruiser-style look More sporty and aerodynamic appearance
Common Uses Popular among cruiser and scooter riders, and in warm climates Preferred by sports bike riders and those who prioritize safety
Safety Provides less overall protection and is not recommended for high-speed riding or aggressive riding styles Offers better safety, making it suitable for high-speed riding and aggressive riding styles

About an Open Face Helmet:

Open Face Helmet in India

An Open face helmet grants you to enjoy the freedom of riding a bicycle. This helmet allows you to redesign the breeze stream, which keeps the face and head cooler in a warm environment. Open face covers have longer visors which add environment confirmation when you need it. Expecting you slant toward wearing motorcycling goggles or shades, this Open Face Helmet is an optimal decision for your style.

An Open face helmet or so-called head defenders offer extraordinary environmental protection and are sensible for use in tempestuous conditions excessively considering the way that it considers better wind current which prevents right of passage. If you truly need incredibly better environmental security.

Main advantages of an Open Face Helmet:

Surprisingly there are many advantages of using an Open Face Helmet. They are-

  • First of all this Open Face Helmet is suitable in all temperatures and offers maximum comfort till after a long journey. You will not be an authentic biker until and unless you will use this Open Face Helmet while riding.
  • An open-face helmet is much lighter and hence less weakening than a significant full-face helmet.
  • It permits riders to smoke, giggle or stick their tongues at different motorcyclists and scratch their appearances.
  • It lets you hear what’s going on around you like a tire scream which can be a warning.You can also hear the horns and alarms of the emergency vehicles.
  • The greatest benefit of using an Open Face Helmet is that you can watch better and with a more extensive scope of view. So no blind spots are observed from an Open Face Helmet.

Main disadvantages of an Open Face Helmet:

Apart from the above advantages, there are some disadvantages too. These are-

  • The Open Face Helmets do not protect your eyes properly. You need to wear spectacles to protect your eyes from dust or the sun’s rays.
  • The Open Face Helmets do not protect your face. You need to wear a face mask to protect your face from sunburn, bugs, rain, cold, and other road detritus.
  • The Open Face Helmets do not protect noise and wind in case your journey.

About a Full-Face Helmet

Full-Face Helmet India

A full-face defensive cap is one of the most notable helmet designs and for good clarification. A full-face helmet covers your entire head and jaw area. The best advantage of this helmet is that it is a common helmet and adaptable for a wide scope of rides. A full-face helmet is accessible in a wide variety of sizes, shapes, and designs that will satisfy all of your needs.

Main advantages of a Full-Face Helmet:

The main advantage of a Full face helmet is that it provides extra protection to your face and chin while you are on driving. Apart from that this full-face helmet also provides many advantages like-

  • It also protects you from sunburn, bugs, rain, cold, and other road detritus.
  • This full-face helmet is comfortable for a long journey.
  • This helmet protects you from environmental pollution.
  • It is comfortable for both men and women.
  • It provides a beautiful cocooned feeling for a long journey.

Main disadvantages of a Full-Face Helmet:

  • It is less comfortable and less easy.
  • It is not comfortable for hot weather because it creates heat.
  • It limits the flow of air to your face.
  • You can not talk comfortably with your riding colleagues.

Final word:

The above discussion shows that both Open Face helmets and Full face helmets are good in different situations. You have to make your decision whether your trip is long or short or whether your riding is on hot days or cold days. Choose as per your need.


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