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What is the meaning of LOL, IMO, IDK, IDC, GBU, HLW, and BDW in WhatsApp Chat?

Here are some of the famous acronyms that you must be aware related to whatsapp chat.

LOL – Laugh out loud

LOL stands for “laugh out loud”. One can use in the form of interjection as a verb too.

Despite the fact that word literally means “laugh out loud,” most people use lol to express a smile or a light-hearted pleasure.

Despite the fact that it has lost some of its luster (and significance) over the course of the years, “lol” is still a fairly ubiquitous slang term that has spread beyond the confines of electronic communication.

WhatsApp Chat

IMO – In my opinion

The phrase “in my opinion” is often abbreviated as “IMO.” The majority of the time, it is utilized in a text message when a person is expressing their viewpoint.

The acronym can be elaborated on in uppercase, & it is an extremely common abbreviation that is used in chatting, on Twitter, and in other areas of social media.

The following few sentences should help you understand how to utilize “IMO”:

  • “IMO, you should change this dress.
  • “IMO, you should focus on your cleanliness habits
  • “IMO, home is a best place to enjoy with family.”

IDK – I don’t know

The acronym IDK stands for “I don’t know.” You could come across the abbreviation “IDK” in a quick text or any other place where individuals write notes to one another. In most cases, it takes the shape of a response to a query or a portion of a phrase in which you state that you do not possess the information that is being requested of you.

IDK is often written with lowercase letters rather than all capital letters because its usage is informal rather than formal. However, due to the fact that it is an initialize, the form with all capital letters is the “correct” one.

Examples for using IDK

  • idk what happened to that container.
  • Please tell me which edition I have because idk.
  • Regarding the meeting that will be place this afternoon, idk who will be leading it
  • To tell you the truth, idk what she would think of such proposition?
  • Idk much about swimming, but if you’d like to become better at it, maybe you should take some lessons?

GBU – God bless you

It is common practice to use the abbreviation “GBU” in place of the full phrase “God Bless You” while expressing appreciation or when parting company. Take, for instance:

  • GBU as a new parent
  • GBU always
  • Thanks a ton, and GBU

In a linguistic sense, this indicates that it is spoken by pronouncing each letter in turn. On the other hand, due to the fact that the acronym GBU is primarily employed for effectiveness in writing rather than efficiency in expression, it is not frequently spoken using its individual letters.

HLW – Hellow

It is an acronym used for the word “Hello”. Instead of writing the full word in chat, people just type “HLW” to greet their friends and family. This abbreviation can be easily guessed as in pronunciation it is clear to say it.

Some of the examples using, “HLW” are:

  • HLW, how are you?
  • HLW, long time, how have you been?
  • HLW, may I know your name?

BDW – Backward

BDW stands for “backward”. People generally use it in texts and chats. In social media, you will find it that instead of using long texts; they use attractive acronyms for framing their sentences.

It makes their content short and crisp. Similarly, it is quite boring to read long messages from friends and family, instead use shortcut like “bdw”, for backward.


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