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What is the meaning of NSH, ICH, TMO, MTS in Post Office?

Here is a list of some Post Office popular acronyms that you must know:

NSH – National sorting hub

The National Sorting Hub is referred to by its acronym, NSH. It is of vital importance to the completion of this process. It is in charge of sorting mail and parcels and delivering them to their respective destinations after doing so.

A huge facility that handles the sorting and distribution of mail and packages before sending them to their final recipients is known as a National Sorting Hub. These hubs have responsibility for sorting enormous volumes of packages and mail and play an important role in making sure that packages are delivered on time to the persons to whom they are addressed.


They are often found in the nation’s most populous cities and are outfitted with cutting-edge sorting equipment. This technology typically consists of automated sort machines, barcode readers, and conveyor systems.

These facilities also have qualified postal workers who are responsible for classifying and distributing mail & packages as part of their job responsibilities.

ICH – International clearing house

The abbreviation ICH refers to the International Clearing House, which is a mechanism that permits the exchange of worldwide mail & postal payments among different countries by way of their respective post offices. It functions as a link between post offices, so ensuring the uninterrupted flow of mail across international boundaries.

The International Clearing House (ICH) functions as a consolidated platform for the processing and settling of payments as well as accounting activities relating to international postal services.

ICH makes it easier for people, companies, and groups located in other countries to communicate effectively by easing the process of sending and receiving mail. It plays a significant part in making it possible for letters, packages, & various other postal products to be delivered on time, which in turn fosters worldwide communication and cooperation.

It establishes a structure for the precise and accountable handling of payments associated with global postal services in order to guarantee financial transparency. Because of this, there is a greater sense of trust and dependability in international postal operations because the possibility of errors, disagreements, and delays in money transfers is significantly reduced.

It functions according to a clearly outlined process that incorporates a wide variety of stakeholders and adheres to a predetermined list of standardized procedures.

The ICH system does really allow clients to monitor the progress of their overseas mail. From the moment it is sent out until the moment it is delivered, the tracking data is updated so that you know exactly where your package is at all times.

TMO – Transit Mail office

Because most of them are located on road bus stands and railway stations, you’ll be able to spot this kind of office virtually anywhere you go in India that serves as a transportation hub. Sometimes, the article tracking for speed post will indicate that your speed post has been delivered to TMO.

By utilizing a TMO, early alignment among business, finance, and execution executives can be ensured, hence establishing a solid connection between the business case and the transformation’s actual implementation. When a TMO capability is present, the value that is defined also becomes the value that is committed and realized.

If you are located in India, then the TMO process will typically take between two and five days. The delivery time for packages sent by speed post from country India to the United States might range anywhere from 15 to 20 days. It could take anywhere from 35 to 40 days for a registered letter to arrive from India. You have the option of paying more for a cargo that arrives even faster than standard speed with some of the available postage speeds.

MTS – Multi Tasking staff

As the name suggests, the staff at post office with a designation of MTS, is hired for doing multi-tasking work. They are not limited to one kind of job. Some of the roles and responsibilities of MTS includes:

At the postal office, some of the MTS’s job tasks include the following:

  • Keeping the records of the section in a physical format
  • Maintaining and ensuring the general cleanliness of the section allotted to them
  • Transporting of documents and additional documents
  • Other works not related to the clergy
  • Work at the office that is routine, such as the diary and the dispatch.
  • Guard and watch responsibilities
  • The opening and shutting of several rooms
  • Keeping the rooms clean
  • The operation of motor vehicles
  • The care and maintenance of parks, lawns, and containerized plants
  • The MTS employee is responsible for carrying out all of these responsibilities at post office.


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