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Automatic BP Machine Vs. Manual BP Monitor: Which Is Better?

The sphygmomanometer is the instrument that is useful for measuring BP, particularly in arteries. It was introduced in 1896, and the name was established from the Greek word. It is a valuable object that is used frequently today.

It has made it convenient for people to measure BP without admission in hospitals. The instrument consists of two numbers systolic and disystolic. Both of them have distinct functions and help to reveal the different readings.

Similarly, the functions of automatic and manual machines are also different. The automatic BP machine is a practical and ideal choice for instant and accurate readings.

In contrast, the manual BP machine is more profitable to the professionals. To have a clear idea about both of them, consider the information below.

Automatic vs Manual BP Monitor Machine

Automatic BP Monitor Machine Vs. Manual

Aspect Automatic BP Machine Manual BP Monitor
Measurement Process Fully automated. Manual, requires pumping and listening for sounds.
Accuracy Generally accurate. Accuracy depends on user Proficiency
Ease of Use Very easy to use. May require some practice and training
Speed Quick and efficient. Slower as it involves manual steps.
User Independence Can be used solo. Often requires assistance or a trained operator.
Cost Usually more expensive. Typically more affordable
Portability May be bulkier and require batteries Compact and portable.
Recording & Connectivity Often stores data digitally and can connect to apps. No automatic data storage, may require manual recording.
Cuff Sizing Typically comes with adjustable cuffs. Requires selecting a suitable cuff size.
Ease of Reading Results Clearly displays results on a screen. Requires interpreting and noting down measurements.

What is an automatic BP machine?

The automatic BP machine is straightforward and has gained popularity for monitoring blood pressure. The digital services of the automatic machine are responsible for measuring blood pressure and help in monitoring the pulse rate. If someone is suffering from down BP, an automatic BP machine is a perfect tool that can be used conveniently at home and recognize the readings. It functions significantly, and to understand the functions correctly, consider the information given below.

Function –

  • Effective in Monitoring

The automatic BP machine helps you track the BP and pulse rate fluctuations any time you desire. Undoubtedly, it gives practical results and reliable monitoring to people.

It does include memory features that are ideal for tracking the blood pressure record and take a significant step for the same. The machine can store the 99 readings for two users to be used by a family to monitor the BP regularly.

  • Ideal for Detecting Pulse Rate

The significant feature of an automatic BP machine is not only for detecting the BP but also for defining the pulse rate. Therefore, if there is an irregular heartbeat, the machine gives effective detection and monitors cardiovascular health.

This helps to detect and indicate hypertension. But, the innovative machine also reveals the slight change in pressure and provides accurate readings on display. Be sure that the cuff is wrapped correctly around the arm.

  • Instant Readings

The readings shown by the automatic BP monitor machine are instant. Moreover, the instrument is smart enough to store the readings of the patients for a few months. Therefore, two people can go for the same device for recognizing the BP and store it as a memory.

The instrument consists of a large LCD screen that ensures a transparent display and instantly helps people check the readings. In addition, these products are made from safe skin material that will not show difficulty in measuring the readings from the BP machine.

  • Travel Friendly

If you and someone in your family are suffering from a BP, it is convenient to check the BP frequently. This is paramount for avoiding the severe health complication that further leads to heart attack, stroke, and damage to the vital organs.

The packaging of the automatic BP machine can be carried along with people anywhere. This instrument is travel-friendly and helps people easily monitor their BP and eliminate hazardous complications.

  • Keep Records

The prominent Fact to understand about automatic BP machines is the result depends on food intake, time of day, stress level, and many factors. However, each day these factors are distinct, and the readings are shown on the product accordingly.

So, to make the reading is comparable easily, it will be convenient to go with an automatic BP machine that helps to keep the records of a person that can be operated easily on a battery or power adapter. Undoubtedly, it is the ideal purchase for a person suffering from BP.

What is a manual BP monitor?

A manual BP monitor is the most used device for measuring the BP in the medical setup. The kit of the manual BP consists of the cuff wrapped with the arm, a gauge, and an inflammation blub. However, it has been recognized that professional medical people use this device most of the time because it requires a stethoscope to interpret the readings relatively. So there are two types in the manual BP machine whose functions are distinct.

Function –

  • Dual nature

The BP machine calculates systolic and diastolic blood pressure. Systolic rest for a while and at the same time diastolic decreases. The former reveals the BP in the aorta, whereas the latter results when the hard refills.

The manual BP monitor has a dual nature. First, it gives a reading on the blood pressure responsible for the accurate readings. This makes the work easy and things uncomplicated to get the desired results.

  • More Skills Require

The functioning of automatic BP machines and manual BP machine is ultimately different. To embark on, the requirement of a stethoscope cannot be handled by people since it is the work of professionals. Right?

As a result, it is elementary recognizable that operating the manual BP machine requires more skills to operate. That is why its use has been taken in the medical field by professionals to monitor BP.

  • Doesn’t keep the records

There is a noticeable difference between an automatic BP machine and a manual BP machine. Do you know how? The automatic BP machine is convenient to keep the records of the BP and make the comparison if required.

In contrast, a manual BP machine cannot keep the records. That is why it is not convenient for many people at home that helps them to track their improvement to reach their target goal.

  • Can’t track pressure continuously

The manual BP monitor is mainly used in the medical field and everyday use there. The professionals can make accurate readings with the equipment.

It cannot track the pressure continuously because it does not have the recent innovations that include wireless sync with the smartphone. Therefore, it becomes easy to track the readings and make adequate results that avoid hazardous health complications.


High and low BP results in serious health consequences. Therefore, it is conducive to regularly using a sphygmomanometer to measure BP without professional help. To distinguish between automatic and manual machines, consider the information above.


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