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Digital Vs Manual BP Monitor Machine: Which is More Accurate?

In medicine, everything is about accuracy. The engineering teams are always trying to innovate to get a precise and accurate medical device. The same is the case with the BP machines as well. You want the BP machine to be accurate so that the medication dosage can be altered accordingly. An inaccurate BP Machine can also lead to misdiagnosis, further increasing the complications. Now, you will find two types of BP machines in the market. The first ones are the manual BP Machine and the second ones are the digital BP Machine.

In this article, we will discuss the accuracy associated with the Digital & Manual BP Machine.

Which BP Monitor Machine is Accurate? Digital or Manual?

Accuracy of Digital BP Machines

The digital BP machines use the same working principle as a manual BP Machine, but instead of a human, the dependency is on the algorithm and sensors. In today’s world, the sensors are more accurate than anything else, but in the case of BP Machines, this can introduce an error. Most of the digital BP Machine has an error percentage listed on them. The usual error tolerance is 5mm on most digital BP machines. However, this percentage could vary depending on the type, grade and quality of the BP Machine.

Accuracy of Manual BP Machine

It is generally believed that the manual BP Machine is far more accurate than the digital BP Machine. Since here, the dependency is on the human eyes and the human sensory organs; the accuracy levels shoot up drastically. Most hospitals & clinics still use a manual BP Machine to get a higher level of accuracy and help in a proper diagnosis of the patient.

For Home Usage

The accuracy of the BP Machine also depends on the setting that is being used. If you intend to buy something for home usage, you must buy a digital BP Machine. This is because, at home, we are not trained enough to use the BP Machine. Moreover, you want to have something user-friendly that everyone at home can easily use. The digital BP Machine scores over the manual BP Machine in the home settings due to various factors. However, if you are a trained medical professional and if you are going to use the BP Machine yourself, then you can also opt for the manual BP Machine.

For Usage by a Trained Professional

It is to be noted that the manual BP Machine is only accurate when used correctly. In the case of the manual BP Machine, it should only be used by trained professionals. If you are using the manual BP Machine at home without any prior training, you will surely get an inaccurate reading. The manual BP machines are also more durable than the digital apparatus. So, if you intend to buy a BP Machine that will be used by a trained professional, go ahead and buy a manual BP Machine.

Final Verdict

So, what is the conclusion? We don’t want to induce bias by telling you that the manual BP Machine is more accurate than the digital BP Machine. Instead, you need to take a call based on the circumstances and the usage of the BP Machine. As mentioned earlier, the manual BP Machine will be accurate if used by a trained medical professional. The digital BP Machine will be accurate if you plan to use it at home. There are many options available in the digital as well as manual BP Machine. You can also check out the digital BP Machine that takes an average of three readings to give you better results.


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