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The Best Havells Pedestal Fans in India 2023 [Top Models Analysis]

Consumers can choose from a wide variety of fans made by Havells India Ltd, a well-known manufacturer of home appliances as well as commercial electrical products. Aside from being a common alternative to ceiling fan, pedestal fans in India have many advantages over those other types of fans, including their portability, affordability, and overall durability.

Havells pedestal fans not only look great, but they also deliver superior airflow. A pedestal fan’s adjustable oscillation allows you to enjoy the airflow in any direction you choose, whether it be in all directions or a specific direction. In your entrance, living room, drawing room, or wherever else you need more airflow, you can easily transport this pedestal fan thanks to its castor wheels as well as stable mount base.

Before making a purchase, do some researches online to see what options are available, review the specifications, and compare the prices. Some of the best features of pedestal fans manufactured by Havells India Ltd include remote control, jerk-free oscillation, an LED touch panel with timer configurations to control on/off features, adjustable height and so many more. As a result of their versatility, pedestal fans can be found in every home in India.

 Best Selling Havells Pedestal Fans In India

Here are the top 3 Havells Pedestal Fans In India which includes their features, pros, and cons:

1. Spring high-speed fan-450 mm

Havells Sprint High Speed

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Powered by a powerful and efficient motor, this Havells fan distributes air evenly throughout the room. You can cool yourself down on a hot season day with the Sprint 450mm standing fan because of this.

This standing fan has a smooth 60-degree oscillatory feature that lets it turn back & forth smoothly. When multiple people are in the room, it’s especially beneficial because it helps the air to move from one nook to the other.

The pedestal fan is equipped with a multi-LED display. The fan’s easy-to-use switchboard and LED indicator lights to make it easy to operate even in the dark.

This fan has built-in thermal overload protection (TOP) to protect the motor from damage in the event of a sudden spike in voltage as well as phase failure. To ensure that you get the most out of your motor for as long as possible, this feature stretches the motor’s lifespan.

An air volume of up to 72cm can be delivered in any direction by the aerodynamic blades and 400mm sweep of this ergonomically designed pedestal fan. The effectiveness of these blades can be harnessed simply by adjusting the fan’s tilt and oscillation.

This fan can stand firmly on any level surface thanks to its sturdy base. While adjusting its angle or oscillation, the load of the base prevents it from tumbling over.


  • Heavy and stable base
  • Aerodynamically-Designed Blades
  • Thermal overload protection
  • Jerk free oscillation
  • Efficient motor


  • LED light might be a bit annoying

2. Havells swing 400mm

Havells swing 400mm

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The switch box on the pedestal fan is both aesthetically pleasing and functional. The large buttons on this device provide excellent feedback to the user’s fingers. For the sake of convenience, this fan has a feature that makes it simple to use.

This fan has built-in thermal overload protection (TOP) to protect the motor from damage in the event of a sudden spike in voltage and phase failure. To ensure that you get the most out of your motor for as long as possible, this feature stretches the motor’s lifespan.

This fan’s classic three-blade design ensures optimal air delivery down the entire room’s length. The blades are aerodynamically designed to maximize circulation efficiency.

This company with a global reach makes ergonomic fans that you can take with you wherever you go.


  • Thermal overload protection
  • Smooth air delivery
  • Three-blade design
  • Stellar looks


  • Fan speed is low

3. Havells Trendy 400 mm

Havells Trendy

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The Indian company Havells has a global presence, and this fan is ergonomically designed. The quiet operation of the powerful motor and aerodynamically-designed blades help to maintain a peaceable environment at all times. Install this fan in your home or office to keep cool all summer long.

The 120 spokes on this pedestal fan shield the blades from damage. This feature protects the fan from being tangled up with foreign objects, making it safe for children to use.

The Havells Trendy Fan is an excellent choice for the home or office because it is both sturdy and tall. It has a powerful motor that can run at up to 1360 RPM, allowing you to keep the space well-ventilated with powerful air.

The 400 mm sweep size of the fan’s three blades ensures that your room will be well-ventilated. When it comes to protecting the motor from high voltage fluctuations, this is the best pedestal fan that has thermal protection.


  • Comes with a timer option
  • 180-degree revolving fan
  • Inexpensive fan
  • Thermal overload protection
  • Powerful breeze


  • The quality could have been better

Why Choose Havells Pedestal Fans?

The pedestal fan is often a better option than any other type of fan on the market today. So, if you want to keep cool this summer, buy a Havells pedestal fan today.

Because of the rapid advancement of technology, you now have a plethora of options at your disposal. Everyday objects, such as fans, are now available in a wide range of variations, each with its unique features, designs, and features.

With so many options, you can be sure to find the one that best meets your needs and preferences. Consider a pedestal fan as an illustration.

Even though this particular type of fan has been on the market for quite some time, it is becoming increasingly popular due to the convenience as well as ease of use it provides. There is no reason why not.

 Unlike ceiling fans, which are permanently mounted on the ceiling, pedestal fans can be moved around the room. A pedestal fan can be moved around your home or office as you see fit. When it comes to purchasing a cooling solution, buying a pedestal fan online is by far the most convenient option.

Can be easily moved

Pedestal fans are just too lightweight and they can be easily transported. A pedestal fan, in contrast to a ceiling fan, can be moved around the room. Now, the user can keep it anywhere & turn it on by plugging its switch into a nearby socket. It’s easy to use a pedestal fan to keep yourself cool on your balcony or terrace during the summer days and nights, for example, if you do have a plug point in your home.


Humankind has reaped the benefits of technological advancement through a variety of innovations. A good example of this is the development of this high-efficiency line of fans & air conditioners. Inventions like these have had a profound effect on human life.

However, there is a drawback to having an AC. It’s a huge drain on the grid’s resources. Instead, the pedestal fan is indeed a low-cost cooling option that’s also simple to operate. Even the cost of maintaining an air conditioner is a fraction of what it is for a heat pump.

Elegant design

The latest models of these pedestal fans are now equipped with advanced operating techniques, such as remote controls, along with other features such as speed control, height adjustment, different number of blades, colors, and so forth. In addition to providing a soothing cool breeze, these options allow you to select the ones that best suit your home’s decor.

Removable grill

Pedestal fans with a removable grill come highly recommended by our experts. With the grill removed, cleaning the fan is easier, faster, and more effective. Consider the thickness of the grill’s ribs. The denser the guard’s grill, the more secure it will be.

Less noise

Even though pedestal fans have a lot of cooling power, they usually run quietly and don’t make any noise. It’s best to go with a pedestal fan which produces the least level of noise when it’s running.


The motor inside the pedestal fan is what determines how well it works. Higher horsepower is needed to achieve a higher level of performance. On either hand, a fan with a high power-rating indicates that it will consume more electricity. Households can use pedestal fans that come with a power rating of between 50 and 100 watts.


Pedestal fans come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Consider the sizing of the space in which you plan to keep it before making a purchase. An oscillating and CMM-rated pedestal fan is the best choice for large rooms.

Environment friendly

Using a pedestal fan does not produce harmful gases and poisonous substances, making it an environmentally friendly option for heating and cooling your home.

Bottom Line

There are now so many brands competing for customers’ attention with a variety of products on the market. As a smart and long-term investment, you need to buy it from the best pedestal fan seller in India like Havells.

Pedestal fan models manufactured by the best pedestal fan company in India use the most advanced technology. To ensure you bring home the summer companion, keep the above-mentioned points in mind when making your selection.


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