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The Best Usha Pedestal Fans In India 2023 [Top Models Analysis]

Usha, also known as Usha International Limited, is a multinational manufacturer in India, and it was incepted in 1934. The company is mainly into manufacturing and selling electrical appliances. The present headquarters of the company is in Gurugram, Haryana, India. Usha has offices in 16 locations in India, and they are highly invested in technology. Usha serves the customer with the help of a vast distribution network supported by over 30 warehouses and over 60 company showrooms.

In the last 81 years, Usha expanded its presence in multiple sectors, but it is still popularly known for its fans. You might know that Usha started manufacturing fans in 1948, and it was an instant hit. Within the next two years, the company had the capacity and capability to export the fans to various countries. Eventually, Usha also became the first company to launch five stars rated energy efficient fans in the country in 2009. The salient feature was that the energy consumption was restricted to 43 watts, whereas there are products which consume power in the three-digit figure.

Usha also has a research and development wing known as Hyderabad Engineering Industries. They have design, testing, acoustic and air delivery testing facilities available in the division. The company has won several awards for its innovative approach and interest in energy savings. During the Covid-19 outbreak, the demand for Usha fans increased in the rural market because many people migrated back to their natives.

Almost everyone believes in the quality of Usha, and that is why they prefer offerings from the brand. If you are looking for Pedestal Fans, you should check out what Usha offers. This will help you make the right purchase decision. Move on to the next section to check out more details.

Best Selling Usha Pedestal Fans in India

Since you are looking for Pedestal Fans from Usha, we will help you make the purchase. In this section, we have listed the best-selling pedestal fans from the brand. You can check out their review and go through their pros & cons before ordering one.

1. Usha Mist Air Icy 400mm Pedestal Fan

Usha Mist Air Icy 400mm Pedestal Fan

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The first offering on our list is Usha Mist Air, it is one of the most selling pedestal fan in India. This is a three-blade pedestal fan, and it has a maximum speed of 1280 RPM. The fan comes with three speed setting. In addition, you can adjust the height and the tilt of the fan. The body is made of high-density plastic, and it will never rust. The fan is highly energy efficient, and the credit goes to the 100% copper motor. The blades have been tested for aerodynamics, and the design has been optimized to give maximum airflow.

The fan also comes with thermal overload protection to protect the fan from the power surge. The fan is stable at the maximum speed, and the operations are noiseless. The fan is made of plastic and metal, so we feel that the quality could have been better, but even this is satisfactory. The fan will last for a long time, even with extensive usage. Overall, you will love this pedestal fan at the given price point.


  • This fan has a rust-free body and a 100% copper motor.
  • The blades have been tested for aerodynamics, and it offers impressive air delivery.
  • The brand offers a two-year warranty on this pedestal fan.
  • The maximum speed is 1280 RPM, and the maximum air delivery is 67 CMM


  • Some users faced an issue with the packaging.

2. Usha Colossus Rust Free Aluminium Blade 400mm Pedestal Fan

Usha Colossus Rust Free Aluminium Blade 400mm Pedestal Fan

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Many people dislike plastic blades on the pedestal fan. For them, Usha has this offering in their product catalogue. This pedestal fan has blades designed with aluminium. The advantage is that the blades have a lot of strength and offer better airflow. Moreover, since the material used is Aluminum, you can be assured that the blades won’t rust or corrode. This fan is available in three attractive colours. The airflow of this fan is 92 CMM, which is the highest on the list.

The fan doesn’t consume more than 70 watts of power, even at the top speed. The motor is designed with 100% copper, and the fan also has inbuilt thermal overload protection. You can tilt the fan, and the tilting mechanism is as smooth as butter. With a maximum speed of 1320 RPM, this becomes one of the best offerings if you have more family members. You can run it outside the home or inside, and you will be surprised by the amount of airflow it offers.


  • The fan blades of this pedestal fan are designed with aluminium, and they offer high airflow.
  • The power consumption of this fan is 70 watts with a maximum speed of 1320 RPM. The air delivery is 92 CMM.
  • You get a two-year comprehensive warranty on the fan.
  • The body is made of good quality material.


  • Some people mentioned that the electric cable is smaller than expected.

3. Usha Pentacool 5 Blade 400mm Pedestal Fan

Usha Pentacool 5 Blade 400mm Pedestal Fan

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The last offering on our list is Usha Pentacool, and this is a five-blade fan. The blades are made of ABS, and they are translucent. If you have an air conditioner in the room, this could be a perfect model. The fan helps in air circulation, and hence it cools the room faster. In addition, the fan is also very silent. You get all these advantages when you are buying Usha Pentacool. The motor is designed with100% copper, making it very durable and efficient.

Like other models, the brand has integrated thermal overload protection in this fan. With a two year warranty, you can trust the quality of the fan. Overall, you will notice that the fan is silent, and it doesn’t vibrate a lot either. The power consumption of this fan is 70 watts, and it saves a lot of electricity. You can opt for this pedestal fan from Usha, especially if you have AC installed in the room.


  • This is a five-blade fan which is very smooth, and it is designed for air circulation.
  • The maximum air delivery is 85 CMM, and it has a maximum speed of 1350 RPM.
  • The brand offers a two-year warranty on this pedestal fan.
  • The fan runs very smoothly, and it is available in two colours.


  • The blades can be a dust magnet.

Why Choose Usha Pedestal Fans?

Many brands are offering Pedestal Fans in India, so you might be thinking, what does Usha offer extra to make you buy a product from this brand? Usha is an organization based on values, and you will certainly get the benefits of the principles when you are buying an offering from Usha. Check out the pointers below to understand why Usha should be your preferred choice.

  • Reliability 

The reason why people prefer Usha Fans is that they are very reliable. They will last for years without needing any maintenance, which sets them apart. The brand has customer service stations in every state, and it also services the products using the dealer network. So, when you are buying a Usha Fan, you are investing in the product’s quality and reliability.

  • Efficient 

Remember we told you that Usha was the first brand to launch star rated fans in India? The brand is highly invested in manufacturing energy efficient products, which sets it apart. Usha understands the value of energy. So, when you are buying a Usha fan, you are buying a fan that is energy efficient. This translates into a lot of saving in energy costs in a year.

  • Affordability 

The brand believes in simplicity, and it has always wanted to improve the standard of living of Indians. This is why Usha doesn’t price its products at a premium. The offerings from Usha are affordable compared to other brands available in the market. So, when you buy from Usha, you are assured of reliability, and you are getting the product at an affordable price. The fan will also lead to saving in future because of their efficient design.

  • Innovation 

The brand never fails to innovate, and this is yet another fantastic part about Usha. With their research and development wing in Hyderabad, they are highly invested in innovation. You can trust the brand, and you are getting the best products. Talking about the fans, the brand even manufactures tower fans, compact exhaust fans and fans that you can control with remote control.

  • Thermal Overload Protection 

Usha believes in safety, and it has a built-in thermal protection feature in all electrical appliances. This keeps your product safe from the power surge, and hence it improves the fans’ life. So, whatever products are manufactured by Usha are 100% safe and efficient.

Bottom Line

Usha presently manufactures 16 different models of Pedestal Fans. Out of those, we handpicked three for you so that you don’t find it confusing to make the purchase. We are sure that the offerings would fit your requirements and the budget. These three fans that we have shared without are the top-selling options. You can check them out, and you will be happy with the fresh breeze of air they offer.


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