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How To Take Sanyas: Steps To Become A Sanyasi

Before becoming a Sanyasi, you should be aware of few popular sanyasis like Swami sivananda, Vivekananda, Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada, Swami Chinmayananda, Swami Satyananda Saraswati, etc.

After the three phases of life known as Brahmacharya, Grihastha, & Vanaprastha, the fourth stage of life known as Sanyas is the stage of renunciation.

A person who has attained sanyas is one who is not in the least bit enticed by the material conduct of this world and who is free from any emotion of any form of evil. Sanyas means to eradicate illusion from this world. A Sanyasi is the name given to this type of being.

Strict changes to be adopted for becoming a Sanyasi


After leaving their home behind, individuals who choose to live as sanyasi are subject to certain requirements throughout their entire lives. It would seem the person is ineligible for marriage.

It is not possible to have a romantic or sexual relationship with any person. The family and the house are unable to have any form of contact with one other.

One must distance themselves from the mesmerizing illusion that is the world. It is imperative that dishonesty, theft, abuse, and violence be put to an end. It is necessary to make adjustments to one’s dietary habits. In addition to the regular schedule, the sanyasi follows a separate routine than the rest of the community.

Steps to become a Sanyasi?

Sanatan Dharma is the predominant faith practiced by the majority of people across the globe. It was the only religion practiced in the planet a few thousand years ago. This religion was the only one. After that, a great variety of distinct religious systems emerged.

It is without a doubt the superior religion to all others. Sanyas is a monastic renunciation practiced by Sanatan Dharma adherents.

Penance and worship are the means by which the wellbeing of society can be improved. He is completely immense in God at all times. Never stop praising and thanking God.

By way of background, a sannyasi is almost universally regarded as someone worthy of reverence. The following are some essential considerations to make before embarking on the path of sannyasa.

Devote mind towards God

This one human body is responsible for the happiest moments in life as well as the most heartbreaking ones. Because who knows where our minds could go if they tried. Whose velocity is not currently known? It moves far more quickly than the wind.

For this reason, becoming a sanyasi is restricted to just those people who have mastered the art of mental control. Our minds are the source of both our freedom and our enslavement to the rest of the world. Because of this, there is a proverb that says if one’s mind is cured, then one should bathe in the Ganges.

Follow the Sanyas rule

The rule of sanyasa is something that must be adhered to by anyone who want to become a sanyasi. It is necessary to start out as a sanyasi before one can advance to the next level. If you have received initiation from a genuine sanyasi, then the grace of God has been bestowed upon you.

When the grace of God is upon you, and only then, will you be able to live according to the sanyasi code throughout your entire life. Therefore, receiving an education and the necessary initiations from a trustworthy Guru is of the utmost importance.

Abondon Maya

It is absolutely necessary to give up Maya in order to have any chance of becoming a sanyasi. There’s also the matter of, “What exactly is Maya?”

All of these things are what the term “Maya” refers to: home, loved ones, affection for the people all over the world, connection to paddy, and a fondness of money. The way things are, this entire world is an illusion.

Because nothing that exists in our world can ever truly be considered permanent. As long as there is joy today, sadness tomorrow, and back to joy the day after that, the world will continue to evolve and progress.

In this world, some people will come and go, but those that remain will never be without Maya. The renunciation of Maya is the single most important thing that a sanyasi can do.

Once you had taken sanyas, you shouldn’t have any form of relationship to your previous residence in the village beyond that point forth. You have a home in the whole wide world, and all of its inhabitants are like members of your extended family. This conviction is necessary for an individual to get a sanyasi (also known as a monk).

People who have the goal of becoming sanyasi do not regard the joys and sorrows of marriage and family to be part of their own experience in this life.

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