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How To Join Brahma Kumaris Ashram

With the blessings of God, we share with you the official instructions given by the most favourite, the Omnipotent Supreme Spiritual Shiv baba on how to claim the inheritance of heaven by achieving perfection in one’s character in one’s final incarnation and mastering the supreme understanding of RajYog meditation, which leads to inward enlightenment and personal mastery.

Brahma Kumaris Ashram

Follow these four guidelines to join the Brahma Kumaris and start your journey toward becoming a BK.

How to Join Brahma Kumaris Ashram

1. Take up their 7 days course – Brahma Kumaris Spiritual University’s Raja Yog course, which lasts for seven days, serves as both the cornerstone and the heart of the school’s comprehensive spiritual education and practise. As a result, this will be the starting point for your BK education. This training is available at any BK centre (Rajyoga centre) or online

About the course – The information presented at Brahma Kumaris is vast, but the Raja Yoga course distils it all down to its essence. The seven-day course, as we say, describes the presence of Soul, the Supreme Soul (Deity), the World drama and its cycle of 5,000 years, knowing the tale of the fall and rise of civilization, depth of understanding to the widespread law of Karma, and finally the method and practice of RajYog as well as Rajyoga mindfulness, which is a link with the almighty supreme soul. This training is necessary because it lays the groundwork for future learning.

2. Study vow of purity and Murli – One can only keep the milk of a lioness in a golden bowl, so the saying goes. Now more than ever, it is essential to heed God’s first commandment and “become pure.” The Hindu ideal of chastity is known as brahmacharya, or absolute celibacy. True virtues blossom from a foundation of purity. Furthermore, one cannot be considered a Brahman unless they are completely without impurity (in their minds, speech, and deeds) (BK). Many people find it challenging to maintain mental purity. As we continue to move in different murli directions, however, our internal purity also advances.

Asserting that “We all are sisters and brothers and the kids of one spiritual parent (Supreme soul /ParamAtma)” is a simple method to instill a sense of spiritual purity in our daily lives.

You’re finally prepared to sip the nectar of the gods

3. Surrender your intellect– Many people have asked us, “What must I do to become one of you?” Can you tell me the Yagya surrender ritual?

So, remember that “surrender” doesn’t imply settling down at a community centre. True, Baba’s Shrimat instructs you to maintain your chastity and engage in spiritual practice (purusharth) even as you tend to your daily needs at home (with the loukik family)

4. Surrender Letter– Following the first three instructions in the Murlis, God declares a person to be a Brahman (BK). If you are ready to have us include your name and other information in the heavenly record, you can do so by submitting the Surrender Letter (having your local centre keep a copy of the signed letter) or by filling out the Register as a BK form on their website.

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