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The Best Helmets for Ladies in India 2023 [For Girls & Women]

When it comes to making a fashion statement, ladies are inevitably the goddess of doing things the right way. From elegant dressing to matching accessories, they are always amazing. However, when it is about helmets, the situation might seem less adequate.

A ride on a two-wheeler is fun, overwhelming and remarkable in the early days of learning. Cleaning the motorbike with a microfiber cloth, wearing a jacket and then putting on a helmet is all a women look after but the issue of getting their hairstyle ruined is also troublesome. Ladies spend time setting up their hairs and a helmet can ruin their look. But, it can be avoided by choosing a well-designed and stylish looking helmet.

Helmets are an integral part of safety and everyone must wear a helmet. The passionate riding experience enhances when you are using all the safety gear and following the traffic rules. No one should compromise with safety and wearing a good quality helmet can ensure a safe and sound ride.

In case you are looking for the finest ladies’ helmet in India, you might want to consider reading this post. We made a list of top-selling ladies’ helmets online in India. We went through design, what girls like the most in a helmet, their build quality, and a bunch more factors. The list goes on.

Best Selling Helmets for Women in India

Best Helmets for Ladies in India

A good quality helmet has three essential features for protection; soft padding to reduce the impact during an accident, a hard shell for an extra layer of safety, and the last part is the material’s breathability. All these things combined offer superb usability.

After doing lots of researched and test here, we are sharing the best rated helmets in India for girls & women. Let’s get started –

1. Vega Atom Pink Helmet

Vega Atom Pink Helmet

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No doubt that Vega is a fantastic and reputed helmet manufacturer brand in India. When it comes to purchasing reliable helmets for ladies, then Vega Atom Pink Helmet is an easy pick. Why? There are a ton of reasons, and landing on anyone is hard. All the things being optimal makes this helmet perfect for any person.

The sturdy design and robust build quality are the primary things we looked after. As a result, the overall build is superior to any other option, and you get immense protection against any impact.

Affordability is the second key component that makes this helmet highly reliable to choose. You are getting a colour choice in the affordable price range, and you can choose between five different colour options. Thus, this helmet is an easy recommendation.


  • Affordable price point
  • Easy to choose based on colour options
  • Quick-release button for easier usability.
  • Certified by ISI


  • No cons were reported.

2. Studds Urban Pink With White Strip Open Face Helmet

Studds Urban Pink With White Strip Open Face Helmet

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Studds is a remarkable brand that provides a unique range of ladies’ helmets in the local market. You can go anywhere in the helmet market and find Studds as the competitive brand for everyone, men and women. The build quality of this faded pink helmet is on par with all the other options.

This helmet is ISI certified, and the manufacturer is following all the safety standards with this product. Thus, you get a better safety assurance while using this product. Meanwhile, looking at the design factor, this helmet has an open face design that provides an ease to the rider. Some people don’t like to use full-face helmets as they feel suffocated, and this helmet solves the issue for those customers.

If you look after the side aspects of this helmet, you can find features like an easy-to-use buckle. In addition, you can quickly put on and remove this helmet with ease. All the factors make sense when you pay attention to the essential safety aspects.


  • Open face helmet design ensures a better flow of air.
  • Easy to wear and remove option with quick release buckle.
  • Price is reasonable based on the features.
  • Available in five fantastic colour options.


  • Some sizes are hard to buy due to low stock.

3. Steelbird SB-33 Eve Dashing Women Helmet

Steelbird SB-33 Eve Dashing Women

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This specially designed helmet is extraordinary and designed with high-quality material. Furthermore, the material from which the helmet is introduced is UV resistant due to polyurethane pains that create the aesthetic enhancement.

The ventilation system is considerable, allowing airflow and providing more comfort to an individual while driving a two-wheeler or four-wheeler. In addition, the helmet’s outer shell has a remarkable high impact due to the thermoplastic. The weight of the helmet is 1080 g.

The noticeable fact of the helmet is it is ISI certified, which is an accurate selection for people. The one size of the helmet is suitable for every individual to make the right rich inexperience. This product is sturdy, strong, and comfortable. The laptop’s packaging is impressive and remains in good condition due to scratch-resistant properties.


  • The helmet is ISI certified that ensures the safety of the product.
  • The standard size of the helmet is suitable for every person.
  • The helmet’s interior is made of air mesh that keeps the helmet cool.
  • The quality of the helmet is top-notch that can use for an extended period.
  • The outer layer from which the helmet is made is allergic velveteen.


  • The size is a little tight.

4. GoMechanic – Instinct Series – Delta

GoMechanic - Instinct Series

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This series of helmets are compatible and worth buying for women. The lightweight helmet is easy to carry around anywhere and makes the ride smooth and comfortable. It ensures women’s safety thoroughly without causing a hurdle in the journey. The weight of the product is 1 KG.

There are multiple colours in the hell mates in which a woman can choose a perfect model for themselves in the affordable range of money. The helmet is ISI approved, whose logo undoubtedly gives the convenience to buy the product. The material from which the hell bit is established is ABS Singh with a convenient design.

The material is highly durable and super heat resistant, and corrosion-resistant. The inner line of the helmet is removable and washable. It is also a unisex helmet equipped with moisture-resistant fabric to ensure the cooling effect ultimately. There is a net protector in which the padding is inserted for extra comfort. Undoubtedly, this helmet is trendy, and people buy it due to its fantastic style.


  • The visor is scratch resistance.
  • The design of the helmet is compatible.
  • The helmet ensures safety.
  • The helmet is stylish to wear.


  • The quality of the helmet is average.

How To Choose Ladies Helmet In India?

When it comes to purchasing a high-quality ladies helmet, most people think of going with an open face or half face helmet. It might seem adequate, but you might end up missing out on all the crucial aspects that matter a lot during the selection time. To eliminate all those issues and figure out a top-level helmet, you can pay attention to critical factors just like we did. A helmet has more than twenty important parameters; however, looking at the below given seven factors is good enough to assure you of the quality. Let’s get started –

Helmet Size

While choosing a helmet online, you might not be able to find the perfect size because you haven’t tested the right size for yourself. It is one of the significant drawbacks of shopping online. However, there is a simple solution to the same. Helmet size guides can help you know the diameter and circumference of a particular model.

You can begin by using a measuring tape to know about your head’s circumference and then look for helmets with adequate size. It might seem a tall order, but the simple solution is to measure your size. Most manufacturers mention their helmet size, circumference, and other factors in the description, so it is worth checking out.

Style Choice

Helmets come in two different ladies’ styles: full face and open face or half face helmets. Each type of helmet has a specific advantage over the other types. Among all the options, you can find that a full-face helmet for ladies is way better than any other option. However, you can compare types based on qualities of each type –

Full Face Helmet – Highly reliable against impact and best of rider safety. Comes in limited colours and covers the whole face, from head to chin. These are slightly expensive as compared to the other options.

Half Face Helmet – These helmets also have a visor and protect against collision to your head; however, there is no protection at the chin area. These helmets come for a mid-range price point and provide excellent protection in most case scenarios.

Open Face Helmets – One of the famous helmet styles among ladies and girls in open face helmets. These helmets offer protection to the head, and a tight strap secures these helmets. These helmets are also the least expensive.

After going through all these helmet types, you can quickly determine which one is highly reliable for your specific requirement.

Colour Choice

Whether you are looking for a full-face helmet or an open-face helmet, the colour choice matters greatly. Some people like to buy black colour helmets because they look genuine, and the aesthetic of having a simple colour is way more appealing. On the other hand, some people like colours to fluent their personality. Even though pink is over-hyped colour and way more condemned by society, you should not think that way.

It is all about you, and choosing the right colour depends on what suits you the most. Having bright and vibrant colour is an excellent choice as other riders on the road gets a clear view of the upcoming vehicle. You can also go with graphical patterns and colour palette options to match your style. However, we will still recommend you to go with single colour options as such helmets provide the perfect use.

Helmet Maintenance

Choosing a helmet that offers you excellent functionality and provides easy cleaning is always better to choose. A wide range of finishes is used by the manufacturers that can provide you with an excellent look. If you are going after the matte finish, you can find that it looks great, and it is also premium in many ways. However, these helmets are hard to clean. The finishing starts fading away with every wash or wipe with a wet cloth. The perfect solution in such a situation is to choose a helmet with a glossy finish. Such helmets are highly reliable due to their more straightforward washing design, and you can have excellent durability. Make sure that you also look after the removable inner pads. If the pads are removable, you can have a gentle wash to them and get rid of all the sweat. Other side advantages might tempt you regarding the purchase.

Soft Padding

Helmets have two main parts, a sturdy outer shell and soft inner padding. These two things help prevent impact during accidents and reduce injuries. However, some manufacturers use stiff padding, which feels less comfortable and is hard to wear. Having soft padding ensures that you feel comfortable, and you don’t have to worry about changing the helmet just because of the padding.

The breathability of material is a side aspect related to the same. If the helmet is full face, then you might find issues like sweating, and it becomes a significant drawback. To avoid getting into such a hurdle, always choose helmets that offer breathable material so that you don’t sweat. Comparing a few helmet models can come in handy.

Visor and Visibility

Helmets with visors are highly reliable and provide a range of advantages over the regular type of helmets available in the market. If you are choosing a helmet that comes with a visor, then always look after a product with excellent visibility. The cheap quality or affordable helmets have this issue with visor where it scratches pretty easily. To prevent this issue, reputed manufacturers use a protective layer and provide excellent visibility to the customers. This method comes in handy in various manners and provides a range of additional benefits at the same time.


Choosing a helmet that is certified assure that you are buying a product with minimum standards. In India, there is one famous brand for certification, and it is ISI. Brands get certifications for their product when they meet the minimum safety guideline. In terms of helmets, there are three things manufacturers have to ensure, sturdiness, hardness of shell, and fitting. If a helmet meets all the given quality standards, then it is allowed to use the ISI certificate. The second brand in India for certification is DOT, and it is pretty similar to ISI, but the standards are way higher. So, if you find a helmet with ISI and DOT certification, you can buy it with closed eyes.

Reputed Brand and Feedback

Always look for all the popular brands currently in the market and compare them based on their products. Well, every brand is indeed unique in its way; however, most brands rename the standard features and create gimmicks. To avoid getting into such trouble, you can consider looking after a brand that has been experienced in the market for years and has positive feedback from their customer.

You can go through the feedback from the previous buyers regarding the reviews and compare them as compared to the other ones. To sort out a reliable ladies helmet, looking at attentive factors like shape, design, and colour will make a perfect choice. You can avoid facing major issues by putting some effort into the research part. Checking a helmet in person and ordering it will be an adequate choice so far.

The Final Verdict

Helmets with all the safety features ensure that you are getting an excellent product for safety. The helmet market for ladies is not developed yet as the demand is poor. However, if you are pretty selective with the design, build quality, material, and brand, then it is easy to finalize a reliable product with ease.


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