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How to Tell if It’s Time to Schedule an Auto Repair?

Vehicles kept in good condition will run for years. No matter the condition, though, there will be times when a repair is needed. It may not always be easy to determine if a repair is needed immediately or if it’s okay to continue to drive the car until it’s more convenient. Make sure you know the signs of car issues and how to tell if you need to schedule repairs right away or if you can wait. 

Solid Check Engine Light

A solid check engine light can mean many different things. If it’s solid and not blinking, it’s generally okay to continue driving a little bit. There may be an issue with one of the vehicle’s sensors or the gas cap, but it can be more serious. Machines are available that can read the code on the vehicle to determine why the light is blinking if you need some peace of mind. While it is okay to continue driving a little bit, schedule auto repair Boise ID, as soon as possible. 

Blinking Check Engine Light

A blinking check engine light is generally more dire. It’s a good idea to pull over immediately if the check engine light is blinking. Errors that lead to a blinking light can be far more serious, so it’s better to have the vehicle towed and repaired immediately. A mechanic can check the code to determine what happened and what is needed to restore the vehicle. 

Auto Repair

Leaking Underneath the Vehicle

Leaks underneath the vehicle should be checked out immediately, regardless of color. If the liquid is clear, it can just be condensation leaking from the air conditioning system on a hot day. For any other color though, it’s better to have it checked out right away. Running out of oil and other liquids in the car because of a leak can cause major damage that can be costly to repair. 

Odd Sounds from the Car

Odd sounds are another indication that something is wrong. Grinding sounds may indicate an issue with the vehicle’s brakes, which can make it more difficult to stop quickly when needed. Bumping sounds can indicate parts that are loose or broken. Regardless of the sound heard, if the vehicle starts making an unusual noise, it’s likely best to have it inspected and repaired quickly. 

Noticeable Vibrations When Driving

Vibrations while driving can indicate engine or steering issues. They may be more pronounced when you’re driving at high speeds or happen all of the time but be more subtle. If you notice vibrations, it’s a good idea to have the issue inspected as soon as possible to prevent more serious problems. 

Pay attention to your vehicle when driving. It will tell you if something is wrong and needs to be fixed. While not everything is an emergency, it is never a good idea to put off repairs for too long. The issue will just get worse over time. If you’ve noticed any of these issues, schedule a repair today to get your vehicle running properly again. 


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