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The Best Helmets Under 1000 Rs. India

It’s a fact that a helmet is a lifesaver! It is an excellent object for people that dramatically reduce the chances of injury related to the head or brain. Whether people are running a bike, scooter, or skateboard, the helmet plays a prominent role in saving people from the sudden collision that leads to severe damage to their head.

The paramount factor to consider while buying a helmet is the right fit. It does a great job while riding a bike or any other vehicle. However, if it is too small or loose, it causes uncomfortable while riding a vehicle.

Also, it won’t save people from accidents and cause significant injuries. The thing you must examine while buying the helmet is checking the certification, never buy a used helmet and try it first.

Best Helmets Under 1000

Moving further, if buying the appropriate model in the helmet is a huge challenge for you, then this post consists of the top-notch models in the helmet that falls under Rs.1000.

Best Selling Helmets Below Option 1000 Rs.

It won’t burn a pocket and will fall under the budget with all the necessary features. To have a safe and happy ride, scroll down below to examine such spot-on helmets with advantages and disadvantages.

1. Vega Cliff Black Helmet – M

Vega Cliff Black Helmet

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If you want something on budget with all the extraordinary features that expensive helmet consist then this model is the appropriate choice. This ideal helmet choice comprises a high-impact ABS material shell that gives a textured finish. The helmet’s wear is comfortable and can be adjusted as per the fit of an individual.

It is ISI certified that ensures the safety of a driver and matches all the safety standards significantly. The helmet’s noticeable fact is it does include the two major properties such as scratch-resistant and your assistance. In addition, the visor is top-notch made of polycarbonate and saves people from the harmful sun rays that fall on them and irritate the eyes.

The ventilation system of the product is superb with one mouth went and back exhaust vents. It allows the airflow circulation to help people feel fresh in. In addition, the ventilation system ensures no suffocation to a person while riding the Weikel. The product’s weight is 850 g that is easy to wear regularly. More specifically, having a comfortable fit and manufacture made the product great by using the outer shell ideally.

The inner padding gives the utmost comfort to a rider while riding, making the ideal choice for people. It is a stylish, classy, and trendy option that gives protection and ultimate convenience to riders. This helmet includes a compact design made of a BS for impact resistance and gives the appropriate fittings, and protects people from injuries.

Last but not the least, the safety standards of the helmet are undeniable. It is made of fantastic materials that withstand a rough impact. Moreover, it includes all the necessary features without compromising the quality, like an expensive helmet.


  • Weight – 850 g
  • Country of origin – India
  • Colour – Black
  • Size – M


  • The helmet covers all safety standards.
  • It is classy, stylish, and trendy.
  • The wear of the helmet
  • is comfortable and unforgettable.
  • The product is light in weight that is comfortable to adjust.
  • It is ISI certified.


  • The shape and head dimensions are slightly not proper.

2. Studds Urban Black with Black Strip Open Face Helmet

Studds Urban Black with Black Strip Open Face Helmet

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This model in the helmet is fantastic to use for getting a safe and sound side of the vehicle. The outer shell of this open face helmet model is made of an exceptionally high impact grade that is thermoplastic. In addition, the helmet’s outer shell is hard coated to avoid scratches. Finally, the property worth considering of the helmet is antiallergic velveteen that keeps all the bacteria out of reach of people.

This is significant property to ensure the good health of people at the same time. The thermoplastic use at the outer shell gives extra protection to amazing people to use regularly. The unfortunate impact includes the chin strap that includes the easy operation while reusing the vehicle. The product’s weight is 998 g, and it comes in black color.

The unique features of the helmet are that it gives an extra-long visor and full-face coverage. It’s not only The good features there are many more. It includes the properties like scratch resistance and UV resistance to embark on. The harmful rays falling on the helmet will not reach people and distract them while riding. It includes a unique locking mechanism that is easy to operate but at the same time ensures the safety of people.

The visor is polycarbonate that includes silicon hard coated to make the products durable. More broadly, the helmet’s appearance looks stylish, making people look cool while driving a vehicle.

It gives utmost protection to people but at the same time is a convenient option since made of ABS impact-resistant material. The fit is also outstanding and gives unbelievable responses to people that significantly ensures a smooth ride.


  • Weight – 998 g
  • Country of origin – India
  • Colour – Black
  • Size – L


  • The outer shell has a high impact grade.
  • It can be used for multi-position that is indeed injected with polycarbonate.
  • The internal padding of the helmet is extraordinary.
  • It is treated with the antiallergic velveteen that gives people comfortable wear.
  • The helmet is ISI certified to ensure safety.


  • The sounds of other vehicles are easily visible that causing distraction.

3. Steelbird SB-50 Adonis Classic Black with Plain Visor

Steelbird SB-50 Adonis Classic Black with Plain Visor

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One of the Well-known brands in the full face helmet is steel board. It is widely popular all across the world. This is due to the helmet’s significant features that attract people to buy the helmets to get a smooth and safe ride on the vehicle, whether a scooter, bike, or skateboard. The mechanism used for making the helmet is the chin strap mechanism that gives easy operation to use and ensures the user’s safety.

Moreover, it is made of high-quality UV-resistant polyurethane paint that traps the harmful rays coming from the sun and gives people a smooth way to drive without the interference of sun rays. The helmet’s ventilation system is dynamic, allowing air to flow continuously and providing riders comfort while driving.

The helmet’s inner shell is introduced from polyurethanes and cotton fabric that absorbs the sweat and gives people clean and fresh breath. On top of that, the helmet’s outer shell is made of a high-quality ABS shell, and the finish is extraordinary. The trading system is worth considering that it is treated with antiallergic velveteen never to allow bacteria to react in the human body and make people fall sick.

The head size doesn’t matter when a rider buys this helmet since it is adjustable and fits according to the size of people. Although the product’s weight is 952 g, that is still easy for people to wear. In addition, this classic-looking helmet gives people secure riding since it is engineered thermoplastic with high impact.

The function is to secure people from head injuries and significant accidents and provide people with ultimate comfort while driving. The country of origin is India. The visor gives a clear view of the road since it is transparent.


  • Weight – 952 g
  • Country of origin – India
  • Colour – Black
  • Size – L


  • The helmet is safe to drive and looks stylish.
  • It is I S I certified to ensure the safety of the driver.
  • The inner shell is made of cotton fabric that is rich in quality.
  • It includes a dynamic ventilation system for easy airflow.
  • It protects the harmful sun rays from reaching the user.


  • The ventilation holes are a little bit.

4. O2 STARX PERL Open Face ABS Helmet

O2 STARX PERL Open Face ABS Helmet

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02 STARX PERL is an excellent option for adventure seekers. This open-face design gives a vintage feel and utmost security to riders. First of all, the material used while making the helmet is impressive that can be used for an extended period by people. The functioning of the helmet is easy to use since the mechanism applied is top-notch. It does not include the wiser but still protects the head from injuries that might cause significant issues.

One of the lightest weight helmets includes the item weight 400 g. People can wear it regularly, even while going for a short ride. So, get ready to write with safety and security! The material used while making this unisex half-face helmet is ABS and EPS. The features like sturdy upper sides and the comfortable padding gifts rider at most comfortable and protective.

It is created with an excellent fit around the face and head. The material used while making the helmet is shockproof and impact resistant. This helps people a lot and serves every purpose of wearing the helmet. In addition, the material used by making the helmet is antibacterial material that makes people feel fresh and clean.

It looks classy and completely certified. This is the ideal option for people who provide security in an accident. Undoubtedly, it includes the premium protection that is valuable for people and worth spending money on.

The perspective of designing the model of 02 is giving people the best riding experience. This is suitable for bike and scooter helmets and can be used by both men and women. Moreover, the front opening allows people a comprehensive view that safeguards them from roadside mishappening.


  • Weight – 400 g
  • Country of origin – India
  • Colour – Black
  • Size – M


  • The material is superb and is long-lasting.
  • The material is extremely lightweight that is comfortable to wear.
  • The adjustments are perfect that are easy to use.
  • It is ISI certified to meet safety standards.
  • It has antibacterial materials that give people fresh rights.


  • The feeding is not extraordinary.

Final Thoughts

It’s essential to wear helmets now and then since it ensures the riders’ safety and gives a smooth journey. Many helmets fall under Rs.1000 and have unique features. To know more about them, consider the information mentioned above in the article.


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