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The Best Flip-Up Helmets In India

For a bike enthusiast, nothing is better than riding the bike early in the morning on empty roads. We are sure that no one could deny such an opportunity. While the bike rides are fun, we should never forget protective gear. Firstly, it is illegal to ride a bike without a helmet and secondly, you should never compromise on safety by riding a bike without a helmet. It takes only a second to be fatally injured. Now, talking about helmets, there are many different types of helmets. Many people prefer half face helmets, but those are not a good option. Your jaw would end up taking a massive impact if you were wearing a half-face helmet.

So, this is why Full Face and the Flip-up Helmet became popular. These helmets are designed so that the chin area. The bikers don’t feel restricted when they are using the flip-up helmet. This type of helmet is always in maximum demand. When you use a flip-up helmet, you are not compromising on safety, and at the same time, you also feel comfortable wearing the flip-up helmet. Since you are on this page, we are sure that you are exploring the flip-up helmet in India.

We will help you by sharing the best options for flip-up helmets available in the Indian market. You can choose from them, which will help you ensure that whatever you are buying is of fantastic quality. So, let us now move ahead and see what we have in the next section for you.

Why Choose Flip-Up Helmets?

Best Flip-Up Helmets In India

Now, some of you may be thinking about why should you choose a flip-up helmet. We will try and answer this question. If you have used a full-face helmet on a summer day, you would have realized how hot it can get in the helmet. Even though there is space for ventilation, it still gets sweaty on a summer day. This is where the full-face helmet has a disadvantage. To overcome this issue, some brands came up with a flip-up helmet that dealt with the problem practically. The flip-up helmets have a versatile design that lets you move up the chin area. In return, you get proper ventilation. At least when you are on traffic stops, you can lift the chin area of the flip-up helmet and feel the air running around your face.

Now, you may ask us why we can’t use a half-face helmet if heat is such a problem. Well, if you plan to use a half-face helmet, then you will end up compromising on your safety. In case of an accident, your jaw and your chin will make a massive impact, and you will surely end up in an emergency room after that. This is because the half-face helmet offers no protection in the jaw area. Whereas, when you are using a flip-up helmet and have closed it properly, it will offer protection similar to a full-face helmet.

Because of this advantage, people often prefer a flip-up helmet over any other option. Let us now move on to the next section to see the best flip-up helmet available in India.

Best Selling Flip-Up Helmets in India

Let us now check out the top 3 flip-up helmets in India. We have done extensive research before recommending these helmets to you. Also, you will notice that we have listed the pros and cons of each of these helmets. In such a case, if you are in a hurry to order a flip-up helmet, you can go through the advantages & disadvantages of each of these products and shortlist something accordingly. We hope this list will help you choose a reliable option for yourself.

1. Vega Crux Black Helmet-L: Best Overall

Vega Crux Black Helmet-L

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The first option on our list is from Vega. This flip-up helmet is designed with high-impact ABS material. The textured finish on the helmet looks great, and it is also available in three colour options. The product is ISI marked, and the chin guard has a lever flip-up mechanism. The helmet is easy to clean, and the inner lining is washable. Many people want the visor to be of the best quality, and you will be glad to know that this helmet has a UV resistant and scratch resistant visor.

The weight of this helmet is 1.1 Kg, and it is sturdy enough to protect you from any impact. This flip-up helmet is also very comfortable to wear, and since it meets all the safety guidelines, you will undoubtedly love it. If you often find it difficult to wear a mask while riding a bike, you can use this helmet as flipping up the chin guard can help you easily wear the mask.


  • This helmet is available in Large & Medium Sizes. You also have three colour options.
  • The buckle is designed with metal, and it is very sturdy.
  • The visor is resistant to scratches, and it doesn’t turn yellow with exposure to UV rays.
  • The chin opening system won’t open accidentally, and hence it is very reliable.
  • The lining of the helmet is washable.


  • Some users complained about the shipping and the seller service.

2. Steelbird SB-45 R2K Oska ISI Certified Flip Up Helmet

Steelbird SB-45 R2K Oska ISI Certified Flip Up Helmet

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One of the best brands in the Indian market for buying a helmet is Steelbird. Fortunately, the brand also manufactures flip-up helmets. The brand also has many trendy designs, and you will find almost all possible size options here. Apart from this, the helmet features a perfect quality visor. The visor on this helmet is designed with polycarbonate, and it is made of scratch-resistant & unbreakable material. The outer shell is of fantastic quality, and it can also take up a huge impact.

The extra padding on the helmet gives you extra protection. The lining on the helmet is breathable, and there is an integrated neck protector in the helmet that would offer additional comfort to you. The pores on the lining keep the helmet well ventilated, and it helps you get rid of the stink as well. The buckle of this helmet is designed with metal, and it holds up very well.


  • This helmet is available in XS, S, Medium, Large and XL sizes.
  • The helmet is available in 7 colours and textures.
  • The polycarbonate visor is unbreakable, and it is also scratch resistant.
  • The outer shell is 100% ABS which can take high impacts.
  • The interior lining is sweat-absorbent, and it won’t cause any irritation.


  • Some people find this helmet to be expensive.

3. Studds Ninja Elite With Carbon Strip With Clear Visor Flip up Helmet

Studds Ninja Elite With Carbon Strip With Clear Visor Flip up Helmet

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The last offering on our list is from Studds. This is yet another reliable brand available in India. The flip-up helmet from Studds is reliable. The helmet has a hard shell, and it will never break. The visor of the helmet is clear, and it offers impressive visibility. The visor doesn’t get scratched easily, and it aids visibility at night. The inner lining of the helmet can be washed easily. The cushioning on the helmet is also very soft, which will keep you protected. The brand uses a unique hypoallergenic liner to prevent any allergy because of the damp helmet during extended hours.


  • Studds is a trendy and reliable brand in the Indian market.
  • This helmet is available at an affordable price.
  • The helmet has good cushioning which protects you from impact.
  • The single flip-up button on the helmet is easy to use.
  • The lightweight design of the helmet keeps the weight to just 480 grams.


  • No option is available in colour.

How To Choose The Best Flip-Up Helmets in India?

If you are new to riding a bike, this section is especially for you. In this section, we have listed what should you consider while purchasing the flip-up helmets. You should still check out the pointers below, even if you are already deep into the world of biking. So, let us go ahead and review the details now.

  • Brand

The first important thing here is the brand. Since we are talking about safety, you would not want to compromise. In such a case, always opt for a brand that offers reliability. You must only opt for good brands because you want to trust them while riding the bikes through the lanes. So, when looking for a flip-up helmet, ensure that you only opt for a good brand.

  • Size

The next thing to check here is the size of the helmet. You will find the small, medium, large and extra-large sizes for the helmet. We assure you that you would already know about the size of the helmet, but if in case you don’t, it is better to try the size. The size of the helmet should be such that it fits you perfectly fine. It should not be lose because if the helmet is loose, it may come off while you are riding.

  • ISI Marked / Quality

The quality of the flip-up helmet is a very important thing as well. We have already mentioned the brand, but that might still not mean good quality. So, how do you check the quality of the helmet? To ensure that the helmet is of good quality, look for the ISI mark on the helmet. The ISI mark means that the helmet has been tested for quality, and you would not have any issues with the same. You must also check the quality of the helmet’s hard shell so that you are protected from abrasion in case of an accident.

  • Cushioning

One thing that protects your head during the cash is the inner cushioning. So, when buying a flip-up helmet, check for the quality of inner padding. It should be a thick and soft layer of the pad. There should not be any point in the helmet where the cushion is missing. You need to check all these details. Even in the chin area, the cushioning should be adequate. If you verify all these details, we can assure you that the helmet will protect you in an accident.

  • Chin Strap

Now you will find many riders riding their bike without strapping their helmet. This is a very dangerous practice, and you should avoid it at any cost. You need to strap the helmet correctly, and at the same time, you need to check the quality of the chin strap. The chin strap should be of good quality, and it should be sturdy enough to stay in place.

  • Ventilation

You are most likely going to feel hot inside the helmet. It would even get sweaty inside the helmet. So, it is crucial to have the helmet’s ventilation slots in the right place. This is required because the ventilation will ensure that the helmet is not stinking. While checking for the ventilation, do ensure that you check for the fabric inside the helmet. It should be absorbent enough to absorb the sweat.

  • Visor Quality

The visor is an important part of the helmet. Before buying the flip-up helmet, you should also check the quality of the visor. You can choose between a transparent or a dark visor according to your preference. If you are riding the bike at night, ensure that you buy the transparent visor or else, you can even opt for a dark visor as that would offer some protection from the harsh sunlight. Apart from this, the visor should also be resistant to scratches so that you don’t have to change the visor regularly.

  • Easy to Clean

With time, the helmet will get dirty. This is especially true for the interior section of the helmet. The interior should be easy to clean because you will find it stinking if you don’t clean it regularly. You should at least be able to wipe the helmet’s inner lining so that you can remove dandruff, sweat, and hair from the lining. This will help you clean the helmet.

  • Warranty

Most of the brands offer some warranty on the helmets. You can check if the helmet you like comes with any warranty. The warranty will help you deal with any manufacturing defect. In such a case, the brand will provide you with a free replacement.

  • Cost

The last thing that you should be bothered about is the cost. While buying the helmet, don’t even look at the cost because you are saving yourself when buying a good quality helmet. Always avoid cheap helmets that may not offer enough protection to you.

Final Thought

This was all about the best flip-up helmets available in India. While buying a helmet, ensure that it is of good quality because your life depends on the helmet. The padding should be thick enough to cushion you from any impact while riding the bike. Apart from this, you can ensure that the helmet is ISI marked. We have covered all these points in our buying guide, so do ensure that you check out the details in the buying guide. After going through these three options, we can assure you that you will find at least one of those to be useful.

When you are riding the bike, please ensure that you flip down the front of the helmet. If you still have any questions about the flip-up helmet, you can reach out to us using the comment section. Do share this page with your friends and family so that they can also choose reliable riding gear while riding their bikes. You can also check out other website sections for reviews of other interesting products.


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