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The Best Full Face Helmets in India

Well, inevitably, never take the helmet for granted. Helmets don’t come cheap and their significance is paramount. It’s vital to invest in a helmet that is worth money and time.

The central perspective of the helmet is for protecting the head during the ride of bikes and scooters. A full-face helmet is a convenient option for ensuring the safety and security of the head of users.

So, how do you choose the appropriate helmet? There are critical factors to examine while purchasing a helmet. The basic details are necessary to study by sparing some time.

There are many options in the helmets for the full face and it makes it challenging for people to consider one. Here is the list of the three best full-face helmets that are worth purchasing and adding to your collection.

Why Choose Full-Face Helmets?

Best Full Face Helmets in India

Ensures Safety

Safety is a significant factor for a rider. It avoids the chances of accidents and head injuries if the prominent steps are taken already while riding the bike. The helmet is equipment that is a fabulous way of protecting the head of the user while riding the bike. Most importantly it is useful for the rider’s brain injuries as it can be avoided relatively.  No doubt, prevention is necessary and the helmet is necessary for protecting the skull and the outer impact injuries.

Reduce Air Noise

While driving the bike the air around the atmosphere strife that year and make the noise. The helmet is the ultimate option for the same. The noise produced by the year is responsible for distracting people. Whereas, a helmet is a paramount option for helping riders to allow the focus while driving more aptly. It is a great option to reduce the noise that is striking the ears during the ride.

Protect Eyes from Dust

While riding the bike and scooter the dust and debris are trying to reach the eyes and causes disturbance. Instead of wearing sunglasses while riding a bike, it will be convenient to go with a helmet that protects the eyes from dust. However, the helmet is not only the instrument that helps the eyes but also will protect the skull. That automatically reduces the risk of severe injuries.

Protect Against Harsh Weather

The helmets are also responsible for protecting people from the harsh weather. For instance, it is a great way for protecting the user against sunlight and rain. It ensures the safe ride of a user and its partner by sitting behind and enjoying the pleasant weather. The components of the helmet are spot-on for helping a user to make a smooth ride on a bike or scooter.

Other crucial reasons

Shell – The shell of the helmet is usually made of carbon fibre, polycarbonate and fibreglass. This is the outermost layer that is having a great impact on the security of the user. The second layer of the helmet consists of a form layer that provides cushioning to the skulls to absorb the hits and avoid severe injuries.

Comfort liner – As the name reflects the comfort liner is having the central perspective for comforting or user while riding. It is the layer that will absorb the sweat. The noticeable fact about the liner is it is washable. The fabrics of the comfort liner are made with anti-bacterial that allow the absorption relatively.

Vents – Ventilation is the prominent factor of a helmet. There are the chances that a person might feel suffocated while wearing the helmets. To make a passage of knowing the air the vents helps a lot. It does allow the coolers to enter in front of the vent and warm air to allow from the front. The continuous airflow does not allow the user to feel suffocated.

Visor – The visor is the front shield of the helmet. Its major role is to protect a person from dust, rain and sunlight. Some of the models in the helmets are specially established from the coated visors to protect the eyes from the sun’s rays. Plus, it is having the feature of preventing people from the fog in the monsoon. Undoubtedly, the retention system is useful for keeping the helmet in the same position.

Cheek Pads – The movement of the helmet is not a good sign. Especially at the time of hitting the movement of helmets causes severe injuries. The cheek pads don’t allow the movement of a side impact. This is often made from material like the comfort liner. These are the soft pads that allow the cushioning to the facial area.

Best Selling Full Face Helmets in India

1. Vega Cliff Black Helmet-L

Vega Cliff Black Helmet-L

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The vega cliff black helmet is stylish, classy and trendy! To provide the utmost protection and ultimate convenience this helmet is extraordinary to purchase. The design of the helmet is compact and comes with ABS. The material ABS is impressive since it ensures impact resistance. The visor of the helmet is easy to fit and it looks fantastic.

On top of that, the helmet ensures The style of the user while protecting users from accidental injuries while riding the bike. more precisely, it includes amazing safety standards. The material from which the helmet is introduced can withstand a rough impact. The item is approved by the government that’s why it is ISI approved and convenient to take into use.

This project will never compromise in terms of quality and provide complete protection since it is scratch resistant. Further, the weighing is only 800 g which is convenient for the user to wear. The light choice is always an ideal choice for daily use while riding the bike comfortably. This option provides ultimate durability and safety to the user.


  • The material of the helmet is superb. It is made from ABS material with a textured finish.
  • It is ISI certified and is approved by the government and makes a perfect choice.
  • The unique feature is, it is scratch resistant, UV resistant.
  • The weight of the product is lightweight 850 g.
  • The visor is in optical polycarbonate that helps the user to view it conveniently.


  • The size of the helmet is a little bit small.
  • The fitting of the helmet is slightly uncomfortable.
  • The padding of the helmet is thin.

2. Steelbird SB-50 Adonis Classic Black with Plain

Steelbird SB-50

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Don’t you want your bike ride to be secured? Here is the classic option of the helmet that not only makes the drive safe but also makes you look stylish! The steelbird SP – 50 is a helmet that is made out of engineering thermoplastics. The perspective of the material is to protect the outer shell from the high impact.

The padding of the helmet is top-notch. This ensures the comfort of the driver for riding their bike comfortably on the road. It does include a ventilation system for avoiding suffocation and helps users to ride while breathing fresh air. Most importantly, this option of the helmet offers two noticeable features such as safety and comfort.

The item weight is 952 g that is lightweight and easy to carry for users while riding the bike. There are several sizes from which people can select according to suitability and convenience. Within the time it will suit automatically to the head of people to make people feel relaxed and easy to go.


  • The padding of the helmet is extraordinary. It is specially treated with anti-allergic velveteen.
  • The inner shell of the helmet is of cotton fabric. It does not suffocate people.
  • The exterior finish of the helmet is from an ABS shell that is of high quality.
  • The helmet is easy to operate and ensures the safety of people.
  • For enhancement, the quality of the helmet is great with UV resistant paints.


  • The size of the helmet is slightly small.
  • The opening of the helmet is big to allow enough air in winter.
  • The bigger opening does allow the dust to come inside the helmet.

3. Studds Chrome Eco Full Face Helmet – Black (L)

Studds Chrome Eco Full Face Helmet

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The studds chrome is a full-face helmet that is introduced from the high-impact of engineering thermoplastic. The outer shell of the helmet is worth considering. The outer shell of the helmet is scratch resistant due to the paint. It includes the special texture that makes the product essential to buy.

The bedding done inside the helmet is treated with the anti-allergic velveteen that ensures the safety of people. This helmet option is available in many graphics. It is convenient for people to select a suitable option for their daily use. The dynamic ventilation system of the helmet increases the airflow comfortably to the rider while driving the bike.

More precisely, the helmet visor is clear, smoked tent and with a rainbow option. The chin strap mechanism of the helmet includes impressive operation and ensures the safety of people. The fabric of the helmet is excellent in that it has the characteristics like wicking, wetting and water absorbency.


  • The visor of the helmet is clear, smoke tint, mirror and with the rainbow options.
  • It includes the scratch resistance property due to the hard-coated silicon.
  • The liners of the helmet are removable and replaceable.
  • The mechanism used for a helmet is a chinstrap for easing the operation and ensuring safety.
  • The helmet is available in several sizes.


  • The inner material of the helmet is not so great.
  • The padding of the helmet is not very close.
  • The sides of the helmet get easily warm.

How To Choose The Best Full-Face Helmets in India?

Here are some important points you should keep in mind while buying full face helmets:

  • Consider the Type

For the full-faced helmet, there are plenty of options in the market. It might be a challenging task for people but the thing that makes the process of buying helmets elementary is the type. Analyse the type before finalising the helmet that makes you comfortable.

For the biker, the full helmet is the obvious choice to ensure safety. Undoubtedly, it looks cool on the bikers but some of the models are more suitable for riding a scooter. So, it is impressive to examine the type carefully before buying the full-face helmet.

  • Material

The helmets that are of good quality are made of incredible material. It has been recognised that most of the helmets are made of fibreglass composites. These options are high-end especially if they are made out of Kevlar or carbon composites.

Moreover, the cushioning under the helmet is done with air mess that is critical for soaking up the sweat and keeping the inside area clean and dry. Indeed, plastic helmets are not going to be products. It is straightforward to break them. It will be better to go with a helmet that is light in weight since people easily wear it for long hours.

  • Certification

The genuine helmet has the ISI mark at the back of the helmet. Once you have selected the style it is vital to witness the ISI mark. It’s suggested that the helmet be approved by the government and ready to provide people with the entire safety.

It does include the capability for securing the people and minimising the impact of dust and debris. Plus, there are options without the approval of the government that are cheap and of low quality. Get your hands on the product that is worth purchasing and has significant importance.

  • Examine the Visor

There are different visors available. The two main types are clear and tinted shades. Be sure to pick the option in which you are comfortable. There are two main options in the visors.

The one with the dark one is troublesome for nightwear as the clear vision option is challenging during the day since the sunlight. Also, due to the scratches on the visors after some time, it is difficult for visibility. Sourcing a new visor is not typical if one is clear with the preferences.

  • Coverage Area

If safety is your priority, it is convenient to go with full-face helmets. The full-face helmets are incredible that maximise the protection. The coverage area plays a crucial role in ensuring the safety of people.

Undoubtedly, safety is the priority of people so getting the products with a good coverage area will be the perfect option. The full-face helmet covers the neck, face and head. Be sure to examine the coverage area ultimately before making a purchase.

  • Comfort

The fact about helmets is it comes along with ventilation vents. The perspective of the equipment is to cool the head during the sunny days and help people to ride easily in the sunny temperature. Due to sweat produced in the summers, it causes a bad odour but the ventilation allows air to pass and make things breeze.

It causes less suffocation and makes people comfortable while driving. It is better to purchase the model of the helmet that is comfortable especially if it is padded inside so that it will not depress the face and cause suffocation.

  • Styling

It is good to individualise what to wear and for people, it is a subjective part to discuss. The styling and designing of the helmets are vital to consider. Options like airbrushed, funky with stickers or just solid colours are available.

For the young ones, there are a lot of varieties that the company produces in a distinct range to choose from. Moreover, the personalisation can also be done on the helmet which might cost a little bit more costly but helps people to get the styling as they want it to be.

Final Thoughts

The helmet is prominent to wear for avoiding the risk of accident, providing weather protection and feeling safer. To select an appropriate option lookout for the aforementioned amazing helmets to protect from an impact. This will help to make a worthwhile choice that sounds desirable and works extraordinary.


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