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The Best Cycle Helmets in India (For Your Safety)

Wearing a helmet while riding a two-wheeler has been made mandatory for ensuring the safety of riders. Wearing helmets might be uncomfortable and challenging to carry, but these reasons are negligible compared to a precious life.

The existence of helmets has been increased recently. To make the models of the helmets convenient, the designs of the product have been evolved. The headgear consists of impressive features for protecting the Head of the rider while cycling.

The need for helmets while cycling cannot be underestimated and ensure some work on investment of helmets.

There are unique options in the helmets, and it is typical for selecting a perfect one. The critical models with critical features of the respective models are listed below.

Importance of Cycling Helmets

Best Cycle Helmets in India

The significant importance of wearing a cycle helmet while riding is given below –

  • Protection

To embark on wearing a helmet while cycling is best to reduce the risk of the impact of an accident. This is because it majorly secures the head area while bumping into a sudden accident. It’s vital to take extra care of the Head as it ensures the primary function of the human body.

Also, being involved in an accident results in head injuries that can be dangerous at some point. So be sure while riding a bicycle, you have used a helmet that protects your face even in a collision. Otherwise, the cause of internal and external brain injuries can cost a person’s life.

  • Enhance Visibility

It might be surprising how the helmets are responsible for increasing visibility. But, in multiple ways, the helmets are responsible for increasing visibility. First, it comes in many bright and fluorescent colors that make the ride smooth and visible on the road.

Few colors allow people to view things in the dark by flashing the LED lights. It adds the extra advantage in the lowlight and makes the right smooth and effective. This is the ideal option for improving the vision adequately.

  • Safety from Harsh Weather

Weather is unpredictable. That’s why the helmet is an ideal choice to wear for protecting yourself from harsh weather. And with constant direct sunlight reaching the Head as it is designed in such a great way.

The design is excellent. That also helps the sweat evaporation and work to keep the Head of the rider cool. The well-designed and well-ventilated helmets are a better option that is exceptionally Great for protecting riders from harsh weather.

  • Effective in protecting eyes

There are a variety of helmets available in the market. However, cycle riders should go with the option of covering the face with their eyes. For instance, the full-faced helmet covers the entire face and protects the eyes if someone goes through an accident.

This specific type of helmet is better that protects the eyes from dust and a high beam of light. Even when driving the two-wheelers, it maximizes the range and protects the eyes from any inconvenience.

  • Better control on a vehicle

It has been recognized that wearing a helmet while cycling improves attention. People make an effort to observe their speed and slow it down if it goes over.

Wearing the helmet is essential while driving the two-wheeler since it lowers the chances of an accident to a great extent as people become more cautious about riding.

  • Saves from fine

Undoubtedly, police are all around especially making the high alert to find when people were riding the bikes without wearing a helmet.

It is mandatory to wear a helmet whenever you go for a cycle ride. It protects people from head injuries and is also essential from paying hefty fines and spoiling the driving records.

Best Selling Cycle Helmets in India

1. VICTGOAL Bicycle Helmet

VICTGOAL Bicycle Helmet

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This bicycle helmet is designed extraordinarily remarkably to give people an excellent safety product while riding. Its safety standards are excellent that is consist of good ventilation properties. This does not allow the rider to feel suffocated and ensures comfort.

Plus, it includes all-around protection that keeps people safe. The sunvisor Of the helmet is removable, which is a convenient option. The ultra-bright safety is a great feature that protects the eyes of the user.

The incredible part is the helmet includes an adjustable size regulator for ensuring the perfect size of the user. The quality from which the helmet is made is EPS. The helmet’s design includes 22 vents that are a convenient option to breathe appropriately and reduce air resistance and sweating. This helmet is terrific that helps to increase the speed.


  • The ventilation system of the helmet is super comfortable.
  • The size of the helmet is adjustable. It is a great function to adjust quickly.
  • The unique features like a bright tail light LED safety light are convenient to view around relatively.
  • The weight of the product is light that is 265 g.
  • It is impact resistance, lightweight, and conveniently ensures the user’s safety.


  • The backlight is not fixed correctly.
  • The strap is a little loose.
  • The fit is a little smaller.

2. Proberos Bicycle Helmet

Proberos Bicycle Helmet

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If You Are looking for an excellent bicycle helmet, this brand offers an impressive option. The helmet consists of variants of colors with different functions and perspectives. The type of helmet can be selected as per the requirements of an individual. The helmet’s weight is 225 g, which causes less burden to the rider’s head during cycling.

The helmet protects a person’s Head successfully from the powerful shocks and gives a rich experience in riding. The design of ventilation is top-notch that is multiple from back to front. It results in feeling people cool even on hot days.

The adjustable strap is a great feature that allows people to fit their Head Elementary. In addition, the breakable cushion pad is lightweight and helps people to breathe easily from the soft product. Plus, the design is unique to the helmet.


  • The helmet is super lightweight that is 225 g.
  • It is comfortable and safe at the same time. Moreover, it protects the Head from powerful shocks.
  • The design of the ventilation is extraordinary from the front to the back.
  • The detachable visor is excellent to keep the harmful sun rays of the face thoroughly.
  • It provides all-around protection to a rider.


  • The quality is a little less.
  • The accessories of the helmet are expensive.
  • The strap is slightly loose.

3. Jaspo Secure Sports Helmet

Jaspo Secure Sports Helmet

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Jaspo is a wonderful helmet to take in use for multiple purposes. People can take its best use while skating, skateboarding, ice skating, and especially cycling. The vehicle mainly serves bicycles, and the inner material is made of a form. There are beautiful colors available in the helmet from which a rider can select a perfect one.

The size of the helmet can be changed as per the convenience of a person. It is suitable for the kids for multi-sports activities that are useful to protect them from head injuries. If you are one with sports lovers, this helmet is the top-notch option to add to the bucket list.

The vent holes available at the top of the product ensure the breath table factor and keep it cool and comfortable. The unique design is proud to wear in all the rides that seek attention automatically. It includes gorgeous colors that are safe to wear from the powerful sudden shocks.


  • This helmet serves multipurpose such as convenient for skating, skateboarding, cycling, and more.
  • The helmet includes multiple wings to avoid suffocation and serve comfort.
  • This is the secure helmet comes with adjustable straps for flexibility.
  • It is suitable for multiple sports and offers protective gear.
  • The product is light in weight at 390 g.


  • The cover is made of thermocol.
  • The finish of the helmet is not excellent.
  • The edges are made of plastic.

4. Lista Outdoor Sport Bicycle Helmet

Lista Outdoor Sport Bicycle Helmet

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One of the premium quality cycle helmets is Lista outdoor sport bicycle helmet. This is one of the fabulous options for people who want to invest their time in cave exploration, climbing, riding, and other outdoor activities. The outer material of the helmet is made of hard material that is super durable but light to wear.

People can wear the helmet straightforwardly since you do not cause a burden on the face and press the wrong points on the face. The helmet’s visor is detachable, whose perspective is to keep the sun rays off from the face.

It is the perfect fit that can be adjusted according to a user’s need. Moreover, it is an all-around protection product for amplifying the security and safety of the rider. The replaceable liner is fantastic to prevent the face of the user from the insect.


  • This helmet is extraordinary for climbing, riding, skiing, and outdoor activities.
  • The helmet can be adjusted with the size of the Head.
  • The outer layer is soft and offers a compelling purpose to a user.
  • The helmet is made from premium quality that is EPS for absorbing the shock.
  • Therefore, it absorbs the shocks and protects a person relatively.


  • The quality of the helmet is slightly less.
  • The outer layer is established from thermocol.
  • The name of the brand is not written on the helmet.

How To Choose The Best Cycle Helmet in India

Helmets are essential for safety, but the fundamental detail must be examined before purchasing a new helmet. Several of the key factors are mentioned below –

1. Material

The helmets are introduced from various materials. Riders select the helmet after examining the material as per their convenience. Usually, the helmets are made of fiberglass composites.

If you want to get your hands on a good quality helmet, it is convenient to go for the carbon composites to make the better for purchase. Ensure that you are not going with the helmet that is made of plastic. Otherwise,  it will break easily. Most importantly, it is better if the helmet is light in weight; otherwise, it costs a burden on the face.

2. The Coverage Area

What does the coverage area mean? It is the area that protects the Head from a helmet. Many types of helmets are available in the market, for example, full face, open face, half face, and more.

But it is vital to select the option with the maximum protection that covers the neck, head, and face thoroughly. If safety is your priority, purchase a helmet for cycling with a good coverage area to avoid the risk of bumping into a sudden accident.

3. The Comfort

A comfort table is always a major priority of a rider. Whether they want to ride a two-wheeler or four-wheeler, it is challenging for people to ride a bicycle under a sunny temperature that also causes a bad smell in the helmet.

It is better to get adequate hands-on ventilation that continues the air circulation and never suffocates a rider to avoid such a worse situation. While purchasing the helmet, examining the comfortable padding inside does not depress the face points is better. They are several good brands for the same.

4. The Shape and Fit

Some people remember the wearing of helmet verbals up and down. This might be due to the oversize or not fitting correctly on the Head of a user. While trying the helmet, keep in mind that it is suitable for a person’s head properly.

The major one is the measurement of the Head and then selecting the helmet. You can even take the clothes tape and central the head circumference for being the best helmet that pops out. The best product. Ensure that after locking the helmet, your head is not coming out.

5. Styling

For many riders, the styling and design of the helmet is a subjective topic to consider. For selecting a specific option in a helmet, it’s better to buy an option with unique features.

People can go for funky helmets and consist of stickers to make them look attractive. There are many varieties in the hell mates that people can take into the experiment and come out with a rich experience. Without compromising the styling, it’s also convenient to personalize the helmet and the design as per the choice.

6. The Worth

The primary factor riders should consider in the bucket list is the price. What’s the worth of the helmet? Spending a lot of amount on features similar to the one with less price is useless.

There are plenty of options in the helmets available online and in-store with amazing discounts. It will be better to get the hands-on impressive and desirable option for selecting the cycle helmets. The helmets are available in the affordable range that gives the fantastic protection property in the range starting from Rs.1500 onwards.

7. Visor

There are noticeable properties available in the visor. For instance, clear, tinted shades, and so on. For starters, checking the visor thoroughly is crucial. It is better to go with the option that makes the visibility clear.

Otherwise, it will be typical for a rider to view around while driving the cycle. Especially in the traffic, it won’t be effortless and even at night. The clear visors are better; although they might let sunlight fall on the face at some point, they will protect from the UV rays that might affect the face.

Bottom Line

Helmets are adequate for ensuring the safety of riders. There are extraordinary options available in the market to amplify the safety of people while riding. A few of the significant models in the cycle helmets are mentioned above.


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