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The Best Helmets Under 3000 Rs. In India

In India, it is illegal to ride a bike without a helmet. It is also mandatory to wear a helmet for the pillion rider. We don’t want you to wear the helmet just for the sake of it, and we want you to wear the helmet to stay protected. Now, you may find a lot of cheap helmets in the market that cost below Rs 500, but they will not offer you any protection. The padding is thin, and the ABS quality is also below expectation. In such a case, it is very important to ensure that you buy a good quality helmet for daily rides.

You may ask the ideal price range in which you can get a good quality helmet. To answer your question, we would recommend a price range between Rs 1500 to Rs 3000 if you are looking for an affordable helmet. The helmets in this price range would have a satisfactory quality, and they will offer you some levels of protection in an accident. With that being said, you will find many options in the market for helmets under Rs 3000. Even after looking at those options, we are sure you would be confused about which helmet to buy.

So, while looking for a helmet, you need to ensure that your helmet has a good amount of padding. You can also check the quality of the liner and the visor. You won’t get a dual visor at this price point, but you can certainly get a helmet with the scratch resistant visor. The next question is, which is the best helmet under Rs 3000 in India? We have compiled a list of 5 such helmets that we think are worth purchasing. Move on to the next section to find out more about them.

Best Selling Helmets Below Rs 3000

Best Helmets Under 3000

In this section, we will talk about the top 5 helmets under Rs 3000 in India. We have reviewed them, and we have also listed their pros & cons. This information should help you shortlist the helmet. So, go ahead and check out what we have on the list for you.

1. Steelbird Air SBA-2 Matt Full Face Helmet

Steelbird Air

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The first helmet on our list is from Steelbird. This helmet is for the people who are not willing to compromise on safety & looks. The helmet comes with a warranty policy that offers to replace the helmet in case of a manufacturing defect. The quality of the helmet is top-notch, and it comes with high quality ABS shell. Overall, the weight of this helmet is light. It weighs just 1320 grams. The blue colour of the helmet gives it a premium feel. The helmet’s visor is also iridium blue which makes it easy to ride day and night. In addition, the visor has an anti-scratch coating too. The helmet has ISI approval, and hence you can trust the quality of the helmet.The interiors of the helmet are of reliable quality too. When the liner is dirty, you can wash them, and if you think it is reaching the end of life, you can replace the liner.

The brand also uses polystyrene foam that eliminates empty air pockets and improves the level of protection offered. The next important thing in the helmet is the chin strap. The strap is of premium quality, and the quick release button makes it easy to use the helmet. The brand understands the needs of Indian customers, and hence it has integrated four unique air ventilation systems in the helmet to keep you ventilated. You won’t sweat even during the hot summer days, and if you sweat, the premium liner will absorb it. The helmet is designed per European safety standards, and the chin guard does its job well. This helmet from Steelbird also has a neck protector to save your neck from any impact.


  • Steelbird is one of the best brands in India that manufactures helmets.
  • The helmet looks very premium because of the iridium blue visor.
  • The inner lining can be washed and replaced as per your needs.
  • The air ventilation system on this helmet ensures optimal airflow.
  • The quality of the padding in this helmet is phenomenal.


  • Nothing that we could notice.

2. Studds Shifter Full Face Helmet

Studds Shifter Full Face Helmet

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We all love the military green colour, and if you are looking for a helmet with the military green colour, this could be a good choice for you. This helmet comes with a full-face design, and the hard shell is designed with ABS. The inner foam is EPS, and it has a regulated density which helps you get optimal protection. Because of the regulated density, there is no weak spot in the helmet. The aerodynamics have also been taken care of during the helmet design, and hence the drag is reduced. The reduced drag also reduces the strain on the neck. The ventilation system on this helmet is quite impressive, as it dissipates the heat in a very efficient manner.

Apart from this, the visor of the helmet offers clear visibility. The additional silicone coating on the visor ensures that it is resistant to scratches. The visor is mildly tinted, making it possible to use the helmet during night rides. The final touch on the helmet is given using UV-resistant paint, which prevents scratches and prevents the actual colours from fading. You can check out all the colour options available on this helmet, and we are sure you will love them.


  • This helmet is available at a very affordable price.
  • You get a silicone-coated tinted visor with the helmet, and it is easy to ride on sunny days.
  • The helmet is available in 6 size options and eight colour options.
  • The visor can be removed without a tool, making it easy to clean and replace the visor.
  • UV resistant paint offers protection from wear & tear.


  • Nothing that we could notice.

3.  Royal Enfield Marble Open Face with Visor Helmet

Royal Enfield Marble Open Face with Visor Helmet

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We are sure that we have a lot of Royal Enfield fans here. This helmet is for such fans or people who ride a Royal Enfield. This helmet is available in two colours, and it is also available in three size options. Talking about the design first, the helmet has a marble pattern created after the fusion of white & black ABS during the injection moulding. The result is that no two helmets would be safe, and the pattern would differ with every helmet. So, when you are buying this helmet, you are buying one of its kind helmets. The helmet also has a good record from the safety perspective since it is ISI & FMVSS certified.

The overall weight of the helmet is 850 grams, and the shell is of fantastic quality. The brand also uses expandable foam to inject between the liner and the shell. The aerodynamic shape and the lacquer finish makes the finish quite impressive. The wind drag is minimal because of the coating and the aerodynamic design. You can clean the internal liner easily, and it is given an anti-microbial treatment to avoid any foul smell. Apart from this, you can also replace the visor as per your needs. Overall, this helmet from Royal Enfield is a part of official accessories, and it looks great. You can buy this if you are looking for an open face helmet.


  • The helmet has a unique pattern, and you will not find a helmet with the same pattern.
  • The helmet is ISI and FMVSS certified, which guarantees protection.
  • The helmet comes with a visor, so you won’t need an additional one.
  • The inner safety liner is of good quality.
  • A clear coat is added to the helmet to make it resistant to wear & tear.


  • It is an open face helmet.

4. Vega Bolt Dull Black Helmet

Vega Bolt Dull Black Helmet

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The last helmet on our list is from Vega. This option is also a reliable helmet, and it is available in black colour. In terms of structure, the helmet has a high tensile ABS shell and an aerodynamic design. The helmet also has DOT & ISI certification, making you trust the quality. Apart from this, the helmet comes with a metallic quick release buckle that helps you quickly take off the helmet. Many helmets are challenging to clean, but it is not the case with this helmet from Vega. Here, the lining can be removed and washed. The lining is also odour resistant, which keeps the helmet fresh for a longer time.

The quality of foam is good enough, and it will protect you from the impact. The visor is designed with optical quality polycarbonate, and it is also easy to replace. The brand gives a scratch-resistant and UV-resistant treatment to the visor and the helmet, improving the helmet’s durability. The helmet has two vents on the top and one on the back that acts as an exhaust for air ventilation. The helmet also has a mouth vent to communicate with the pillion easily.


  • The lining can be removed & washed. It is also resistant to odour.
  • The helmet has a UV resistant & a scratch resistant finish.
  • The helmet also has air vents and a mouth vent for easy communication.
  • The quick release buckle has a good quality, and it features a quick release design.
  • The helmet is DOT and ISI certified.


  • There are no colour options available.

Final Verdict

You have been through the list of best helmets in the given price range. If you ask us to choose one helmet from the list, we would undoubtedly opt for Steelbird Air SBA-2. This is one of the highest-rated helmets available in India, and the brand also has incredible goodwill in the market. With so much of offer, you can choose the helmet from Steelbird without a second thought. If you don’t like this helmet, you can even check out other offerings from the list, and they are equally good. We have also covered some open face helmets in the list, which should answer your questions.

If you need more information about any of the helmets on our list, you can visit the product page and get all the details. Moreover, you will also be able to check the helmet’s price this way. There are some fantastic deals on Amazon that will help you save money while you purchase your favourite helmet. This was all for today, and you can even share this page with your friends & family so that they can ride safely. Remember to follow the traffic rules and avoid rash driving to stay safe.


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