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The Best Helmets in India 2023 [From The Top Brands]

Understandably, riding a motorcycle with the best and lightweight helmet gives a sense of freedom on the road. Otherwise, there is danger in the road while riding the vehicle without helmets. Motorcycles require helmets because they do not have structural protection like a car.

It keeps the driver safe from sudden accidents. To provide motorcyclists extra protection, it is convenient to opt for them the easily manageable and the best option in helmets. The Head and brain are the prominent structure of the human body, and to avoid severe damage while riding, it gives survival importance.

Even after understanding the importance of a helmet, people do inconvenience and don’t wear a helmet. It is an impractical decision. But, there are comfortable options in the helmet to make things elementary.

Best Helmets in India

Best Selling Helmets in India

There are excellent options available for the best motorcycle helmetin the Indian market with unique features. The information in this post is intended to give the exponential options in which helmet is best in India and complete a guide before buying an option. Continue to scroll down to understand better.

1. Vega Crux Black Helmet – L


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Helmet ensures the safety of people. Keeping this in mind selecting the appropriate option in a helmet might be a tall order for people. But, Vega is the best helmet company in India for the branded helmets that serve extraordinary features and compete with other top-notch brands. This item is made of ABS material shell that gives the textured finish.

Undoubtedly, the finish of the helmet is valuable and worth considering. The helmet is ISI approved, which gives all the safety standards to riders and gives a rich experience in riding the bike. The notable feature of the helmets is the scratch and UV resistant property.

Due to these properties, people can save themselves from harmful UV rays. The visor is optical polycarbonate, which is an impressive property. The helmet’s weight is 1100 g, including clues to the chin strap mechanism. The lining inserted inside the helmet is removable and washable to keep the product fresh and easy to use.

Avoiding accidents prevents people since the helmet’s locking system is remarkable. Undoubtedly, the product meets all the safety standards and withstands rough impact. This is the high-quality product that is the protective gear for the Head. On top of that, it looks super classy and has a durable body.

This is the super sturdy option to flaunt while riding the vehicle. Providing people ultimate confidence while riding the bike and due to which it is the ideal choice for people to use it regularly. Moreover, it features the outer carbon shell structure, a fantastic fact.


  • Weight – 1100 g
  • Brand name – Vega
  • Colour – Black


  • The helmet is introduced from a high-impact ABS material shell.
  • The object is ultimately ISI certified.
  • It
  • includes scratch and UV-resistant properties.
  • The fitting of the helmet is extremely comfortable.


  • The quality of the helmet is slightly less.

2. Steelbird SBH-17 Terminator Full Face Helmet


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This is one of the best selling helmet brands in India. Many people have heard about the steel bird brand in hell mates. This is a wonderful brand and takes in a good place at online websites for helmets. The helmets introduced by the brand is made of high-impact resistant thermoplastic shell. It ensures durability and gives the complete value of money. It is excellent in terms of quality and features as well.

This full face helmet is ISI certified twin sure the security of people and prevents them from sudden accidents. However, to make the appropriate choice, it will be fantastic to check the size chart to make the adequate choice.

The helmets are done with breathable padding and include the neck protector for giving riders extra support and comfort. All these features give riders a smooth journey while going on the vehicle. The helmet design is Italian, and the product’s weight is 1 KG 950 g.

It has been known that wearing steel bird helmets is extremely comfortable because they are designed to withstand the harsh impacts and harsh weather conditions. to provide people with the ultimate comfort, the helmet is the ideal choice that can be used for long-distance riding.

It also includes the sought-after protective gear billed for facing challenging conditions. Undoubtedly, it is the ideal choice that is easy to wear and an excellent option to wear frequently. The styling of the helmet is the full face that gives the classic appearance due to the fabulous color black blue.


  • Weight – 1 kg 950 g
  • Brand name – Steelbird
  • Colour – Black blue


  • The helmet is made of high-impact resistant thermoplastic.
  • It includes multiple pores for air circulation.
  • The design is Italian, that is, hygiene.
  • The bedding of the helmet is comfortable and breathable.
  • It is ISI approved helmet.


  • The weight of the product is high.

3. Studds Chrome Eco Full Face Helmet


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Helmets are an impressive option to provide people with the freedom to ride safely on roads. So if safety is the priority and you want freedom, then the best quality helmet in India, like studs, is the fabulous brand in introducing the best models in helmets. This model is unbelievable that does include great features.

Coming straight on the item, it is made of the hi-impact grade of engineering thermoplastic to provide people with extra protection. The outer shell is stronger enough to deal with the harsh conditions and give me the importance to riders. The outer shell is painted but gives the best finish. It is scratch resistance that looks classy when worn by people now and then.

The liners installed in the hell mates are removable and replaceable so that an individual can clean their helmets perfectly to breathe fresh air. The material used is polyurethane, which makes the product’s importance even more. In addition, the ventilation type of the helmet is dynamic that allows continuity in airflow.

It won’t allow people to feel suffocated and irritated while riding the bike. Plus, it has a chinstrap mechanism for easy operation and meets safety standards. Most riders feel over the moon while wearing the helmet since the visor is extraordinary with many available options such as clear, rainbow, smoke tent, and mirror.

The item weight is 1 KG 300 g. The unique feature of the helmet is it is made of good quality. The best fact is that it is available in graphic options to enhance its popularity.


  • Weight – 1 kg 300g
  • Brand name – Studds
  • Colour – Black


  • The visor type of helmet is anti UV.
  • The helmet bedding is treated with antiallergic velveteen.
  • The visor has many options, such as transparent, smoke tent, and rainbow options.
  • It comes in various sizes.
  • The helmet is available in many graphics options.


  • The stitching is not better.

4. Royal Enfield OP MLG Open Face Helmet


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It’s paramount to make an ideal choice in helmets. Don’t you think so? The primary criteria for looking while purchasing a helmet are styling, appearance, and comfort. Helmets are vital to meet safety standards and reduce the risk of severe damage to the significant part of the human body that is the brain. Well, Royal Enfield is a widespread brand all over the world.

The options available in the helmets are worth considering. It offers excellent value for money with the unique features in the helmet. The material used by making the open face helmet of Royal Enfield is ABS. The product’s weight is 1100 g, and it provides the Weikel service for sportbikes and street bikes. This model is in color bottle green that looks extremely beautiful.

The visor style is the open face that is perfect in length. The construction of the visor done with UV treatment increases the property like scratch resistance and helps people save from harmful sun rays. Furthermore, washing and taking care of the helmet is a breeze since the internal parts of the helmet can be removable.

People can dip and brush them to wash them properly and remove all the dirt available on the helmet. Ensure that you are not washing it with the chemicals and using a mild wet cloth.

The helmet’s internal liner is made of polyester, giving riders the utmost comfort level. The locking system is also adjustable and consists of chinstrap retention. Last but not the least, this has the particular property of EPS internal liner to enhance the long ride smoothly.


  • Weight – 1100 g
  • Brand name – Royal Enfield
  • Colour – Battle green


  • This stylish helmet includes a long visor.
  • The internal lining of the helmet is extra comfortable.
  • The chin strap is easily adjustable and has the best lock system.
  • The construction of the shell is done from ABS.
  • The internals is removable for easy wash and care.


  • The surface of the helmet is kinda glittery.

5. Axor Apex Venomous Black Blue Helmet – M


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Want to make the exceptional choice in a helmet? Then what are you waiting for? Here is the best lightweight helmet in India waiting for you to make that extraordinary choice with the incredible benefits. Yes, Axor has new features that enhance its popularity and comfort level.

The Axor you are discussing right now is in Black blue and provides the service type of road bike. The product’s weight is 1500 g, and the material used for making the helmet is polycarbonate. There is a lot of points to talk about this item. First, to provide high protection and homologation, it is made of ABS material that meets the safety standards and is ISI certified.

This is not enough as more features are top-notch. The testing has been recognized that it is better in all four different hot, cold, submerging, and ambient conditions. It gives surface protection and clears the rigidity test perfectly.

It started its journey with international designers and is the premium option that is cost-effective and uncompromising in terms of quality and safety.

The great innovation focuses mainly on toughness, designs, safety, and comfort of the users. The lock system is tremendous, and wiser is available in many options. The helmet gives the high-performance because the material is incomparable.


  • Weight – 1500 g
  • Brand name – Axor
  • Colour – Black blue


  • The helmet is established from a BS material.
  • The product gives the entire safety standards to the rider.
  • To give riders secure feet, it includes D – ring.
  • The helmet is equipped with a pin lock system.
  • It gives prevention and stability to riders at high speed.


  • The visor gets smudges and scratches.

How To Choose The Best Helmets in India

Here some important points you should follow while shopping a bike helmet:

  • Retention

Helmets might be uncomfortable, but it provides utmost protection. The helmet with a chin strap mechanism is a better option. It includes adjustable straps that help people to adjust according to the fitting.

It has been recognized that retention has always been a problem for people, especially while being a half-faced helmet. So one must always check the retention while purchasing the helmet. This will give the absolute comfortable helmet.

  • Cushioning

The purpose of a helmet is to protect the skull. So that in case of fatal conditions, there will be no harm to the skull. In such a case, cushioning plays a critical role. As good as the good cushioning done inside the helmet, it gives the utmost protection to a rider.

It also absorbs the force. That’s the reason the interior side of the helmet doesn’t leave the flat one. So it means protecting people, and cushioning needs to be proper for getting a prominent solution.

  • Visor

The visor is another prominent aspect to recognize while purchasing a helmet. The visor has many options, such as clear, smoked, rainbow, and more. However, the most common is a clear one. It gives people a clear vision.

Undoubtedly, other options like smoke and mercury tinted visors attract many riders, but they also cause hindrance while riding a bike. So people may go for the anti-scratch and Antifog visor that gives the wise decision and the great value of money.

  • ISI Mark

The helmet provides optimal protection to the rider. There are unique options in the helmet available in the market, and it’s not a tall order to get an ideal one. First, ensures that ISI approves it stands for Indian standards Institute. This mark or logo assures the quality standards. However, it might be costly from the ordinary ones, but it has durability and will protect the face adequately.

  • Head size and shape

Every people has a different personality and body structure. The best bike helmet in India introduces according to people’s fitting. Each model has various sizes. The main categories in the Head or oval, intermediate oval, and long oval.

In all three categories, different type of helmet size is required. It will be convenient to measure the circumference of the Head that helps people buy a helmet that is not pushing on the face and is the right size.

  • Comfort

The temptation to buy the best-looking helmet can be strong, but it’s vital to consider a few features. First, however, it’s paramount to understand its comfort level. Since the poorly fitting helmet causes headaches, people remain comfortable while driving the vehicle.

It would not be a good choice if you wanted a long ride. The best way is to understand the helmet’s comfort by recognizing the padding done inside the helmet. It helps you to understand whether the product is compatible or not. You can also do some research for the same.

  • Price

There are multiple popular options in the helmets. However, they vary from price to price. The manufacturer introduces amazing products in helmets, but few are still available in an affordable range. So, of course, price is the most important factor people consider while buying the helmet.

It is convenient to invest in a helmet that includes unique features without burning a hole in the pocket. It is inevitable that moving up in the price range Will give you the fancy features and add comforts. So, do consider the amount you can spend on a helmet.

Top 5 Leading Helmets Brands in India

Here is the list of top 5 most popular helmet brands in India that you can trust blindly:

1. Vega

The company of Vega is located in Belgaum, India. It was introduced in 1982. For the years, it has attained enormous popularity and the best helmet brands in India in the helmet in terms of quality and design. The starting price of the helmet is Rs.800 and goes up to Rs.2500.

The company introduced various helmets such as the entire face, open face, ladies, and juniors. The noticeable fact is The model of Vega helmets can be viewed by men, women, and children. It is suitable for motorbikes and scooters. The helmet is certified by ISI, DOT, ECE.

2. Steelbird

The passionate rider has received one of the best helmets known as steel bird. It has gained popularity all across the world. The company manufactures amazing helmets such as the open face, full face, flip-up, flip of, motocross, and more.

The company is well known for customizing helmets with the properties like anti-scratch, antifog, antiglare. Moreover, the steel board offers many other motorbike accessories for riders. The brand name is steel board, and the starting price is Rs.400. It is suitable for motorbikes and men can wear it. It is certified by ISI, DOT, ECE, TCVN, and SNELL.

3. SMK

SMK features main noticeable factors such as style and safety. This brand was introduced in Europe and produced by one famous company known as studds. The design of best-looking helmets includes a combination of Italian and Indian. The design is Italian and manufactured by India, making it the best Indian helmet brand. The quality used for introducing the helmet is carbon composite fiber, and the series includes thermoplastic.

The design is superior and well known for innovation. Therefore, riders get the best quality product at affordable prices. Moreover, the brand name is SMK, and the starting price is Rs.3800. The type of helmets or complete face and flip-up. It is suitable for motorbikes and mainly for men. The certification of the helmet is DOT and ECE.

4. Studds

One of the well-known companies in a helmet that started a long time ago was studds. It was introduced in 1973 that makes 7 million helmets in a year! Their perspective is to introduce the safe and sound option in helmets for two-wheeler drivers. They keep the safety of riders at the forefront. This company is the largest helmet manufacturer that offers many helmets such as the whole face, flip-up full face, open face, and more.

A wide range of helmets is available, including many accessories such as gloves, goggles, rainwear, and more. The brand’s name is studded, and the starting price is Rs.800 – Rs.2600. It is suitable for motorbikes and men can wear it and flaunt its unique features. It is certified by ISI, ECE, and SLSI.

5. Aerostar Helmets

Aerostar is a great company that is one of the fastest-growing Indian helmet companies in the nation. It was first started the establishment of helmets in around 2007 and gained enormous popularity. People can trust the brand due to the reasonable prices and other impressive features. Talking about the features broadly, they are sturdy and rich in quality.

They do have many accessories in the helmets. In helmets, they have various options, such as the entire face, half face, and open face helmets. The brand’s name is Aerostar, and the starting price is 900. It is suitable for motorbikes, scooters, and more. The helmet introduced by the company is for men and has ISI certification, DOT, ECE.

Final Thoughts

The aforementioned are the magnificent options in the best budget helmet that gives great value for money. The post-do includes the buying guide to make a fruitful option in the helmets. To understand them in brief, read the information carefully.


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