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Top 10 Best Helmet Brands in World

Many people search for a unique helmet for a smooth ride. A score of shops is available to meet people who take complete responsibility for reducing the risk of fatal conditions. Helmets are simple pieces of protection built from the basic design.

This is one of the vital things that protect riders from crashes or accidents. Even now, these helmets or become the fashion statement due to their unique design. Even it gives individuals a great way to stamp their personal identities.

There are many options from which a rider can choose a suitable option. The helmets provide people a sense of security, but it is also a stylish option.

The advent of new technologies is having a lot of designs and graphics in the helmets.

Moreover, the helmets enable to cover the entire head for giving significant protection.

Helmet Brands in World

This is the best deal of protection level that can save them from the trauma of heat. There are excellent brands in the helmets, and a few of them are discussed below.

List of Best Helmet Brands in World

Brand name Established year Head office
Shoei 1963 Tokyo, japan
AGV 1947 Italy
Aria 1983 Saitama, japan
Bell 1954 Scotts Valley, California
HJC 1971 Jun-ho hong
Icon 2002 Italy
Scorpion 2002 USA
LS2 1990 Nana Peth, Pune
Shark 1986 Marseille, France
Nolan 1972 Brembate di sopra, Italy

1. Shoei

Shoei is a wonderful brand that has multifunctional properties. For the motorcycle helmet, this is a fantastic option. There are unique helmets available in this brand in markets that are highly-priced but well constructed. This brand is become the leading manufacturer due to its the high-performance. 60% of the world’s high-quality helmet is introduced by this brand only.

This is the safest helmet brand that includes the certification for providing people safety standards. Moreover, there are many latest designs that are stylish enough to flaunt while riding. Undoubtedly, this brand is highly recommended to people for enjoying their safe ride.


  • The helmets are designed with sun visors.
  • The helmets are light in weight.
  • It reduces the noise.


  • The helmet is too pricey.

2. AGV

This brand is an Italian brand and has made the most acceptable helmets since 1947. The variety in the helmet is high-end that is worth considering if you are an adventurous person. Forgiving people safety standards is having DOT certification and others as well. The helmet offers excellent variety at an affordable price and protects the face ultimately.

The incredible feature of the helmet is the ventilation that gives riders maximum comfort without making them feel irritated. This brand is highly recommended due to the features like protection rating, noise cancellation, and protection for the face.


  • It cancels the noise.
  • It shields the face thoroughly.
  • There is a great ventilation system.


  • The chin curtain is not tight.

3. Aria

This Japanese brand has so many plus points for riders to get their hands on aria helmets. For starters, their motto is to introduce unique styles in the helmets, such as full-face helmets, open-face helmets, and many more.

More precisely, the material used is high-quality that people can use for an extended period. Also, the product is light in weight that is easy for riders to wear frequently. The ventilation system is superb and ideal for summer riding. That’s why this is one of the top-rated brands in the helmets.


  • The ventilation system of the helmet is superior.
  • It is exceptionally comfortable.
  • The material used is of high quality.


  • The cost of the helmet is a little expensive.

4. Bell

Bell is one of the widespread brands in the world. The brand gets its name from the location Bella. It’s an American manufacturer that comes up with unique models in the helmet. In addition, they introduce all the types of helmets, such as full track helmets, open face, half face, and more.

The noticeable fact is that the helmets are stylish, but they are powerful enough to withstand harsh conditions. Therefore, the style and design of the helmet gained a lot of popularity. Moreover, it gives its user a warranty that ensures the product’s safety. This feature-packed brand comes in various ranges and is best designed for women.


  • The helmet is lightweight.
  • It includes the safety certification.
  • There is a wide range of variety.


  • The padding done is of low quality.

5. HJC

HJC has been one of the leading brands in North America since 1992. This is one of the famous brands in many countries. The reason why HJC is popular is due to its primary focus being on budget-friendly helmets. People need not spend extra money to ensure their safety.

Also, the helmets are comfortable, stylish, and made of high-quality material. There are multiple colors and sizes available in the helmets that give comfortable wear. It is highly recommended to go for the HJC helmets for flaunting the impressive designs.


  • The helmets are budget-friendly.
  • It ensures durability.
  • The material used is comfortable.


  • The helmet is not having enough vents.

6. Icon

If you are searching for a great motorcycle accessories brand, then Icon it is! The products introduced by the brand are good in strength and come in mid-range. The market is flooded with the models of the brand that are highly innovative, exciting, and bold. The helmets definitely seek the attention of riders since the design is incredible.

The design is unique that is incomparable with other brands. Its central focus is on the safety of riders and providing the same at a minimal price. On a regular basis, the brand comes up with a new launch of the product.


  • Its offer is great customer service.
  • The helmet is budget-friendly.
  • The products are well-engineered.


  • The availability is not so good.

7. Scorpion

Scorpion is one of the fabulous brands in hell mates whose main goal is to establish good quality helmets at a good price. Undoubtedly, the company is doing an outstanding job of giving satisfactory results in the helmet. They have a wide range of helmets such as street helmets, off-road helmets, track helmets, and more.

The helmets are highly durable that are appreciated by most users. The fabulous property includes buying helmets that are water-resistant, due to which the helmets are given five-star ratings. The design of the helmet is aggressive, and it features excellent motions. Scorpion helmets are wonderful!


  • It has high demand in the market.
  • The helmet includes water-resistant properties.
  • The item is completely durable.


  • The scorpion price is a little expensive.

8. LS2

LS2 makes the best-looking helmets in the markets. It includes amazing models that have great designs. Their central focus is on the comfort and sizing of the helmet. It gives an amazing fit to people, and there are tremendous varieties.

The excellent part is the features of the helmet do not compromise the comfort level. The ventilation system is great that gives the riders a better ride. It doesn’t cost suffocation and irritation. People can get the all-rounder helmets at cheap prices without compromising their comfort level.


  • The helmet has track products.
  • It gives the utmost safety.
  • The design is aggressive.


  • Thermoplastic is of low quality.

9. Shark

The shark is one of the best top 10 famous headgear, especially for motorcycles. It has been gained popularity for more than 30 years and founded by professionals. The company manufactures the helmet to ensure the best quality performance and completely ensure riders’ safety.

In terms of durability, the shark manufactures the best structure of helmet that can be used for an extended period. It does include the property of dust and water-resistant that secure the product. Its innovation is amazing that focuses mainly on new features.


  • The helmet is dust and water-resistant.
  • It includes great engineered products.
  • This is one of the innovative products.


  • The helmet starts losing its durability.

10. Nolan

Nolan Is an Italian brand that was invented in 1973. For those who are looking for low-cost helmets, this brand offers amazing options. It features the off-road helmet that usually establishes suitable models. Its perspective is to give people protection, which is the company’s main goal.

The helmet includes details about parts that can be used for different seasons. The pricing of the helmet is quite less than is affordable by people effortlessly. The helmets of Nolan are comfortable and light in weight. It’s a good way to ensure the utmost protection and comfort.


  • The design of the helmet is extraordinary.
  • It gives complete protection.
  • Helmets low price point.


  • It has not much ventilation.

Tips for purchasing helmets –

  • Retention – The comfort padding inside the helmet gives smooth riding.
  • Shape – Before purchasing a helmet, consider the shape of the head and size of the helmet.
  • Visor – Ensure the helmet you are purchasing has a clear visor.

Final Thoughts

The helmet provides the utmost security, safety, and style while driving. There is a fabulous brand that introduces amazing options in helmets. Unfortunately, few of the brands are mentioned above.


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