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The Best Helmets Under 5000 Rs. In India

When riding a sports bike, you want to feel confident about your safety gear. Out of all the safety gear you wear, the helmet remains the most important part of your attire. So, you should always spend a little extra on the helmet. This will provide you with enough protection, and it will safeguard you from possible head injuries in case of an accident. While looking for a helmet, we are sure that you would have a budget in your mind. When people ask us what budget they should keep for a highly reliable helmet, we often tell them to look for a helmet priced under Rs 5000.

The helmets in this price range offer a great combination of comfort and safety to the users. Also, while you are looking for a helmet under Rs 5000, ensure that you buy a helmet that comes from a proven brand. You can get additional features like the dual-visors and Bluetooth modules in your helmet at this price point. These features can offer great convenience to you. The helmets in this price range would also have excellent interior foam. This will help you get the best out of your helmet. These helmets are not just for a typical sports bike; you can use them while riding a moped, lower displacement bikes and even ATVs.

Best Helmets Under 5000

Are you excited already? So, go ahead and check out the top 5 best helmets available in India under Rs 5000.

Helmets Below Rs. 5000 in India

Let us now look at the best helmets available in India under Rs 5000.

1. Axor Apex Venomous Black Blue Helmet-L

Axor Apex Venomous Black Blue Helmet-L

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If you want your helmet to be the best looking helmet in the town, then you must check out this offering from Axor. The venomous series helmet from Axor are excellent, and they are available in six colour options: Black Blue, Black Grey, Black Neon Grey, Dull Black Blue, Dull Black Neon Grey and Dull Black Grey. The brand uses a lot of material in this helmet to make it sturdy, and the ABS is of very high quality. The helmet has a dual EPS liner designed to serve a dual purpose. The first purpose of this liner is to improve the rider’s comfort, and the second purpose of this is to absorb the impact.

The brand has integrated several vents in this helmet so that the airflow remains constant. You will also find a breath guard and chin curtain on this helmet. The visor has impressive quality, too, and it comes with a pin lock mechanism. The brand understands that the visor gets scratched with time, which is why it provides you with a tool-less visor change mechanism. You will be delighted to know that this helmet has dual visors. The one on the top is a transparent visor, and then there is an internal visor that offers sun protection to the users. Lastly, the brand tests this helmet under Hot, Wet, Cold and Ambient conditions. The tests performed by the brand are Penetration resistance, energy attenuation, Surface projection, Chinstrap structural integrity, Tensile test, Rigidity test, Chin Strap Micro slip test.


  • The venomous series helmet from Axor comes with great graphical designs.
  • The helmet meets all the safety standards across the United States, Europe & India.
  • The double-D ring offers a fantastic fit, and the double EPS liner absorbs the energy well.
  • The special air vents ensure that you don’t feel hot on long summer days.
  • The visor stays in place even at high speed because of the pin lock mechanism.


  • The brand doesn’t offer any warranty on this helmet.

2. SMK Twister Logo Full Face Helmet With Pinlock Fitted Clear Visor

SMK Twister Logo Full Face Helmet With Pinlock Fitted Clear Visor

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Are you looking for a helmet that is loaded with technology? Well, this helmet from SMK should be a perfect choice for you. The helmet comes with a Bluetooth module that you can use to connect with the second helmet from the same brand. This Bluetooth module establishes an audio link between the two models, and hence it becomes easy to communicate with your partner even when your sports bike is revving hard. The helmet’s visor is ECE certified, and it also comes with a pin lock. Since we are talking about the visor, you would be glad to know that the visor is given anti-fog, anti-scratch and anti-UV treatment. This helps you ride the bike in all conditions, and it also eliminates the need of changing the visor at frequent intervals. Apart from this, the helmet has a dual-visor. You can use only the transparent visor during night rides, and you can down the second visor if you plan to ride in the daytime.

In terms of design, the helmet has a dual shell that improves the structural rigidity of the helmet, and at the same time, it offers excellent protection to you. The helmet also has a hypoallergenic liner that can be removed and washed as per your requirements. The brand has also integrated a breath deflector in this helmet that will keep the warm exhaled air away from your nose. This internal liner is great at keeping the moisture away.


  • The helmet comes with a Bluetooth module to communicate with your partner easily.
  • The visor is given anti-fog, anti-UV and anti-scratch treatment so that your visibility is never compromised.
  • The interior liner is washable, and hence it is easy to keep the helmet clean.
  • The dual-visor makes it easy to ride during the daytime.
  • It is one of the most durable helmets on our list.


  • This is the most expensive helmet on our list.

3. LS2 FF Fibre 352 Palimnesis Full Face Helmet with Mercury Visor

LS2 FF Fibre 352 Palimnesis Full Face Premium Helmet with Mercury Visor

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Moving on to number 3, we have a helmet from LS2. This is also a very durable brand, and this helmet is available in Large & Extra Large Sizes. The outer part of the helmet is designed with a Composite HPTT shell, and the helmet’s weight is 1350 grams. The outer layer can easily absorb high impact, and the interiors of the helmet can help you stay safe. The brand offers a mercury visor with this helmet which you can use day & night time. It is a type of photo-chromatic material that can block excessive light. The visor is also ECE certified, assuring you the excellent quality. Lastly, the brand also gives an anti-Scratch and an anti-UV treatment to the visor. This helps ensure that the visor doesn’t get scratches or turns yellow quickly.

Talking about the interiors of the helmet, the padding of the helmet has a laser-cut foam that offers the best possible fit to the user. The liner also has moisture wicking capabilities. The liner is also given an anti-odour and anti-bacterial treatment. You can remove the liner to wash it. The soft material dries quickly. The nose guard and the chinstrap are of good quality too. The ventilation levels are also optimal, and the credit goes to the ventilation slots. The chin strap is vital for a helmet, and you will get a micrometric quick release buckle with the chinstraps on this helmet.


  • The shell of this helmet is designed with Composite HPTT material, and the total weight is 1350 grams.
  • The visor is ECE certified. The brand also provides anti-scratch and anti-UV treatment to the visor.
  • The padding is laser cut, and the liner has moisture wicking capabilities that improve the helmet’s life.
  • The ventilation on this helmet is quite impressive.
  • The helmet’s buckle is durable, and it comes with a quick release system.


  • The colour options available are limited.

4. Vega Axor Apex Hunter D/V Injection moulded Polycarbonate Dull Helmet-Medium

Vega Axor Apex Hunter

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Here is the second helmet on our list from the brand Axor. We are sure that you are well aware of the quality standards associated with this brand, and it is also one of the best options available in the Indian market. The brand uses ABS for the helmet’s outer shell, and it is combined with the high-density EPS liner to impact the energies of the impact. The chinstrap is very sturdy, and it will not give up when you are riding the bike. The brand also offers a double D-ring that helps you improve the fit and finish of the helmet.

Apart from this, there are ample ventilation slots. These slots don’t compromise the structural stability of the helmet, but at the same time, they offer optimal airflow that keeps you cool. The integrated spoiler makes the helmet looks impressive, and it also improves the high speed aerodynamics of the helmet. The great part of the helmet is that the brand extensively talks about these products before it reaches you. You can use this helmet in any weather condition, and it will provide a tremendous amount of comfort & protection.


  • The brand uses high quality ABS material, and it is certified as per European, Indian and American Standards.
  • The dual-visor makes it easy to ride the bike at night and during the day.
  • The brand performs multiple tests on this helmet before it reaches you.
  • The fit and finish of the helmet are exceptional, and you can even use it with a sports bike.
  • The helmet offers excellent value for money.


  • You need to be careful when choosing the size.

Final Verdict

The amount of adrenaline rush you get on the twist of the accelerator can’t be compared with anything else. In such a case, you must go ahead and opt for the helmet that offers safety to you. All the helmets mentioned above are of top quality, protecting the whole face. While planning a bike ride, don’t forget to gear up properly since that enhances the protection by multiple folds. You have an option of colours in most of these helmets, and ensure that you choose the best possible size. We hope that all this information will prove helpful for you and help you select the helmet. You can share this page with your friends and family to help them choose a great helmet too. This was all for today, and please ride safe.


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